15 Weeks Until Christmas Weight Loss Challenge



  • alexandriashelby89
    alexandriashelby89 Posts: 64 Member
    Hello! I just made a MFP account today and would love to join in on this challenge. Accountability is always helpful.

    SW: 133.3
    GW: 128
  • KellyBgetsfit
    KellyBgetsfit Posts: 1,713 Member
    Starting Weight: 152
    Current Weight:150
    Goal Weight: 137

    Well, it has been a slow start! I have been losing .5 a week but I was aiming for 1 pound a week. This week, I am restarting 21 day fix and I am adding in jogging or elliptial 3 times. Plus, I MUST log. I broke the habit and have not been able to get bakc into it.
  • Meltingangel
    Meltingangel Posts: 128 Member
    18/9: 143 lbs
    25/9: 140.4 lbs
    02/10: 139.9 lbs
    09/19: 138.6 lbs

    GW: 128 lbs

  • hrush1889
    hrush1889 Posts: 56 Member
    Late to start but just came across this, I would like to join too!

    SW: 145
    GW: 118 by Christmas!
  • RMC1995
    RMC1995 Posts: 67 Member
    Welcome to everyone just joining!
    I am still going very slow on weight loss, but I'm happy that I haven't GAINED anything - so I'm considering this all still a move in the right direction. As I've said before my biggest goal for this challenge is to maintain my current weight or lose maybe just another 2 pounds. I always struggle to maintain around the holidays when heavy meals and desserts abound.

    HW: 151lbs
    SW: 126 lbs
    CW: 124 lbs
    Goal Weight: 122-124 lbs

    9/9: 126lbs
    9/16: 125 lbs
    9/23: 125 lbs
    9/30: 125lbs
    10/7: 124lbs
  • MicheleStitches
    MicheleStitches Posts: 306 Member
    edited October 2017
    I was able to fit into my "skinny" jeans today! :)

    Height 5'5"
    HW: 153
    SW: 139
    GW: 130

    9/9: 139
    9/17: 138
    9/25: 136.4
    10/4: 136
    10/9: 134

    I started eating LCHF/Keto Sept. 6, 2017 in an effort to curb my carb cravings & shed some excess lbs.
  • I am a day late because I was traveling for the last 4 days. I was nervous but excited to weigh in this morning, because I worked hard on keeping my deficit. My hard work paid off! Some of this loss I believe is water or hormonal from the past couple of weeks.

    SW (9/11): 151.0
    9/18: 150.0
    9/25: 150.4
    10/2: 150.4
    10/10: 148.8
    GW: 145.0

    Keep up the good work everyone! If you're not seeing the loss on the scale, keep at it.
  • FitSeachely
    FitSeachely Posts: 74 Member
    Starting Weight:157
    Current Weight:158
    Goal Weight:142
    Thanksgiving weekend was rough but I’m back on track. I should be bellow my start weight before the end of the week.

    Goal for the next week. Weight training 3 times and cardio 5 X 30 minutes.
  • kg_lydon
    kg_lydon Posts: 15 Member
    Count me in, if it's not too late!
    Age 36, 5'"
    SW 10/10/17 160lbs
    CW 160 lbs
    GW 150 lbs by Christmas!

    Now Running 30-40 min. 3x a week
    Sticking with my calorie count of 1400/daily.
  • DDBooBoo57
    DDBooBoo57 Posts: 17 Member
    Great idea!

    Starting Weight: 154
    Current Weight: 154
    Goal Weight (by Christmas): 145

    Here we go!!!!
  • littlebuffbiddy
    littlebuffbiddy Posts: 63 Member
    Im in!

    I don't really need to lose weight, more gain muscle, but I still want to keep myself accountable during this time. I just made cookies this weekend and ate way too many so... I obviously need some accountability :D

    Starting Weight: I was 101 a week ago
    Current Weight: 105 this AM (THOSE COOKIES!!!)
    Goal Weight: .. anywhere from this to 111 if I am gaining muscle. More like my goal is to keep my body fat percentage down which has been fluctuating between 14% and 16% lately.

    And man.. I gotta get on the Christmas present wagon soon.. It's gonna sneak up on me so quick! :#
  • Verdenal
    Verdenal Posts: 625 Member
    Just saw this.

    10 Weeks Until Christmas

    Week 10

    Starting Weight: 112.6
    Current Weight: 112.6
    Goal Weight: 107.6 (more would be great, but let's see what happens if I'm realistic)
  • leondra_nicole
    leondra_nicole Posts: 15 Member
    H: 5'4 Age:28
    Goal Weight: 161

    9/12(SW): 186
    9/19: 186
    9/26: 182
    10/3: 178
    10/10: 176
  • cheryljanine
    cheryljanine Posts: 20 Member
    Those last 5 are so hard to reach. Circling around 147-152 for a few months. Trying IF and calorie deficit but I agree with someone above the deficit seems almost impossible to reduce further. I will give it a try.
    Thanks for the update on Christmas... :)
  • Kullerva
    Kullerva Posts: 1,114 Member
    What the heck? Count me in.

    Height 5'4"
    HW: 189
    SW: 148
    GW: 135

    10/9: 148
  • MicheleStitches
    MicheleStitches Posts: 306 Member
    Those last 5 are so hard to reach. Circling around 147-152 for a few months. Trying IF and calorie deficit but I agree with someone above the deficit seems almost impossible to reduce further. I will give it a try.
    Thanks for the update on Christmas... :)

    Maybe try playing with your macros. I know some people swear by "calories in calories out," but I find that I can stall with that approach. However, for me, cutting carbs seems to work. Every body is different, and I don't believe in one-size-fits-all diet plans. I will say that I am losing faster doing Keto, than anything else I've tried. (Whole 30 is a close second, and VERY healthy!) I hope you find something that works for you!
  • debbiesteinman
    debbiesteinman Posts: 55 Member
    Joining today - need to take off the last 15 pounds
    SW-170 lbs.
    CW-137.5 lbs
    GW - 120-125 lbs.
    Doing a combination of 18-6 intermittent fasting and low carb high protein medium fat diet. Doing weight training and cardio.
  • itseclair
    itseclair Posts: 43 Member
    Height 162.5 cm
    HW: 152 lbs
    CW: 145 lbs
    GW: 135 lbs

    Wk 1: 145 lbs [Oct/5/17]
    Wk 2: 146 lbs [Oct/12/17]
    Wk 3:
    Wk 4:
    Wk 5:
    Wk 6:
    Wk 7:
    Wk 8:
    Wk 9:
    Wk 10:
    Wk 11:
  • christygirl38
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    edited October 2017
    I'm going to get back to intermittent fasting. Lost my way for awhile, but it worked for me in the past. Just have trouble not eating past 8 out of habit.
    CW 168
    GW 140
  • christygirl38
    christygirl38 Posts: 31 Member
    Ahh!! Right on track until I took my son and his friend out with a sleepover afterwards. Ate a Kit Kay, some chips and popcorn. Another day gone