January 2017 Move Your @ss Challenge



  • olivia7070
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    Will try again for 65 miles... Thanks.

    Happy New Year to everyone :)
  • scarfe9991
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    Clepant, I love the positives in a jar idea! I may need to do that to help keep things in perspective and help me focus on my positives.

    Please put me in for another 100 miles! Let's do this, 2017!!

    Thanks mods for your spreadsheet magic and making this all possible!!!
  • kar328
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    @clepant - I did the jar thing a couple of years ago, then made sure I was off New Year's Eve, sat on the floor and read through them. I did it daily though, and the thing I was most grateful for was my bird (miss the little guy). It's a wonderful idea. I saved the jar and the papers.

    Starting out with 4.4 miles, one at work, the rest out in the drizzly rain (this month's ticker is a tribute to that rain) I started to talk myself out of it, then the improved me decided not to start the new year with bad habits.


  • k80flec
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    Welcome @lamm84416

    I love the idea of both the jar of positivity and pennies.

    Jan: 100 miles running or walking.


    1st: 6.88 miles 3.88 miles running (Park Run), 3 m purposeful walking- MTD 6.88
  • Tazzythatsme
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    60 miles target goal
    Thank you
  • clepant
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    Jan. 1: Adding 12 miles of walking 6 miles and cycling indoors 6 miles
    TTD: 12 miles


  • tahm42
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    In for 150
  • vhuber
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    Got in 3 on the TM & 4 on the ex bike. All while fighting a headache from this flu bug. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow cuz it's back to school.


    I've lost 17 pounds since this picture so I guess I better do an update.
  • Lovemyalex
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    Please put me down for 700 miles
    Good luck to everyone... :)
  • Lovemyalex
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    21.89 miles
    21.89 miles MTD
  • rockann16
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    Happy New Year everyone!!! Please put me down for 50 miles in January.


  • anaconda469
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    Goal: 250.0 miles

    01/01 - 20.0 miles CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

    Total: 20.0 miles

  • lamlamsmakeover
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    I'm in for 200 miles this month...down from 250, as I haven't made that goal recently.


  • GrandmaJackie
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    Can you put me down for 225 please

    As of 1/1 8.25 miles of 225 miles

  • micheleg1965
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    Walked 2.35 miles today.
    2.35/ 60 total miles
  • cpanus
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    Happy New Year everyone!!

    01/01 - 6.10 miles


    Hope everyone has a grand Monday!

  • rockann16
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    Adding 1 mile from 1/1/17. We were traveling for our last Christmas with family and managed to get in a short walk between eating, opening presents and playing games. It was a brisk, windy one but felt I needed to do SOMETHING on the first day of the year! :)

    (Has anyone else be experiencing their ticker not updating? Mine should say 1/50)


  • rockann16
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    @clepant: I love your idea and I'm going to give it whirl! Too many times at the end of the year a person tends to forget all the blessings and good things that happened throughout the year. Thanks for sharing!
  • postolache
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    my goal = 100km
  • sussexbythesea
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    clepant wrote: »
    I am in for 200 this month. It is back to half marathon training and trying to get back in it slowly and without injury.

    Happy New Year everyone! Thanks you to our faithful data keepers! Welcome to lamm84416! It is always great to have new folks join our group.

    Congrats to queenegreene for saving up so much money for all your hard work this past year!
    For those that may have missed my post on December. I was challenged last by a running friend last year to save a certain amount of money per each running mile I completed. It could be any amount such as a dime, quarter or dollar per mile. I only concentrated on my running miles and paid myself a dollar per mile. I accumulated over $500 with most of the last month off due to a foot issue. Queenegreene did the challenge too and saved over $1600.00. Now we each have a nice little stash to use for whatever we want.

    Also, I shared this idea given to me by a friend. I had a rough year with stresses at work, my dad being ill and with living with my hubby and me and my husband's health. So I got a jar and I am going to the following. I need to see all the good things that happen around me this year and keep my focus on them.

    So pleased things are going better for you. as you know our family needs good things too. I saw this on a South African page last week and showed it my OH but he was not interested, however I will be doing it with you. The notes not the money!
    A sunny day so have started with 6 miles walking today
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