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    Yay! I've heard from @ShansGotGoals and she's present and contributing, has just had a rough week. No need to panic, she'll be here soon :D
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    Ok. Challenge videos done, clementine eaten (3/3. I would log it but....) & as much exercise as my life would allow. I was going for 60 minutes on the treadmill but DS called & I had to pick him up because he was sick. Oh well 45 is good enough!

    Now off to move furniture & paint!
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    Does anyone else think it's silly that you can't enter the orange points until Thursday? It is 3 days, correct? Monday....Tuesday....Wednesday....yep.........thats 3 if I'm counting right ;)

    I agree. I've completed this and it would be nice to add my points.
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    tarpguys wrote: »
    @MonicaA2013 lets do the cute little coffee shop. Do they offer tea? I love the smell of coffee but not the taste. I know-I'm weird! Right now Friday says "partly sunny" is that a good day for you?

    I am sure they have tea's but i have only looked at the coffee myself..LOL. Friday afternoon would be great !! Let me know what time works for you.

    I need to update the spreadsheet for yesterday's activities, i have a few more minutes to add. Today i will get my last orange eaten, and i will try to get the videos done between today and tomorrow.

    I LOVE how our team i so active and communicating like this !!! <3B)

    I will catch up with you all later today. DH has been out of work for over a month with broken ribs, and today we are going to go do our first job to see how he is recovering, and how much longer he should wait to go out on his own. SO glad he taught me the trade years ago..LOL.
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    Hi all I am Lynn Baumgartner

    FAVORITE EXERCISE I am a walker in the summer time. I am thinking of going back to a gym where they have group classes. I really like body pump
    I am from SE Wisconsin just outside of Racine south of Milwaukee north of Chicago. It is a smaller town but the good thing is that it is 1 mile to the down town and 1 mile back. The DQ is a 3 mile round trip along with the subway. I have no furry friends anymore but am now free to travel. I attached my fav. workout at planet fitness If I use the one that the arms don't move I have my hand weights. The one that the arms move on the TV thing doesn't work.
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    Hi everyone! So I've worked out yesterday and today but haven't added my mins yet. I'll do it later today. I like using my computer to edit the spreadsheet. I've also completed the orange challenge and was wondering why we couldn't update yet. Looks like I'm not the only one. Oh well, sounds like we'll get a lot of points for that tomorrow.
    I went to the rec center today and I've missed that place. I did so much, I'll probably be sore tomorrow. It was just nice to have all the different things to do. I'm going to do the videos tomorrow. My daughter has an early orthodontist appointment and my son has early practice, so I'm pretty sure I'm not walking. The videos will be a nice change.
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    Hey guys! Upped the ante today and did 45 minutes instead of my usual 30. I've also ate all my oranges, so that's another 5 points to add tomorrow. My goal is to be consistent and give at least 30 minutes of exercise every day (hopefully more).

    I will definitely do the video challenges, but it will probably be over the weekend! What'd everyone think of tai chi?
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    Hey Team keep up the good work everyone and keep pushing through week one. I too have the orange challenge done and will enter it as soon as the column is open. Have a great day!
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    Hello everyone, just to keep up to date. I have finished the oranges and have been working on the videos. Forgot how much I like oranges so will be adding them in to my fruit line-up :wink:
    I am out of town until Sunday so not sure if I will be able to log a whole lot coming before sunday afternoon. Again, my minutes will be a little down this week but I promise to make up for it in the coming weeks.
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    I got to the store finally this evening and have eaten my first orange so I'm right with you @carinamenina!

    I did get my exercise in this morning but I hopping to get at least one more in tonight before bed as tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy one. I have been informed that the plumber is coming in the morning to plumb the new bathroom and he WILL be shutting OFF the water, eeek! I hate that when it happens! But I can't complain to much it means progress.

    I did get the long video done this morning and I may get the 10 minute one yet tonight.

    @MonicaA2013 Would 1:00 on Friday be to early for you? I know you said you work on Fridays. That should give us time for tea and a good walk and I may still get home before rush hour. Can you send me the address and name of where to meet you?
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    Entered my minutes for the last two days and it brought us into 3rd. :smile:
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    I Completed the last video this morning too. Yee Haa. I am so excited about that. Have a great day everyone
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    I am done my exercise for the day. I won't be able to to do any more. I am tired. lol :)

    I bought new shoes yesterday & I wanted to try them outside. It was raining, snowing, sleeting. At least it wasn't too windy. My body is sore today. I have hardly exercised since the beginning of December. This has been a good week, now to rest and relax. Maybe I will watch a movie & take a nap after I get my cleaning done.

    (still can't record my oranges... oh and we are in 2nd place!!!)