GBOMBs in October

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I've written and deleted 2 long posts already this morning! I have not been eating well and it is hard for me to be positive right now.

Reading the ETL book has inspired me in the past, so I think it's time to dig it out and get back on track. Maybe planning out my GBOMBs will help me too.

G - spinach, bell pepper (need to boost)
B - chick peas in wrap
O - red onions w/ lunch & dinner
M - lots of mushrooms in spinach mushroom wrap for dinner
B - blueberries in smoothie


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    What a great idea Carla! I like that. I admit though, I was nowhere near getting in my GBOMBS today...

    G - spinach, lettuce, veggies (on a subway veggie sub), and baby kale in my morning smoothie
    B - nada
    O - nada
    M - nada
    B - nada
    S - chia seeds in my smoothie

    Had a meeting after work and in a hurry so dinner was a bagel with vegan cream cheese. Not a very ETL day at all when you look at the GBOMBS.
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    Oh boy. I can't say that I'm very good either...

    G - celery
    B - hummus
    O - green onions
    M - nope
    B - nope
    S - uh oh....

    Yikes. Gotta smarten up! I have tomatoes too. But then it's just rice and I forgot my breakfast fruit - it's sitting on my counter at home...

    At least I'm planning to have a guacamole salad for supper though (make guac, add some cherry tomatoes, some red pepper, some red onion and some celery then toss it with some romaine. So tasty!) So that'll increase my G and my O. Still no M or S, though... :smirk:
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    Haha, I totally forgot that the S stood for something too!!!

    Guacamole salad sounds good! Thanks for the idea.

    G - amazing grass powder, kale in OSG french lentil stew
    B - chick peas in wrap, lentils in stew
    O - red onions in wrap, in stew too?
    M - 1/2 container white, stir fried
    B - 1 cup blueberries
    S - 1 tbsp flax seeds, 1 tbsp chia seeds

    I don't think I uploaded this resin piece yet. If my SIL likes it, it is going to her for her bathroom.

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    I ended up going out on a date night with my hubby and had dinner out. Not in the plan, but a nice time together.

    I activated my library card in my new town and checked out 3 books that I had on hold. Two are on encaustic art and look interesting, and one is on typography and looks amazing. I can't wait to get into that typography one in particular. I haven't had a library card in years, but I don't know why. Signing up was super easy and it is nice to be able to peruse lots of books on a subject before buying the few that are really great. They also have e-books available for loan which is really convenient for all of the fiction reading I do.

    Today isn't looking like the (g) bomb, food-wise. I'm not sure I want to keep listing off my GBOMBS, I suspect it could get depressing, especially once my MIL and SIL are here for their 10 day visit. Thanks for supporting me even though I mostly suck at this lately!

    G - celery, bell pepper
    B - chickpeas
    O - red, 1/8 cup
    M - nope
    B - blueberries
    S - 1 tbsp walnuts

    Breakfast - oatmeal with berries
    Lunch - chick pea wrap
    Dinner - pasta with veggies and tomato sauce, bread
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    Love your latest resin piece Carla! Beautiful colors, really draws your eye from one place to another. Looks you did okay on the GBOMBS today, other than no mushrooms. Those are the least of my worries on the GBOMBS chart though. I love them, but I don't keep fresh ones around handy all the time like some veggies.

    The guacamole salad sounds tasty Karrie. How is your swimming going?

    A little better today...

    G - romaine in my morning smoothie, broccoli in my Asian noodle salad at dinner, red pepper & grape tomatoes at lunch
    B - edamame in the noodle salad
    O - in the noodle salad
    M - nope
    B - frozen mixed berries in my smoothie
    S - chia seeds in the smoothie

    And an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter to round out my lunch.
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    The problem with my GBOMBs is that I can find one or two items for each category but it isn't adding up to near the quantity I should have, especially with the greens. I'm still fixated on my chickpea salad wrap for lunch. I picked up some celery and that really puts it over the top. Once I get some fresh romaine, I'll line the wrap with lots of it to boost my greens. Right now the only greens in there are the peppers and celery because the only other option I have is our super strong garden kale and I don't want to ruin the taste.

    My meal plan for the day will turn out pretty decent if I follow through and make the OSG lentil stew.
    The mushrooms are a hard one to have on hand. They don't stay fresh long. I'm thinking that I am going to pick up some dried mushrooms and then just rehydrate 1 each day since that's all Dr. F. says is needed.

