June 2016 Move Your @ss Challenge



  • clepant
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    I am going to stick wit 200 but will up it as the month goes. I am going to push for 300. My dad's health is so unpredictable at this point. We are just trying to make it one day at a time. The sand is running out of his hour glass. Hopefully I can chalk up some major cycling miles but I have so much work to do at my home and my dad's. It is going to be a physical summer.

    June 1: Worked 13 hours today trying to get my gym and office packed up. Ran at lunch and dinner for a mental break. Logging 12 miles today of 6 running and 6 miles walking
    TTD: 12 miles


  • sussexbythesea
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    Decent start 3.1 miles
  • taxmom9093
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    Started out the month with 5 miles. It was like a steam bath out on the bike trail, but at least it was shaded. The few times I was out in the sun were miserable.


    @Leanz I know it might feel sad to you that the temperatures are dropping, but I will tell you that some of us here in the northern hemisphere are envying you about now. I can always add more layers of clothing against the cold, but there is a point that I can't remove any more. :D

    @clepant Hang in there with your dad. My dad had many times where his health was unpredictable and getting his medications right seemed a battle we couldn't win. Then he would have long stretches where things went well. And we had no way of predicting when either situation would begin or end. We were blessed to have more good years than anyone, including the doctors would have predicted. The sand might be low, but no one can predict how quickly or slowly it will run.
  • vhuber
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    Put me in for 250 this month. Like so many others, I will be busy. Right now I am being treated for walking pneumonia. Tomorrow is our last day of school so I've been busy cleaning & doing inventory in pantry's & freezers. I did ride ex bike for 10 yesterday & "plan" to walk or ride this evening after a FULL day. We will see how I feel.

  • Just_Ceci
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    No movement yet, just setting up my ticker. Social obligations will prevent much moving this week, but I'll make up for it later!

  • wanderan
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    I'm in for 125 miles for June

    starting with 3.1 miles


  • darkrider42
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:

  • queenegreene
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    6/1 - 3.41 miles walking
    Total to date - 3.41 of 135 miles
  • sufferlandrian
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    34 miles out of 350. It's a good way to start the month. :smile:

    Adding 14 miles for 48 out of 350.
  • Hungry_Annie
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    0.78 mile coffee break walk


  • Tappy44
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    6/1 - 3.25 miles
  • Lovemyalex
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    June 02
    27.42 miles
    55.34 miles MTD
  • kar328
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    2.3 mile walk

  • anaconda469
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    Our weather is about to take a drastic change. It was a comfortable 65 yesterday, today 70, humid and thunderstorms. Tomorrow we have extreme heat weather warnings for the next three days, temps as high as 103 degrees. That may mess up my cycling, unless I go on some fasting rides at 7 am.

    Goal: 225.0 miles

    06/01 - 15.0 miles cycling
    06/02 - 15.0 miles cycling

    Total: 30.0 miles


  • cpanus
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    Walked w/DH and Bean this morning then got on the recumbent for 50 mins and an episode of Banshee. Reading now.

    06/02 - 6.25 miles
    06/02 - 13.50 bike miles


    Hope you all have a grand Friday!

  • Tazzythatsme
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    15 miles
    MTD 15
    135 to go
  • tahm42
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  • clepant
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    Doing grades....last day tomorrow....Yipee!
    June 2: 9 miles of walking
    TTD: 21 Miles


  • taxmom9093
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    Cool enough to get out for a long walk before lunch yesterday. Or maybe I am getting used to the summer heat a little. Now I'm getting ready to go out and do some strawberry picking.

    5.5 miles for a June total of 10.5 miles. Nice start for the month.


  • JTH11706
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    2 miles today to get this month started. I've been so busy between moving, graduation and my volunteer work. I hope things are settling down now and I can get back to a normal routine. But Friday is house cleaning day so off I go. Hooray for a clean house!
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