• Sandra448
    Sandra448 Posts: 22 Member
    I'm 44 and moved to the Atlanta area 3 years ago from Denver. Feel free to add me.
  • NHDaisy2
    NHDaisy2 Posts: 151 Member
    Hi I'm 45 married with 2 teenage daughters. I live and work in NH - I have lived in the same area all my life.
  • jfoss68
    jfoss68 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm 47 married with two kids 17 and 20. I live in a small town in northern Illinois, Mt. Morris. We are west of Chicago and just south of Rockford.
  • evelyn12590
    evelyn12590 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm 40 married with two kiddos ,live in NYS!!!
  • zantegirl
    zantegirl Posts: 19 Member
    edited April 2016
    I'm 46, married- two little peeps, 5 and 8- 4 dogs- a cat- a leopard gecko- and two finches- live in Kansas- from Oregon and missing my NW.
  • sebedina
    sebedina Posts: 161 Member
    Hello from London, England.
  • Lisardgirl
    Lisardgirl Posts: 13 Member
    Native to Northern California! Currently in the beautiful capital city. (1) Husband, (1) 15-yo Son, (2) Cats. I'm training for my first half marathon and the hubs and I are avid trail runners. Add me! Half the beauty of MFP is the ability to support one another!!
  • Benthz
    Benthz Posts: 25 Member
    Hi, I live in Portsmouth Rhode Island, but I work in NY. Where is everyone from ? I'm also looking to add more friends to keep me motivated.
    I'm currently 6'4" 220 lbs. I dropped 45 lbs using my fitness pal, and eating healthier.

    I was born in Portsmouth - England :) moved to Texas and now back living in Southampton
  • beesmum
    beesmum Posts: 21 Member
    I am 41. I live in Ontario, Canada!
  • jonjaxmom
    jonjaxmom Posts: 77 Member
    I am 47 living in Eastern CT. husband, and (2) boys, high school and middle school. Nice meeting all of you!
  • jennyb319
    jennyb319 Posts: 36 Member
    Hi all... just turned 40. Born and raised in Michigan, just south of Detroit. Kids are both grown and out of the home. Married to an awesome Ironworker.. we have 2 fur babies. I can use any support I can get to lose this weight!
  • Erin_CA
    Erin_CA Posts: 26 Member
    I am 45-year-old Mom of 2 living in BC Canada. I have had an poor relationship with food since I was a child, but back then there wasn't much written about it. I have a great sense of humour and would love some easy going friends - if you are interested send me a friend request :) Cheers!!
  • crazymommy5
    crazymommy5 Posts: 65 Member
    Hi Y'all! I am 48 and currently living in Appling, Georgia
  • izzyfitandclean
    izzyfitandclean Posts: 2 Member
    Hi :) I'm 40-yo mom of 2 living in FL
  • Demed70
    Demed70 Posts: 28 Member
    45, Married with 4 kids. Living in Phoenixville, PA. A suburb of Philadelphia. Originally from NYC.
  • Dead_Mans_Party
    Dead_Mans_Party Posts: 891 Member
    Hello from sunny Southern California. Not married, 3 fur kids.
  • misscagal
    misscagal Posts: 195 Member
    I'm 49 and also from Ontario
  • CoryBIsMe
    CoryBIsMe Posts: 74 Member
    Hi. I'm a New Yorker who's living/working in Ohio for close to 4 years. I have gained a lot during the adjustment - completely different lifestyle. I am now ready to stop the excuses, begin losing, and practice a new type of healthy happy life...in Ohio!

    From Ohio too!
  • cincisk8r
    cincisk8r Posts: 206 Member
    I am 41, Lakewood (Cleveland) Ohio USA :)<3 XOXOXO
  • vczK2t
    vczK2t Posts: 309 Member
    Cincinnati, OH