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I have noticed that many of us post various food confessions from time to time (i.e. I just ate an entire bag of Oreos and now I hate myself). I know that personally it can be helpful if I say outload or in print my struggle. For one thing it is a distraction from whatever is concerning me and secondly the support of others is powerful.

I don't expect that everyone should suddenly drop everything to come support me, but just writing it out I find helpful.

I will start off. I adopted this WOE a little over six months ago. I've lost 70 lbs and feel great. However, recently I have had some "slippage" in my resolve. I'm not right off the rails but I'm struggling a bit. I have been eating too many nuts of late. Lots of peanuts and cashews. I know these are good choices from a carb perspective, but too many is not good. I'm eating them at night when I'm not hungry and for me this is a bad sign. It represents a slide back to bad habits. So, tonight I am NOT going eat any nuts and instead I'm confessing here my weakness. I'm going to try to re-commit and get back on plan. Hope you all are having a good keto-day. Cheers, Greg


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    Me too! Nuts are my downfall! I had a major slip with macadamia nuts a while back and now I'm back at it with a box of mixed nuts my husband insisted we get. I don't even like cashews and I've been wolfing them down. So, tomorrow, no more nuts! I'm with you!
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    Me too! Nuts are my downfall! I had a major slip with macadamia nuts a while back and now I'm back at it with a box of mixed nuts my husband insisted we get. I don't even like cashews and I've been wolfing them down. So, tomorrow, no more nuts! I'm with you!

    Raw unsalted tree nuts are my go to food after nearly every meal for a while now. I go with the raw and unsalted so I am not eating them for the salt taste. $20-$30 of bulk nuts will last me about a week. Because macadamia nuts are so filling and not so high in sugar is my go to because they help fill the fat requirements of my macro.

    Clearly we all have different tastes and macro needs. I do think we often crave foods due to the body hoping we will give it some missing nutrient/mineral but not all agree.

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    @kathrout1973 I know exactly what you mean. I too have been overweight (I remember vividly the day my Dr. casually referred to me being "morbidly obese" ) my whole adult life. I've gained and lost 100s of pounds and have also wondered if I am unconsciously sabotaging myself.

    @Panda_Poptarts I can relate as well to emotional eating. For me I seem to eat if I'm happy OR if I'm feeling depressed. In general, I've never been able to pin point any specific reason for falling off the wagon. The best I can figure is that I simply lose focus and simply slide back into old and familiar habits. After all it is much easier to just eat what you want, when you want than it is to remain focused. I feel like I have to be constantly on my guard for the rest of my days otherwise I will just end up right back where I started at 300± lbs
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    Last night I ate profiteroles (which I rationalised to myself as "only" 40g carbs).

    It's upsetting to me that I seem to have no self-control. It's not even like I can blame someone else - I was the one that bought them in the first place to "share" with my husband as a treat.



    Every day is a struggle, the only thing I am consistent with is lifting weights and that's because it's fun and I find it mentally extremely useful. I need that sort of dedication to be part of my nutrition too.
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    @daylitemag I know the feeling, I have binged many times. Please put it behind you and truck on! On the nuts.. I need to stop buying them. I eat too much and they make me crave crunchy, salty snacks. Good luck!
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    @Sandee_Bee I think I have to stop buying them too. I find myself justifying it because I need more sodium in my diet and I try to buy the salties nuts I can find. LOL!

    I'm actually pretty sure that I am some sort of addict who can't control what he eats. It's the only logical explanation for a lifetime bad eating decisions that seem to control me rather than the other way round.
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    I only have 5 words....
    Plain salted rippled potato chips.
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    @daylitemag Some of us are definitely addicts. I've been overweight since I was a toddler..
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    I broke down and had a regular bagel breakfast sandwich this am, instead of making one with my oopsie rolls like I did the last two days. It was partially my Benadryl hangover that guided me this morning, and the struggle getting ready made me too irritated to cook something. Yeah I'm making excuses. Its proving to be a rough week and I'm not sure I'll ever get past the food comfort when things are stressful.
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    Last night, after two unplanned days of intermittent fasting, I was still hungry after dinner. My guy has a Mississippi Mud Chocolate Creme Cake. I joked with him that I was temped to cut off the bottom inch or two and let him have the frosted/nutty junk and just eat the cake, which in moderation, I've included periodically while still maintaining decent losses.

    I finally felt like I was back in control of my inner sugar junkie/insulin monster, and I wanted something else and I was thinking low carb stuff, but I knew it would still trigger me. Then he starts going on about the cake needs to be eaten as it's close to date, and next thing I know, between us, we've wiped out HALF OF THE DAMNED CAKE - him eating the tops, me the bottoms...

    Like really? I was making decent progress, only minor sugar cravings and crap...and FACEPLANT. I was so mad, because I was hostage-negotiating with myself the whole time. It's okay, no frosting, I only want a few bites, blah blah blah. I forgot to get on the scale today until I was half dressed, and I was already running late, so no time to get undressed and weigh and all that.

    I've been including some workouts in, and the IF had happened naturally, but I think the lower than normal calories affected my food satiety settings or something... So frustrating, and now this morning, my stomach is upset, I've been in the bathroom off and on for way longer than normal, and all my brain/body/addictive chemicals are trying to get me to do is find some carbs in which to faceplant further. SIGH
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    I myself am a sugar junkie, its doesn't matter as long as its sugar
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    @knitormiss (((hugs))) <3 eat some fat, that usually helps me. heck drink some heavy cream, you won't feel much like eating after that lol
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    I thought I could handle some low carb wrap breads over the last few days , but they have triggered carbs cravings. Last night I found myself polishing off half a bag of Sun Chips and 8 ginger snaps. Ugh! Haven't had that many carbs , grain based , things for months. Trying to get back on track today. I don't know which came first , the " feeling sorry for myself, lonesome blues" or the grain triggered cravings.
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    I don't even know what to say here. I am up & down & up & down. It's 10:30 a.m. and I've had almost 1,000 calories and who knows how many carbs. Pot luck at work, only 10' away from me. Why don't I give a *kitten*? So disgusted with myself and all I can think about is going back for more...
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    My youngest wanted to make cupcakes together. No problem, I don't care at all about the cake. But the frosting somehow got licked off 2-3 of those cupcakes. There's my confession!
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    kimmydear wrote: »
    ...the frosting somehow got licked off 2-3 of those cupcakes...

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    I love you all that you are so honest !!! I have been having the last two days a Pringles fest!!!! Stress is definitely the culprit and trying to go a little less fat!!! No that we have confessed all our sins and weight go away right