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  • leannamvaughan
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    My name is Leanna. I first started running a few years back when I was in my masters program. More for mental health than anything else. Well, I fell in love and have been off and on with it ever since. I am more of a leisure runner rather than a hard trainer, but I do have a goal now set for a 10k. I'd love some extra support and conversation in my feed, so feel free to add me!
  • EliseTK1
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    Hey all! I'm Elise, 32 y/o and started training this past April for a marathon in January. I'm almost there!! I have been a weight lifter for a few years, but I got into running because of my husband, and now I'm addicted. It helps so much with migraines, stress/anxiety, and general well-being. :)
  • berkyb
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    Hi, I'm Cheri and I've been running off and on for the past few years. I've come to enjoy it a lot even if I'm pretty slow. I'm losing weight and running is a big part of what helps to keep me motivated.

    I found this group through searching for virtual 5k but really like the idea of a monthly challenge. I'll be jumping in for the November edition.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  • cookster82
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    Hi, I'm Jodi and I'm from MN. Just found this group and am interested in joining the November challenge. I just ran the Medtronic 10-mile in October, which was the farthest I've ever raced. I'm not really interested in going that far again, but 3-4 miles is my sweet spot. The weather's getting cold here, so I've had a hard time getting out. Hopefully this challenge will help me stay motivated to keep going!
  • alexrose4141
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    Hi! My name is Alex and I live in Florida. I like to run for fun and to get my cardio in! I used to run a lot more than I currently do BUT am trying to get back into it! I think this group will encourage me to get more miles in each month and to set more and new goals. I love running outside and using my Garmin watch to track my miles so I'm excited to get a new goal and see how I do through working season. I aim to run a half marathon sometime this year so I hope to meet that goal! Last night I beat my previous record and shaved off a minute on my mile time and ended up running 6 miles outside! Excited for this group
  • bjderhak
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    Hi! Im Bobbie from Orlando,Fl. I took up running seriously about 2 years ago. I grew up in dance (ballet, jazz, tap) and have always enjoyed exercise in one form or another. I have def caught the running bug. I run about 100-150 miles per month. I completed my first half this past march and will be completing my first full in January. I sign up for about a race a month during the fall/winter season because I love the smaller goals and the medals (of course!).

    Aside from running I enjoy going to concerts with my daughters, hanging out with the hubby, spending time at the beach and reading about 75 books a year.
  • ssaharea
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    Hi I'm Saharea from Montreal, Canada.

    Growing up I had asthma and was never really any good at physical activity in school. I also packed on quite a bit of weight as a kid. My unhealthy lifestyle gradually grew worse till I reached university in 2015. I weighed in at 184lbs and felt miserable. It was at this time I began my healthy lifestyle journey.

    Since 2015, I've tried all kinds of diets coupled with minimal exercise. I would lose weight rapidly only to put it all back on again. It has been a roller coaster for me both physically and emotionally. By the end of 2016 I weighed in around 160lbs.

    It wasn't until August of 2017 that things started to change for the better. A heck of a lot better! I realized diets don't work because I always viewed them as temporary. You could say I had a paradigm shift in regards to my nutrition. I sought out a permanent lifestyle change that would make me feel better and bring me closer to my goals.

    For the past 3 months I have been tracking all my food intake on MFP and eating A LOT more vegetables on a daily basis. At first this was challenging, but I have to say I grew to love vegetables very quickly (cauliflower is my favourite!). After changing my diet, I was in a good place to take up a physical activity. I chose the activity that I had the most difficulty with growing up: running! I started running 3x a week making sure never to skip a session.

    I did some research online and came across the Couch to 5k program. I was not confident enough to run outside so I decided to run on the treadmill at the gym to boost my confidence. I remember the first time I ran for 3 minutes straight on the treadmill, I was the happiest guy in the gym! That was back in September. Now I can proudly say I have successfully completed the Couch to 5k program and I love running :smiley:

    It's winter here in Montreal and the weather is cold. My goal is to run 30 minutes straight 3x a week on the treadmill. Every week I successfully complete my workout, I increase the speed by 0.1 kmh the next week. With progressive overload I hope to get better at running. In 2018 I want to hit the ground running (literally!) and attend a 5k race in my city. Upon completion of my first race, I will start training to run for 10k.

    Wish me luck and I will do the same for everyone as well! We got this!!
  • aleikita
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    Hello I’m Aleika and I live in Mississippi, I just discovered this group and hope to make friends here. I’ve been running on and off since I was a teenager, and after steadily gaining weight since January I picked it back up recently. I am a stay at home mom currently so I usually jog while pushing my toddler in her stroller. It has been unusually warm here for December but that will change tomorrow which will make things a little more challenging with the little one, so I might have to switch to my gym’s treadmill for running once husband gets home from work.
  • lifestyle70
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    Hello, I am Chris. Have never really been much of a runner until the last couple of years. I have come enjoy running (shorter distances) as a way to get outside, clear my head and generate energy. I have a friend who is a trail runner and enjoy seeing her photos of the places that she runs at/in(?). This past weekend I signed up for a 15K Train Race in March. I try to find new experiences in life and ways to challenge myself. This one definitely fits both areas! Am excited to follow discussion threads in this group and glean nuggets of information from more experienced runners.
  • cyber_running
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    Wow! Hi, I'm Alice and I come from the DFW area in Texas :) As you can tell, I'm a bit new to the community/forums, despite lurking a bit and logging (quite inconsistently) on the app. Today I finally got on my laptop, clicked around, and found this.

