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So someone mentioned in another post that it was more difficult to have convenience foods on LCHF. There are hacks - I have a few of my own, but I bet there are LOTS more I haven't considered.
  • I make bacon up 2 lbs at a time, in the oven. I just under cook it and store it in the fridge. 20 second in the microwave and it's perfect.
  • I scoop out 1 tablespoon of butter and coconut oil and put into ice cube trays - two trays, one for butter one for coconut oil. I stack them and cover in plastic wrap and keep them in the fridge. When I need a tablespoon I no longer have to measure, I just pop it out with a spoon - it's hardened from the fridge - so it pops out clean. Makes making BPC crazy quick now that I've purchased my immersion blender.
  • I keep a pepperoni stick in the fridge for a quick snack. I don't keep slices because I'll eat them all in a minute if they are pre sliced for me.
  • I have been melting cheese to eat like a cracker in the microwave for YEARS - now it's NOT a guilty pleasure that I only do when no one is home. Now it goes right along with my WOE.

    What else?


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    Great tip about the spinach - I always wind up tossing 1/3 of the bag....going to buy buy the bunch now. I never cook spinach - it's our lettuce here and we eat the stems too but sauted in butter sounds wonderful!
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    These are great ideas, thanks for sharing. With lettuce I usually wash, chop and put in a ziploc with a paper towel. It's generally gone before it starts to go bad - but I like the idea of having the full leaves available as well. I'll be trying this! I think if I make myself do some of these hacks I'll be far less likely to just stuff cheetos in my mouth alongside my husband (who is not LCHF). And soup - I want to make some soup! I've only made broccoli cheddar, chicken veggie and beef veggie so far, but I have so many excellent recipes to try. I just need to do it!
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    I have been making salads since shortly after dirt was invented and ONLY last year did I learn bjwoodzy's tip about how to wash lettuce. I buy packages of romaine at Sam's Club and used to end up throwing away four of the six heads. I learned this trick from an Alton Brown show, back when the Food Network actually conveyed information instead of hosting idiotic throwdowns and the like. The secret is to wash and store the lettuce as soon after purchase as possible, before the leaves have a chance to start wilting.

    Speaking of Sam's Club, when I was there earlier in the week I foolishly showed up very hungry. The upshot was that I bought some pre-cooked grilled chicken strips at a price per pound roughly comparable to Beluga caviar. I'm going to pick up some chicken breasts this morning and make my own chicken strip snacks, to be frozen in serving size portions. And later on, some snack sized meatballs from the really good ground beef I already have on hand.

    Lol I learned that trick from Alton Brown too :smile:
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    Bump indeed...