    An apple with nut butter is one of my favorite healthy snacks, Mihani. I think I'll have that today, too. I'm out of cashew butter which is THE BEST on an apple, but I have some pb on hand.

    G - kale in stew, celery & peppers, amazing grass powder
    B - chickpeas
    O - yes, red
    M - nope
    B - blueberries
    S - walnuts
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    Hi guys!! I love the GBOMBS idea too, Carla! It's great, except I also fear that I will have nothing to add (can we make 'S' stand for "sugar"!?

    I have been feeling pretty sick and crappy and tired lately and my stomach is so out of sorts. All I can stomach is bread, toast, and baked goods (along with some fruit and the occasional veg). Salad is totally out of the question! I feel like it's probably making me feel crappier, but I dunno. I am going to try another smoothie tomorrow, maybe the ETL chocolate cherry one, so I can trick my brain into thinking it's a treat! LOL.

    Our Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend (yay 3 days!). I'm looking forward to it, but spending most of it with my in-laws which is always potentially precarious lol. Hopefully it's relaxing.

    Carla, your resin stuff is crazy! That last one looks so psychedelic. I also haven't gone to a library in awhile and I have such good memories of them. They always feel cozy and have a certain smell to them. Maybe I'll go sign up for a card soon too.

    G: swiss chard (a bit)
    B: kidney beans with the chard
    O: onions in the chard
    M: maybe rice + mushrooms + peas tonight?
    B: I have raspberries going bad in my fridge, so this will be my motivation to pick out the remaining good ones! lol
    S: none today....

    I had a half portion of swiss chard and beans from the ETL cookbook. Along with a muffin for breakfast and toast with vegan butter for lunch. And cookies this afternoon. Sigh.
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    Carla, I’m with you. I need to be eating a LOT more greens. Adding huge handfuls of greens to my smoothies is about the only way I seem to be able to get there. I can eat only so big a salad lol. That’s a great idea about dehydrated mushrooms, never thought of that. I did buy some canned ones last week, I figured they would be fine to add to soups and things, to boost up the flavor and nutrition.

    Happy Thanksgiving Lia and our other Canadian friends here in the ETL group. Hope you are feeling better soon. How is that chard and beans recipe?

    G – greens and amazing grass in my morning smoothie
    B – will throw some beans or edamame in my stir-fry
    O – in the stir-fry
    M – nope
    B – frozen mixed berries in the smoothie
    S – chia seeds is in the smoothie, cashews

    Not a good ETL day overall though. Lunch was sort of skipped just ate some cashews and a couple handfuls of skinny pop. Dinner will be brown rice and a stir-fry of onions, carrots, celery, peppers. Running out of fresh veggies here need to hit the grocery this weekend. I should revisit the blended salad idea for dinners. I really enjoyed those and I can throw sunflower seeds and beans in there too. And I'll be making the lentil stew again this weekend.
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    Lia, if S was for sugar my list would be super long and embarrassing! Sorry you aren't feeling great. I have the same problems when I'm feeling bad (usually headaches instead of stomach aches), I only want starchy carbs, even though I suspect in the end I'd start feeling better if I ate on plan. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your in-laws!

    Mihani, canned mushrooms are a good idea too. I've never tried them. I like mushrooms a lot, they just don't keep that well and the ones I buy often go bad on me. Blended salads sound like a great solution for you! An easier way to boost your greens. Any extra time off for you this weekend?

    My Fridays are never good for food, so here's my sad GBOMBS for today:
    G - celery, pickles (< sure sign of desperation when listing pickles as greens)
    B - chick peas
    O - red onions in wrap
    M - nope, poor mushrooms!
    B - nope
    S - no plans, but I'll try
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    Had a rough day at work yesterday and today was better, but I ate crap today. My boss will be out of town tomorrow so I plan to spend the whole day in the office and try to do some catching up. I'm just totally drowning in deadlines and crises right now.

