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Healthy Salad dresing, sauce and other condiments thread

rs2332rs2332 Posts: 116Member Member Posts: 116Member Member
Hi guys/gals,

Not sure if this has been asked already but i wanted to start a consolidated thread for all healthy add on to make OMAD meals tasty. Please feel free to add your healthy findings here.

Healthy Salad dressing (whole foods, Trader joes, wegmans, costco ) or online!
Healthy Sauce options - I love the Nandos peri peri sauce
Other condiments that you regularly add to your meal

I have been sticking with the basics like pepper, paprika, turmeric etc but i am starting to look for some healthy varieties.

Thanks and have a great day


  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,802Member Member Posts: 2,802Member Member
    I don't change my dressings and sauces and such with OMAD...just eat what I want :) That being said there are some fun recipes on the recipes thread :)
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  • blambo61blambo61 Posts: 4,372Member Member Posts: 4,372Member Member
    I really like olive oil or avocado oil on salads! Those are supposed to be healthy. I don't like the vinegary ones much so I don't go there.
  • ooliviuooooliviuoo Posts: 81Member Member Posts: 81Member Member
    I try to prepare all condiments at home and I avoid something "ready to use" from supermarket. I do prefer simple hot chili/garlic/turmeric instead something packed with chemicals and sugar.

    Oil: I use 90% of the case extra virgin greek olive oil. Rest: sunflower oil.
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