Initial Weigh-In

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Hi and welcome to the Spring 2018 RenewU Challenge. This challenge will run from April 2 to June 24, 2018

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, a day for chocolate bunnies, flavorless jelly beans and a sugar rush like no other! On the Christian calendar, Easter actually runs until the Feast of the Ascension (this year May 10) or LONG after the candy (hopefully) has run out. So if there is still tempting candy unconsumed in your house, give it a chuck or have your family hide it because today is your day!

Today, of course, is the first day of our resolution to work toward healthier bodies, through diet, exercise and friendship on this board. Have a great week! :)

Day 1

Start Weight:
Challenge Start Weight:
Challenge Goal Weight:



  • irishsox12
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    Day 1

    Start Weight: 164.2 lbs
    Challenge Start Weight: 153.0 lbs
    Challenge Goal Weight: 145.0 lbs

  • cxwhit3
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    irishsox12 wrote: »
    Day 1

    Start Weight: 164.2 lbs
    Challenge Start Weight: 153.0 lbs
    Challenge Goal Weight: 145.0 lbs

    Welcome back!
  • nvasquez41
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    Day 1

    Start Weight: 148
    Challenge Start Weight: 134.4
    Challenge Goal Weight: 128

  • _Mrs_Ryan_
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    Start Weight: 184.9 lbs
    Challenge Start Weight: 179 lbs
    Challenge Goal Weight: 164 lbs

    Comments: I also went a tad overboard this weekend (mmmm, pecan pie!) and the scale was up almost 2 lbs this morning. I'm largely attributing that to water weight that will hopefully disappear once I get myself back in check. I'm heading to Toronto for a 4 day getaway, leaving Wednesday, so I'm hoping all the damage can be undone by the 3rd weigh in. I always puff up when flying so I don't imagine next week will be in the direction I want it.
  • cxwhit3
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    @nvasquez41 @ _Mrs_Ryan_ @mebelfanti Welcome back to all of you!
  • gesundundmunter
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    Day 1

    Start Weight: 260.0 (Ultimate Weight Goal: 150.0)
    Challenge Start Weight: 236.8
    Challenge Goal Weight: 230.0

    Comments: I indulged in some lovely cheesecake and Easter donuts yesterday, also worked and worked out on body cycle.
  • spzjlb
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    Day 1- April 2

    Start Weight: 125 lbs (but was 157 lbs in January 2015)
    Challenge Start Weight: 125 lbs
    Challenge Goal Weight: 121 lbs
  • amberellen12
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    Day 1

    Start Weight: 199.9
    Challenge Start Weight: 184.0
    Challenge Goal Weight: 169.9

    Ate really well yesterday in preparation for the start of this challenged. Food journal all set up and ready to go!

    Let’s do it!!!!
  • spdaphne
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    Start Weight: 194 (highest weight last year)
    Challenge Start Weight: 174.0
    Challenge Goal Weight: 165

    Comments: had dairy the last several days. Thinking it's causing me to feel tired, increased post nasal trip, skin not looking as great and looking tired. Potentially may have caused weight gain. Going to remove from my diet and see if my energy, etc comes back. Really got frustrated over the weekend with how restricted I feel in eating out. Plus, I went to the grocery store to get some lunch from the hot, prepared section and got mad because they didn't have labels for their dishes. The guy working there didn't seem super knowledgeable either. Had the same experience when I called to see if there was any gluten or wheat in beef pho. I'm talking to my nutritionist today and hope it makes me feel better.
  • Megan91384
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    Day 1

    Start Weight: 218.4
    Challenge Start Weight: 203.2
    Challenge Goal Weight: 193.2

    Comments: I really really want to get back to Onederland! I have put on around 8 lbs in the past year and its time for it to go. I've had a lot of stress in my personal life lately, so my main goal is to not let that affect my mind and body. Also, daily vitamin d and my doctor is switching up my iron/c routine to 3 pills at once M/W/F so hopefully it will absorb better.
  • leonadixon
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    Start Weight:200.8 (January 2018)
    Challenge Start Weight:194.0
    Challenge Goal Weight:179.0

    Comments: I'm excited to be doing this! I am almost back on track with recovery from surgery almost 3 weeks ago. Not quite ready to step up the exercise, but I feel the goal is somewhat realistic (set at 15 pounds or 5 pounds a month). I will be extremely happy if I can lose 12 of that! I have longer goals overall, but this feels do-able for now. :smile:
  • Zipbsky
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    Day 1

    Start Weight: 186 (9/15) and again (9/16)
    Challenge Start Weight: 153.6
    Challenge Goal Weight: 145

    Comments: I also ate too much this weekend and Passover still has 4 more days...
  • SmithsonianEmpress
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    arameni wrote: »
    Day 1

    Start Weight: 148
    Challenge Start Weight: 130
    Challenge Goal Weight: 125

    Hey y'all~
    I kind of dropped the ball during the winter challenge and stopped weighing in d/t stress from trying to move. Then I finally did move, and now I don't have a scale! I'm going to order one on Friday and I hope to be able to fully participate in the group after it arrives! Meanwhile, I'll be checking in for moral support and advice

    YAY! so we are weigh in twins!!! Same weight and same goal. Tell me your secrets so I can steal them...LOL!