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  • itsmedonnab56
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    Hi i'm Donna, and i used to power walk, hike and do 5K's..alas i got injured at work, and lazy while recuperating. Then i just lost motivation, as my home life deteriorated completely. i am a 61 yo grandmother of 6 & too damn fat!! lol
    anyway, for me, this challenge will push me to get out there again, and stop making excuses, as well as hopefully making some new friends to keep me motivated.
  • iiasok6
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    Hi I'm Nicole. I'm 30 years old. I can honestly say I'm not a runner. However is like to add some new challenges into my fitness I figured id step way out my comfort zone and give this a try. I entered to do a rugged maniac race May 6th I know I am very much underprepared for it. I would love to actually be able to run a race. So figured I can try and start here with building my endurance.
  • greenolivetree
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    Hi newbies :) Make sure you check out the May 2017 running challenge thread - that's where you'll find all the activity.
  • 2tall4thisworld
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    Hello I'm Ana.

    I used to run quite a bit. Did a few 5ks, 10ks, and one half marathon. Now I am getting back into running slowly to help lean out so that I can improve my rock climbing.

    My goal is to run 52 miles this month.
    Glad to be a part of this group!


  • sempertracy
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    Hi All-I'm Tracy from MN. I started running after my kids were born as some just me time. I ran 5k, 10k and duathalons but about 4 years ago I developed trochanic bursitis (sp) in my right hip and after a run the flareup is painful. I'm hoping this group gives me the push to get this healed up and back out on the road. Any suggestions from you for this issues? I do foam roll and walking mostly with ice packs. My goal is to log at least 75 miles this month.
  • FatsDomino1234567
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    Hi runners. I'm Kaite, 33, I live in Vista, CA. I'd love to run a half-marathon someday. I used to run all the time, but after having my daughter and moving to a new area I stopped. I've been treadmill running, and this month, my goal is to run 60 miles for June. Woot!
  • PinkRhythm428
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    Hi, everyone. I am Ashley and I am 28. I have been running inconsistently for a couple months and I am hoping to make it a habit. I started running with my husband while I was on break from school and we have both quit running since.
  • SpiritHippo
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    Hi all,
    I am brand new to this group and joined after seeing the June running challenging. I am not a runner but I love the community aspect of the sport. I usually waver in and out of the ability to run a 5K depending on the time of year. I'm looking forward to seeing where everyone else is with their running journey and what tips and insight might be shared.
  • Ratihkd
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    Hi Everyone!
    I'm new to diet plan and start to record it using My Fitness Pal rather than Book Diary since my phone is near me anytime.
    Super love to record it on Fitness Pal and get the nutrition which other people already put in.
    I will show it to my Nutritionist after this :smiley:

    I also love running. My furthest distance is still Half Marathon. PB for 10 K is 1hr 08sec.
    Might combine the Diet and Running after Fasting Month (end June 24th), and keen to see the result! :smile:
  • mhollan9
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    Hi! I'm Michelle and I am here for accountability and to make new friends. I have always sucked at running. I was very athletic and played all sports but hated running. I want to be able to run a 10k.. starting with a 5k. My goal for June is to build up my cardio starting with some fast paced walking and light jogging. I'm hoping July will be straight running.
  • PastorVincent
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    So, everyone over in the main challenge thread has already seen this, but I guess this is the proper place for this. I run, not because I enjoy running, or because I fancy myself a runner. I know, I know, "if you run, you are a runner" and all that. :tongue:

    My story can be found here:

    Beyond that, I am a published author, with over a million words in print now. I am also a pastor and a software engineer. I guess you can say I keep busy.
  • HonestOmnivore
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    Hi! My name is Melinda, and I've just started running using the Samsung Health app "Baby steps to 5K". I did a C25K back around 2010 with moderate success. I'm almost 50, and I had weightloss surgery back in March after really struggling to lose ALL my excess weight the traditional way.

    I have a "sprint tri" scheduled for this fall for short-term motivation, and a half marathon in April of 2018. Currently I'm jogging a very very very slow 2 miles. I run so slowly that I'm passed by walkers. I run so slowly that the dog doesn't break out of his walk. But I'm getting faster. Not to the speed of a decent walker yet (16'30" miles) but I'm improving! This week I added biking to work into my mix... I'm only 7 miles from my office and I use a Schwinn style 7 speed on a paved bike path but it's still kicking my butt! My plan is to bike to work on my non-running days. I'm planning on adding swimming on my "bike to work" days as there is a pool I can hit on my way home...
  • hartlinet
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    Hi there, I am new to this group and have joined the July running challenge. I am excited to be back in a running headspace. I started running in 2005 and fell in love with it during my first 5k. I ran consistently and raced for fun thru 2012. Since then my relationship with running has been on again off again, more off than on. Every time I lace up after a break, I am surprised both by how challenging the run is and by how quickly my body responses, gleefully recognizing the activity. Running is where I want to be, so here I am.
  • dudasd1973
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    Don here. Getting back into running after avoiding it for the past 16yrs(after I got out of the Marine Corps I swore I would never run again). Finally decided to quit smoking last July after 26yrs of abusing my lungs. At that point I decided I needed a goal. I decided that I would prep and run the Marine Corps Marathon in 2018 since that will be the 25yr anniversary of the first one that I ran. I'm running my first 5K next weekend, but it's more of a fun run that's not timed. Trying to pace myself in the 9:30-10min range since that will keep me on pace to finish the marathon in under 4:30. Look forward to the challenges again. I know 25yrs later it's going to take more than copious amounts of tequila the night before/after to get it done this time around (hey, I was young and not to sensible.... Lol).
  • seanevan10
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    Hi, I'm Becky! I currently live in Texas but was born and raised in CO. I ran in the Navy a lot! Ever since then (like almost 2o years, man I hate saying it's been that long) I have been on again, off again. I have twin boys that are getting older and more active every day. I had to have a major surgery on April 18th and was at my highest weight ever! Even higher than delivering twins. So I first started with my food and now I am finding something that I like (I have always actually liked running) and adding that back into my life. I am down 28 pounds in just under 3 months and hoping to continue that trend too. Looking forward to having support, and lots of feedback to read through in this challenge.
  • ssssseika
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    Hi, all! My name is Seika, and I am from Japan! =)
    I hated running, but I somehow into running recently! lol
    My first run race was 5k this March, and I have been running every Saturday with the local running team for at least 10k.
    I also enrolled for a couple virtual runs, so hope this group will motivate me to complete them!
  • misskarliii
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    Hi I'm Karli! I'm 28, live in Portland, OR and am training for a 5K. I'm really starting to enjoy running and am noticing the benefits of it on both my physical and mental health. I'm looking forward to being able to run 5k in September and hoping to run an 8k by the end of the year!
  • seanevan10
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    welcome @sarahmchugh07 . Most of the conversation happens over the on the monthly challenge thread.
  • cameronheel
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    @dudasd1973 @seanevan10
    Welcome to the group and thank you for your service to the country. You sound somewhat like me in that I was in the Army and grew to hate getting up every morning and being forced to run, but now 30 years later I found the passion for running that I once had before joining the military. I only hate that it took me this long to get back to it. I plan on eventually running the All American Marathon in Fayetteville NC. Semper Fi and Anchors Away.