• Name: Christina

    Favorite way to exercise: Walking, Water Aerobics, DVD's (too many to mention)

    Where from: Originally West Palm Beach, FL but now live in Dalton, GA, one hour north of Atlanta.

    Mother of 4, Grandmother of 2 1/2, married, 53 yo, Assistant Principal of a local high school. Two fur babies, Bagwell, Dog (did belong to my son but didn't get along with new granddaughter) and Harry, Cat (the million dollar cat).

    Thrilled to be here!
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    I can't seem to access the spreadsheet. Is anyone else having trouble!

    I vote to keep the name the same.

    I'm having to request permissions, so I'm not in it yet.
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    jdelaroy wrote: »
    Hi team 2, sorry to have abandoned ship! I volunteered to help captain another team, as I know these races don't run by themselves. I am captain of team 6 for this race, but wanted to come and wish you all a wonderful journey, safe travels, and hope you give us a run for our money.

    @jdelaroy wishing you the best. Hate to lose you but so proud of you. Please keep in touch. We look forward to giving everyone a run for their money!! Hahaha!!!
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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Terry. I am 57 years old and enjoy walking, hiking, and kayaking. I also do strength training and yoga and have a treadmill and elliptical to use when the weather is bad. I have participated in one other team challenge on MFP and found it very motivating, but this is my first time in the Amazing Race.

    Lesley, thanks for taking on the role of team captain. I was sorry to hear about the loss of your dog in November. We have a 12 year old chocolate lab who is our baby. Her age is starting to show and I can't imagine her not in our life..

    Hey Joanna from Ontario. Fellow Ontarian here - from snowy, but lovely Muskoka. Good luck with your newest fur baby.

    Christina, funny how your kid's pets somehow becomes yours. My son had a golden retriever who became our second fur baby when she was about 1 year old because his condo wouldn't allow pets. She was absolutely adorable and it became a win, win situation as she became best buds with our chocolate lab and my son could visit her regularly. Unfortunately we lost her to cancer three years ago. She was only 8 years old and we still miss her.

    Tami, thanks for taking on the co-captain role!

    To everyone else on our team, I look forward to traveling to new and interesting places with you :)
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    The spreadsheets are now working! There two links in the top right hand corner for questions. Please use them to contact @hawkins410 about the challenges, and I can be reached through the "Spreadsheet and Technical Questions Link".
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    Hello Team 2,

    I'm new to challenges, and new to my fitness pal actually.

    I'm from Muskoka Ontario Canada, 50 years old, female.

    I enjoy exercising outdoors when I can: cross country skiing, Norwegian kicksledding (google it, it's awesome when the snow is too icy to ski), I'm working hard at liking running, (a little more enjoyable now that I've discovered Interval running), bicycling, hiking/walking paddling canoe/kayak, I've even been known to go tobogganing if no-ones looking and I've had my first fencing lesson last week, (8 week course) just because I've never tried it before. I also have an elliptical, and a variety of work out dvd's from yoga to kick boxing to use when the weather is just too nasty.

    I like doing a variety of activities both to keep from getting bored and for the additional health benefits I think a wide range of activities produces.

    I'm still figuring out how to navigate the MFP website. I was almost glad to see the "please stand by" message for the spreadsheets, because I thought it was just me not knowing what I'm doing.

    Big thanks to the Organizers, Team captains and co-captains for doing all the work involved to make these happen.

    I'm Looking forward to my first team challenge.



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    Ok, so I just found the spread sheets, and the links to our first challenges and realise I missed a bit on the greetings challenge, sooooo

    Muskoka where I live is a couple hours north of Toronto It's very picturesque covering more than 4000 sq kms of towering pines, sparkling lakes and rivers and dotted with small towns and villages. I feel so lucky to live in a postcard.

    Ok, so back to add those 10 points:)
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    1.My name is Kim
    2. My favorite exercise is hiking new trails with others
    3. I live in Wisconsin USA
    4. My city has about 2000 residents and the temperature has been mild past week 35 degreesF. I live in a house in the outskirts of the town.
    5. I have a 6 year old bichon named Adrian
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    @lbenson2006 thanks for getting me to the right place, I was lost already. I wondered where all my team members were lol.
    Team 2 members , hello to you all. I am a 54 year old full time RN in long term care, married, 2 grown children living on their own. Our first grandson is 15 months old and we care for him on many of my days off like today.
    I am so glad to have this race started again. I miss the daily motivation to get in exercise minutes.
    I like to get the challenges done ASAP so I don't miss out on completing them in case the busyness of life gets in the way at the end of the week. The challenge points are very important for the team.
    I had an orange this a.m for breakfast, and exercised to all the videos per instructions. Don't skip the optional one- my favorite of the bunch!
    - no preference for the name of our team
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    Hey everyone! So happy to be back in this race again and especially being back with Team 2. I was in the previous challenge but I started late (Week 5 I think).

    For challenge #1:
    1. NAME: Tameika

    2. FAVORITE WAY TO EXERCISE: Lift weights

    3. WHERE YOU ARE FROM (TOWN/STATE/PROVINCE): Westmoreland, Jamaica

    4. ONE OR TWO SENTENCES DESCRIBING WHERE YOU LIVE (PICTURES ARE FUN, BUT NOT A REQUIREMENT): I live in a rural part of Jamaica but I love it. There's not much to do unless you go to Negril where you can go to the beach (7 miles of white sand beach).

    5. OPTIONAL:
    IF YOU HAVE ANY FURBABIES, WE’D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT THEM TOO! I have a dog named Zeus who is a Rottweiler mix (not sure what he's mixed with). I call him my clown dog because he is always doing the weirdest things. And he hates the sun. He will literally run from one place to the next just so he doesn't have to stay in the sun long. Also, his running is actually flying since he likes to leap in the air, it's fascinating to watch!

