Coffee as a drink not a meal

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Hi there,

I'm new, just wrapped up week 1, and my hardest thing I'm finding is coffee. I'm not looking to do bulletproof coffee and have it as a meal. What I've been doing is adding heavy cream and stevia, and it's bad, and usually i've gotten pretty used to Stevia. If I accommodate and use 18% cream it's better, but that's even higher in carbs.

What do some of you folks do? I need my coffee in the morning and it's been so blah this week.



  • Versicolour
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    I have my coffee black. I can only do it with mild roast filtered coffee. It has taken me time to get to this point. But this way it doesn't count
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    I'm guessing you are keto?
    When I did keto, I used H&H in flavored coffee and used liquid sucralose (Splenda but liquid with zero carbs for real, unlike the lying label of the powdered Splenda.) Or plain coffee, H&H, and Torani flavored syrup. The difference in carbs betwee HWC and H&H wasn't high enough for me to worry over. The carbs were worth it to me, have coffee.
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    I just drink coffee with HWC or light cream or H&H. Whatever I have on hand. I don't particularly like sweetened coffee. Unless it's a totally not low carb friendly white chocolate mocha or something. :P
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    You may find after a bit that your taste buds adjust. I notice now that coffee with HWC tastes sweeter than coffee with half and half. Those are my go-to ways to drink coffee and I used to be a cream+sugar coffee drinker.

    When I'm having coffee with half and half and coconut oil I add a splash of torani SF syrup and a pinch of salt. Salt is supposed to help with bitterness.
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    You could go black. Make your coffee slightly weaker if you need to.

    Salt does add a nice flavour.

    Under sweeten with stevia. I use a big travel mug and then I use 3 drops, or up to 6 if I want it very sweet.

    Flavoured stevia is nice when skipping fats in coffee.

    I sometimes use some protein powder to lighten coffee; just not too hot or it curdles. Yuck.
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    nvmomketo wrote: »

    I sometimes use some protein powder to lighten coffee; just not too hot or it curdles. Yuck.

    one only needs to gag on chunky coffee once before that lesson is learned.
  • Naboo325
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    Thanks everyone! The heavy whipping cream I guess isn't too bad, it;s the sweetening part, I use Stevia for other things, but for coffee I find the after taste is horrid, unless there is some flavored creamer involved. I can't do black, especially long term. I need creamy coffee!
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    If you don't like stevia, I have heard recommendations for Monk Fruit as another natural sweetener. It is more expensive and not as common, but you can find it on amazon. I haven't tried it yet. Stevia blends like truvia (with erythritol) may reduce the bitter aftertaste.

    If you want flavored coffee, add some spices (cinnamon is awesome, cardamom is also amazing) or flavoring extracts (vanilla is everywhere, but the baking section of your grocery store has other flavors).
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    Drop the fake sweetners, and after a couple weeks you’ll be able to taste the sweetness of the HWC.
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    I add a tablespoon of coconut oil, some cinnamon, raw cacao and half tsp of stevia and find that it, surprisingly, tastes better than cream (but same caloric content and less carbs) and I used to only like it milky/creamy, might be worth a try...?
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    Black unsweetened coffee, kenco it's not too strong.
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    Flybeetle wrote: »
    I add a tablespoon of coconut oil, some cinnamon, raw cacao and half tsp of stevia and find that it, surprisingly, tastes better than cream (but same caloric content and less carbs) and I used to only like it milky/creamy, might be worth a try...?

    I’ll have to try that, sounds delicious!

    I did HWC or H&H in my coffee for years, but recently switched to unsweetened almond milk because I was giving up dairy. It was an adjustment, but I really like it now. I do add a little more of the almond milk than I did cream, probably 1/4 cup. It’s 2 carbs per cup, so my coffee has 0.5 carbs in it.

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    I take mine 16oz at a time. 2tbs hwc, 1/4c unsweetened almond milk and a heaping tsp of xylitol sweetener. Ends up being about 250 calories for the two I have and it's my lunch typically. It does the trick for me!!
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    When I quit sweetening, I found my coffee just sucked! I shopped around for better coffee and kind of enjoyed always trying different kinds. Started grinding my beans fresh and using a French press instead of my Keurig. Sometimes I added vanilla or other extracts or a tiny bit of butter or coconut oil or some half n half for their flavor.

    I cannot emphasize what Sunny said enough. My husband's family owns coffee shops and roast their own beans and I had no idea what real, good, honest coffee tastes like until I married into that family over 10 years ago. ALL THAT WASTED TIME!

    The very best thing you can do is ensure you have quality beans, that are roasted properly, stored properly, and ground for your type of coffee making practices. I've never liked coffee with much in it, but even now, if I have coffee that's cheep, burned, or old I'll reach for some kind of creamer, or sweeter to get rid of the crap coffee taste.
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    Absolutely true! I used to hate coffee, and would only drink crappy office coffee with those fake flavored creamers when I was terribly short on sleep. Good freshly ground coffee and real heavy cream makes a huge difference.
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    I'm actually not a big coffee drinker. But when im in the mood for the taste I drink it freshly ground and french pressed. Tastes so much better than any k-cup or package to me lol. I do use half&half, and liquid splenda, sometimes also a lil cinnamon.
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    For the first 5 weeks that I went on LCHF I avoided all sweeteners. That was 2 years ago. I'm glad I did. I learned that most fake sweeteners cause my arthritis to hurt more and I learned to love coffee without any sweeteners. It really helped me to learn to eat foods without sweetness. Now, when I do cheat, everyday sweet snacks taste awful because they are way too sweet to me. It reduces my cheating and I can work without pain in my joints.
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    I love coffee. Went cold turkey and started only drinking it black. I drank less for a while but now I prefer it black but occasionally treat myself to an afternoon cup w Cream. I no longer use any sugars or sweeteners and honestly feel better for it. Good luck. Whi can live without a good cup of java .... not me.