s, November 4



  • pears734
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    Day: November 4th
    Exercise? Yes; 10 minute run, 32 minute strength training, and a 38 minute hike
    Calories: Yes
    Tracking: Yes
  • bocasdelbob
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    pass #1
  • MiamiSeoul
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    @MzHill08 thanks for sharing your insight. I know it's probably been said before, but you know they say we have to hear something, sometimes many times, before it sinks in! I'm trying to be patient, but if this trend continues, I'll make some major adjustments.

    @jtkatch so glad you had a great night, you deserved it!

    @RangerRickL, you rock!

    Well done everyone, have a great weekend!
  • phoebelayla
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    Exercise- yes. 50 min spin class, one hour walking
    Cals- yes
    Track- yes

    Spent lots of time at Whole Foods yesterday getting low carb protein choices. I'm vegetarian so that takes a little work but there are options. I do notice that I do better when I increase protein.
  • missjones513
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    Exercise? Did some cleaning
    Calories? Went over
    Tracked? Yes
  • Sunnysided1
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    Pass day 3
    I need a more realistic ccalorie goal.
  • CheekyRunner
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    Oops I'm logging this a day late.
    I stayed in my calorie range and tracked every bite.

    As for eating back exercise calories I will take in more calories if my burn is over 800 or if I feel like my body just needs more.
  • EmilyCowlard2016
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    Exercise: yes - 60 min strength training/circuits
    Calories : yes
    Tracked: yes
  • MiamiSeoul
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    @Sunnysided1, in this challenge you set your calorie goal. If you feel you need more fuel, set a different goal! Don't give up. You will do this!
  • I used Friday as a PASS
    I was feeling sick during the day and over ate to calm some nausea.
    I did work out though: 10 minute lower body cardio + 15 min walk + leg day routine
    Logged everything, but went over calorie goal.