    G - veggies on a subway sub, amazing grass shaken with water for breakfast
    B - red lentils
    O - shallots
    M - nope
    B - nope
    S - nope

    I ate 4 small vegan cookies today, and some blue corn chips, and a slice of toast at breakfast (nothing on it). But, dinner I'm making the red lentil cauliflower curry and brown basmati rice, which I will eat for the next few dinners, and then I'll make a batch of the golden lentil stew for the remainder of the week. I need to have stuff prepared or I'm sunk. I did stock up on lots of baby spinach and spring mix, and I have plenty of romaine and fresh parsley, avocados and tomatoes on hand, so I'm going to try blended salads for breakfast and lunch. Even after all these years throwing greens in my smoothies it still amazes me how much you can stuff in the blender!

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    Hello from Truenorth
  • tdh1991
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  • tdh1991
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    Ok I just wrote a novel and it did not post.

    Just finished my 9 day water only fast. 99% of my symptoms have resolved. Now I just need to figure out which foods cause a problem for me.

    I am having a positive experience. Very supportive environment and everyone has been so friendly. I attend lectures, cooking classes, yoga and movement classes etc. learned a few new thing.

    Started juice today will have steamed veggies for a few day. Home on Wednesday.
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    Hi Terri!!! Glad to see you. That's awesome that the fasting is resolving your symptoms. Can't wait to hear all about your experiences with the program.

    Yesterday was a decent GBOMBS day, lots of greens and some berries in a morning smoothie and more greens in a lunchtime blended salad. Leftover red lentil cauliflower curry with brown basmati rice for dinner. Did eat a handful of triscuits. Spent the day in the office and got quite a bit done. Brought home a couple files to work on here at home today.

    Today's plan...
    G - greens and amazing grass in my smoothie and a blended salad
    B - lentils in the curry
    O - in the curry
    M - nope
    B - in the smoothie
    S - chia seeds in the smoothie

    Also had 1/4 frozen banana and hemp milk in the smoothie, and will throw 1/2 an avocado in the blended salad. I hope to stay 100% on track today, nothing in the house that isn't ETL at this point. The office is where the temptations are, crackers and pretzels and coffee.

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    edited October 2016
    Hi Terri!! Glad to hear your program is going so well. Nice to see you.

    Mihani, I'm with you, it is amazing how many greens can fit in a blended concoction. Hope you are able to put out some fires at work this weekend.

    I've now gained back all of the weight I lost. I'm so mad at myself, but I just have to move forward. Yesterday my side (gallbladder) started burning again like it used to years ago. I avoided surgery last time by losing the weight and changing my diet. I hope that I can pull it off again, I feel so out of control. I am considering attending an OA meeting but I don't know much about them and I'm not sure they would help.

    I think tomorrow I'm going to pick up some fresh veggies early in the morning and have vegetable juice for lunch. I know having it immediately is best, but I think I might make a double batch so I only have the mess half as often. Let's face it, day old vegetable juice is going to be far better for me than what I have been doing.

    Onward and upward from here!

    [Edit] I forgot to mention that our chicks have grown up! This morning Joe found 5 eggs in their coop! They are organically fed / free range chicks so we're hopefully going to sell the eggs at the office and get back some of the money we spend on feed. I'm not sure I mentioned it before, so while on the topic, I've got them eating out of my hands lately. They come right up when they see me and peck away. Stella is very eager! She runs right up. She is also the one that pecks hard and pinches my hands all the time! She doesn't mind if I pet her as long as there's food around but I'm sure I enjoy it more than she does :)
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    Had a good, productive weekend work-wise. My house is still a disaster, but one disaster at a time... one at a time.

    That is so cool your chickies are still friendly Carla! I always liked the hens, they were kind of soothing the way they would wander around pecking and clucking. I read an article that you should never kiss your chickens, apparently people are getting salmonella. I confess I will give my cats and dog a kiss on the head sometimes, but I never was tempted to kiss a chicken lol. How is it going with juicing your lunch? I'm sure you will get back on track and take the weight back off. Sometimes a physical warning is good motivation. I've had a few back twinges and pain in my bad ankle lately, and I know that gaining weight is wearing my body down and bringing back some of those old aches and pains that I thought were gone.