    I began my running journey about 2 years ago, May 2016. Ran/walked a 5k after introducing myself to the high school xc team. From there on, I've made an effort to learn more about running and training to get to the top B) It's a real struggle--from dealing with my injury-prone self to the mental fight in living and breathing the art of running. I usually run 6 days out of the week. It's the off-season right now, and I'm trying to build base for the upcoming track season.

    I still don't log consistently on this app, but I log a bunch on other popular apps made for running. Hopefully joining discussions here will lead to more success! p.s. Merry Christmas, runners.
  • kjknezevich
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    Hello all! My name is Katharine and I am getting serious about my running again. I first got serious about running about 12 years ago. I have run 5 half-marathons; 2 with my son, which is a very special thing even if he did finish WAY before me. Annoying health issues have stymied my training and my running over the years. I made a commitment to do something about my ever increasing girth a year ago. I combined strength training and cardio, was very dedicated, and went to the gym 6 out of 7 days a week (when my activity wasn't hampered by physicians' orders during recovery). Even with my commitment, I was not happy with my progress (or lack thereof). A few weeks before Christmas I once again had to take a break from working my arms/shoulders/chest. Frustration set in, but I decided not to let it get the better of me and merely increased my cardio. Then I found MyFitnessPal. I have set myself a 1200 calorie diet and am walking 60", at a 10% grade, at a 14.36 pace, 6 times a week. I've only been into it since 23 December 2017. So new to MyFitnessPal, new to this group.
  • denesemcd
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    Hi! I'm Denese from Midland, Texas and just starting. I enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. I think I'm a turtle when it comes to running...slow and steady! In March I want to run the Energy City half marathon, a local race that happens yearly. My goal is to run the whole time. This is inspirational Stan! Thanks!
  • SophieRonda
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    hello, I am Sophie from Canada but living in Spain. My goal for this year is to run a half-marathon. I want to change some things in my life, one of them being more active. I have done some long distance walking and hiking in the past and now have a goal of running in my thirties. Every Step i take every day is a step closer to want I want to achieve. Thanks!
  • jwebb949
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    Hi I'm James, From Airdrie, AB, Canada.

    Started running November 2016 with a C25k program on a treadmill at the gym, transitioned to running outdoors on a warm winter night in January 2017 and have never looked back. 2017 brought me a goal of running 3 5KM races, a daunting number at that time, by March I had upped my goal to 3 10KM races.

    Ended up 2017 running a total of 10 5KM, 1 8KM, 5 10KM, 1 16KM and 3 21KM Fun runs, definitely blew past my daunting goal of 5kM.

    Through diet and exercise I've lost 120lbs, ran a 10km fun run with my son in september who got tired half way through, ended up giving him a piggy back ride and remembering how much tougher it was to run 80lbs ago.

    2018 Goal is a little more scary, as I've signed up for 3 Marathons and have just started my training

  • DLove9321
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    Hi everyone. I am going to join this running challenge. I have run 3 half marathons and I am trying to improve on my times. I am also trying to juggle running with work and kids which we all know is not easy. But I need a carrot to chase in order to keep me motivated. Will be signing up for another half this summer so I am in the early stages of training. Add me if you like, always looking for ppl to help me stay motivated.
  • ThinGoldLineNS
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    Hello everyone. I just stumbled onto this group and thought it would be a great way to keep me moving towards becoming a runner. My daughter (19) and I (43) will be starting the C25K program on Wednesday (I'm currently working night shift) Some day, I'd love to be able to run with my husband (he loves running though he hasn't done it since he retired from the military in 2015)
  • Irene121961
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    Hello Everyone - I would like to join this challenge. I have not run for consistently for 5 months. I retired 5 months ago and miss my noon hour runs. I ran for 3 to 5 times a week for over 30 years. Once I retired I ran one or two times a week and 2 months ago just stopped walk. I really miss running and need to get back in the routine. I would like to run 3 to 4 times a week.
  • joverw50
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    Hello group, I am a runner from Michigan where it is cold and snowy right this time of year. I have run 7 1/2 Marathons and officially signed up for my first Marathon for the fall. My goal is to run at least 100 miles per month but during the final months leading up to the race I’m sure I’ll exceed that mileage.
  • misbahz192016
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    I'm Misbah. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. I'm in my mid twenties and I have been running for a few months but I never had any goals set and that's the reason I wasn't consistent. I have now signed up for C25K and hoping to finish 5K by the end of March. I'm glad I found this group and I'm sure this would help me stay consistent.
  • debsydoo556
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    Hi, I’m a Debbie. I live in Liverpool in the Uk. I’ve been a runner for about 10 years now but I’ve never managed anything longer than 10k’s. Unfortunately, I have a bulging disc (L5/S1) So consultant advised to stop running outside after cortisone injections and I’m now an treadmill runner as less impact but I’m better running there than than not at all as that was just an awful 8 months! I go the gym at least 3 times a week, run for 45-60 mins currently.,
    Look forward to reading all of your posts and I’ll be jotting mine down.