    6. ABOUT ME (not part of the challenge): I'm a married wife of 2. My daughter is 6 years old and my son is 3 1/2 months. I've been teaching mathematics for the past 10 years at a community college. My goal is to lose about 20 lbs in the next 18 weeks which sounds totally doable but as I'm exclusively breastfeeding, the fat has not been dropping off like I want. Anyway, I will hang in there because nursing is my absolute priority right now.

    Looking forward to getting to know all of you over the next 8 weeks!
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    Hello Team 2!
    My name is Anna
    My favorite way to exercise is water running or water aerobics.
    I am from Southern Illinois, outside of St. Louis
    My family is my life! I have two kids a 15 year old girl and a 12 year old son. We spend many hours with Scouting activities (because my husband is the Scoutmaster!), baseball practices/games, band activities, and when I get time, I like to scrapbook. I live in a smaller town identified as a Village. I work in a neighboring town as a fourth grade special education teacher. I am not far from the Mississippi River and the bluffs are gorgeous!
    We have one furbaby that was adopted from the local shelter in September. His name is Fenris and he is a border collie.
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    My name is Jennifer.
    My favorite way to exercise is lifting weights but I throw in a little bit of cardio with walking and yoga from time to time.
    I am from Kansas.
    Currently I live in Kansas, just outside of Kansas City. The suburb I live in is actually a smaller city but it really doesn't feel that way since everything here gets combined and called the KC Metro area. Although it is the city, there are some nice large parks that are great to get out into and walk and enjoy some quiet nature time.
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    So glad to have so many returning players and so excited for the new ones. You guys are going to love this!! My life is kinda hectic now so I try to get my workouts in first thing but that didn't work today. I really wanted to skip the gym because of the amount of work we have right now but because of thus challenge, I made myself go...and am happy for it. I also ate my first mandarin orange of the week. I struggle to make myself eat fruits (even though I like them). Lol. Need to go add my exercise minutes to the spreadsheet then back to work for me. Have a great afternoon.
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    1. my name is Sheri
    2. My favorite way to exercise is a class called R.I.P.P.E.D. - its a clever acronym - stands for Resistance (weights and body weight exercise, Interval (HIIT), Plyometics, Power (weights again), Endurance (kickboxing) and the D for diet (its 6 section each 6-9 minutes long choregraphed to fun music) - but they just add a Bonus Core Section in classes. I Love that you get it all in!!...their thing is...Cardio, Weights, Fun And Done! - I certified to teach it in when get the time maybe I can practice enough to Actually do that! - I also love to hike and swim when I get the chance. And DANCE - I do bellydance, pole fitness, Mixxedfit (basically hip hop Zumba) and hooping. And have done a few Mud Runs (FUN)
    Obviously I like to mix it up so as not to get bored!

    3. I've lived in Washington State the last 12 years - Across the Sound from Seattle...Very Rural and beautiful where I live but just a 40 minute drive to the big city of Seattle! Lived in some cool places though...11 years in Las Vegas and 8 years in Lake Tahoe...grew up SoCal...but seem to have settled down here. Its nice to finally live somewhere not so touristy and the people come and go Less!
    4. I'm married - my husband and I work together...some days its nice...others I want to kill him! lol!! I have 1 son who just graduated college and now lives and works in Seattle...sooo not too far away!
    5. And fur babies....ohhhhhh those are now my babies since my son left! I have 2 German Shephards and a Pocket Beagle...I Love my doggies...and as such...there's no room on the bed for my husband anymore! lol!!


    I'm So Excited for the Challenge and I LOVE the page with all the pictures and facts of our destination! That is SO COOL!!! I can't wait to get busy!! I do have a 10 hour a day desk job (accounting) so I struggle fitting workouts in sometimes with life but once I get back on track I can be a beast! So hopefully I'll be able to get in my fair share of those miles!

    And I'm on board with any team name...the challenges I put on we always had animal names! Bears, Lions, Dolphins (I know...sounds more like football teams)...And Congrats to Laura - I think it was on your Pats winning...guess they are going AGAIN to the Superbowl! Was SO Sad to see my Hawks lose...but hopefully they'll be stronger next season!
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    Challenge #1:
    1. NAME: Hi, I'm Kim

    2. FAVORITE WAY TO EXERCISE: Skiing and swimming, both are not always56tb2g25gq1i.jpg
    available. I'm trying to love running and strength training more.

    3. WHERE YOU ARE FROM (TOWN/STATE/PROVINCE): I live in a suburb southwest of Denver, Colorado

    4. ONE OR TWO SENTENCES DESCRIBING WHERE YOU LIVE (PICTURES ARE FUN, BUT NOT A REQUIREMENT): I attached a photo I took about two weeks ago from Keystone while skiing. Keystone is a 90 minute drive from our home in Denver, where we like to go for quick getaways and skiing. The other photo was taken from in front of my home on a hiking/biking trail.

    5. OPTIONAL:
    IF YOU HAVE ANY FURBABIES, WE’D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT THEM TOO! I don't have any fur babies at the moment. I am an animal lover and still trying to get over the loss of my English Bulldog (it's been 2.5 years). Some day we will be dog parents again.

    6. ABOUT ME (not part of the challenge): I am married, no kiddos but I love kids. Thankfully, I have 8 nieces and nephews. I work quite a bit but often have flexibility in my work schedule. I'm starting our Race is San Diego... It is rainy and icky here, my husband is in a conference so that allows me to do our challenge videos. I did a TRX class at our hotel this morning, perfect place to try something new.

    Former teammates, I'm delighted to be reunited with you. New racers, welcome aboard. Leslie, thanks for stepping up as our leader!!!