    Today was a bust ETL wise. I did great for breakfast (smoothie with tons of baby spinach, amazing grass, liquid garlic extract, chia seeds, hemp milk, frozen berries), then lunch was an Amy's Asian Noodles, which is really good but higher in fat. Then I ate some pretzels, some skinny pop, and some baked Lay's. Good grief. I didn't sleep well last night so I was tired and sluggish, and that's always a trigger for me to start scrounging for food to perk me up. I would be better off drinking a lot of water and herbal tea to perk me up. I'm going to bed early tonight. I am just going to have a hummus wrap tonight, but I'll load it up with onion and greens. The starchy carbs are controlling me again, I know that, so I think the best thing would be to completely ban them for a little while to get rid of the cravings.
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    Better and worse lol...

    Got all the GOMBS in (except the mushrooms), but I also ate half a bag of chickpea chips, which are deliciously crispy little chips that seem healthy because... chickpeas and rice.

    B - smoothie (greens, amazing grass, almond milk, chia seeds, frozen berries)
    L - steamer bag of broccoli and cauliflower with nooch
    D - hummus quesadilla loaded with greens
    S - apple, aforesaid chickpea chips
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    Wow still a great job with the GBOMBS, Mihani! It's okay that you're not perfect, lol. Still a great effort :) I am the same as you when I'm tired... it's like that pseudo hangover feeling where you think you should be allowed to eat all the carbs in one day. lol. Hope you're feeling better today.

    Carla, I pretty much squealed out loud about your chickens coming up to you!!! Soo cute. Worth the pecking pain, lol. Hilarious Mihani about kissing them too. I feel like that's something I would try and do... I kiss my dog (and dog nephews) like crazy. Just on the head though... their mouths gross me out lol. Too bad about your gallbladder though... its a good motivator though I guess! Are you going to see your doc?

    Terri!!! nice to see you! The water fast sounds great, crazy that your symptoms went away! It's a great experiment. How were the others there with you?

    I'm in the same boat. I'm pretty much bigger than I've ever been, I don't even feel like myself in my body right now. I feel like I'm finally getting a better relationship with food though, so I'm not sure if it's worth it or not. I'm not binging so much like before, but I don't feel as healthy for sure. I also really want to get in more walking... it seems like one week I'm great, the next week I do nothing lol. Sigh.

    Everyone in my office has a cold. It seems like everyone in town actually caught the exact same cold over the weekend! It's not that bad though, and it's motivating me to make yummy flu-fighter smoothies!

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    Hi guys! A quick check-in. My gallbladder is very sensitive to fat in my diet right now. I keep accidentally overdoing things. I'm sure if I was 100% ETL, I wouldn't trigger the problem.

    My latest side project is researching my family tree. I have a one month free trial online so I'm trying to fill everything out quickly! I have never been super interested in doing it before, but I am finding it surprisingly fun! When I find a document with a relative's hand writing or even just info of where they were on a certain date it gives me a little rush. Every so often you add someone new to the tree and then a bunch of other hints show up with other family members. My dad has a book about his dad's side of the family going back to the 1300s in the Netherlands, so I'm excited to get my hands on that even though it is in dutch. This all started because Joe and I watched a few episodes of the show 'Who do you think you are?'

    Lia, not binging is a good thing! I wish I could say the same. I would like to get in more walking, too. Even if I just go up and down our long hilly driveway a few times every day. I'm avoiding getting a cold by hiding in the house like a hermit! Hopefully my MIL and SIL don't show up sick.

    Mihani, I always think that your worst days are better than my best! but I hope you can get the starches back under control so you can feel your best.

    I don't have my website up and running yet, but I just started an Instagram account where I'll be uploading some pics of my art if anyone is interested. I'm on there as carla_ensink.
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    How are the efforts at walking more going Lia? Hope you avoid the cold going around. I haven’t got my flu shot yet, last year I had a really bad reaction to it and it scares me now, but I don’t want to get the flu either.

    Carla how are you feeling? The ancestry research sounds fun. One of my uncles on my dad’s side has done a fair amount of that and I keep thinking I should ask him for copies of what he has. I have never been on instagram… I’ll have to check it out. I really admire your artwork. You always have so many irons in the fire, I don’t know where you get all the energy!

    I am feeling really mentally blah the past few days, tired of work and I don’t feel like doing anything much. I did meet up with the family last night for dinner and drinks, had a nice time with them. I think I need to make exercise a priority, that always helps my energy and focus. Diet has been total crap for two days, need to get back on track and these starchy carbs gotta go. I just can’t control them and have gone way overboard yesterday and today. I did manage to get lots of greens in at least, in between all the pasta and bread lol.