Bunny Hopping in to April: April Accountability & Weigh-In



  • Crafty_camper123
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    edited April 2018
    Height: 5'3"
    HW: 159
    SW: 155
    GW April:139
    Stretch Goal: 136

    4/2/18: 142.6
    4/11/18:140.4 (141.6 Average)
    4/18/18:141.6 (141.1 Average)

    Well 139lbs made a guest appearance on my scale earlier last week! I'm hoping to see it stick around by month end. I'm still dealing with an on & off ravenous appetite. I'm not sure if it's the workouts, or what's going on. So, I'm upping my calories to maintenance for a week or two to see if that gets those hunger hormones under control. Since I'll be eating at or above maintenance I'm not planning on eating back my exercise calories on workout days. Unless I do something crazy intense. (I wouldn't call flopping around in my living room for 30 minutes to Jillian too intense. :lol: ) Hopefully that will get me to goal by month end.

    ETA: Those "maintenance" weeks a couple weeks ago, wasn't exactly planned or controlled. That was me being tired and wanting to eat all the things! I'm hoping by having a controlled refeed break I'll get more out of it and be ready to go back to a deficit with my appetite a little more under control. For a while anyways. Until the fat cells demand another sacrifice for replenishment. :tongue:
  • RobinAlex666
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    Didn't lose but I also didn't gain so I guess that's not so bad. School has been really rough the past 4 weeks so tomorrow I'm planning on doing a ton of work just so that I'll be ahead and less stressed during the week and can focus more on me. I started lifting again which will hopefully bring a whoosh next week but I'm also due for my period, so my hopes aren't high.

    HW: 176
    CW: 154.5
    Height: 5'8"
    April Goal: 152
    Ultimate Goal Weight: low 150's or high 140's

    April 1: 155 (using March end weight)
    April 5: 157
    April 12: 154.5
    April 19: 154.5
    April 26:
  • glassofroses
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    Just popping in to cheer you all on. Just going through and there's so much progress since I was last around, you guys are really working it. <3
  • FitSeachely
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    Height : 5'5"
    HW: 172 lbs
    CW: 145.9
    April Goal : 140lbs
    Long term goal: 135 lbs

    April 1st - 145.9 lbs
    April 5th - 144 lbs
    April 12th - 141.3 lbs
    April 19th - 143.5 lbs

    I tried new stuff for a week and now am questioning last week’s weight loss. I am back to my regular routine now. We will see what next week says.
  • rianneonamission
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    Long time no see @glassofroses! Hope life is starting to be kind to you again.
  • theknitpicker
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    Height: 5'0" / 153 cm
    HW: 61.7 kg
    GW: 47.5

    End-of-March SW: 53.4kg / 30.2 % BFP (Moving Average 53.5 kg)
    April GW: 52.5 kg / 29 % BF

    April 6: 52.6 kg / 29.4% BF (Moving Average 53.2 kg)
    April 13: 52.5 kg / 28.8% BF (Moving Average 52.6 kg)
    April 20: 52.3kg / 29.2% BF (Moving Average 51.9 kg)
    April 27:

    Bit of a weird one, weight's ticking down, but BFP went up? To be completely fair, my diet's been a bit inconsistent, but then my workouts have been up... I dunno. It's going the right way! I suppose I should be pleased! This week's goal is to tighten up logging, and really kick the last week of April's butt for some serious results... and so I can really get a handle on my May goals.

  • mmurph102
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    Height: 5'3"
    HW: 139lbs
    Goal Weight: 110-115lbs

    April Goal: 117

    Jan 05: 121.8
    Jan 12: 122.2
    Jan 19: 119.4
    Jan 26: 119.2
    Feb 2: 118
    Feb 9
    Feb 16
    Feb 23: 119.4
    Mar 2: 119
    Mar 9: 121.8
    Mar 16: 119.6
    Mar 23: 117.8
    Mar 30
    Apr 6
    Apr 13: 121.2
    Apr 20: 120.2

    Well, I definitely won't hit my April goal, but would like to get under 120 and stay there!
  • glassofroses
    glassofroses Posts: 653 Member
    Long time no see @glassofroses! Hope life is starting to be kind to you again.

    Yeah, it's going alright! I've got a stupid tailbone injury and I had a hip strain which has set me back in my training, but in general, my weight is up (142ish), yay, but it's more my BF which is less yay. I don't mind [my BF] being up, I just feel not good from so much Easter chocolate, too many nights out and pizza. Doing a week of logging to see how I can tweak my diet back into optimimum health and I just miss the comradarie of everyone being into being healthy and fit.

    I hope you and everyone else have been well. :kissing_heart:
  • rainingribbons
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    Height: 5'10"
    April goal: 140, then will re-evaluate from there. Probably maintenance after!

    April 2: 141.4
    April 6: 141.4
    April 13: 141
    April 20: 140.2
    April 27:

    .2 pounds from goal weight!! I should hopefully hit that in the next few days as long as I keep my diet on track. Originally I was planning on switching to maintenance right after getting to goal, but I'm going to be doing some traveling in about 2 weeks, so now I plan on eating at a deficit until then just to give myself a buffer. After all of the traveling it'll be a switch to maintenance and recomp!!
  • bringbackthejoy
    bringbackthejoy Posts: 255 Member
    SW: 115.8
    April Goal Weight: 114
    March Fitness Goal: continue with physical therapy. Get my 6 days on back on track. Be diligent. 9weeks till another vacation.

    Start of Jan: 148 lbs
    Start of Feb: 139 lbs
    Start of March: 133
    Start of Apr-127.2
    Start of May: 122.6
    Start of June-115.0-GOAL
    start of July- 115
    Start of august-115
    Start of sept 112
    Start of oct:113
    Start of Nov-112
    Start of Dec: 111.5
    Start of Jan: 113.5
    Start of Feb:112.2
    Start of March: 114.6
    Start of April: 116
    April 8: 115.7
    April 20: 114.7

    Struggles/success: so the scale is moving in the right direction, that’s good. I’ve been able to run a bit more. I have a race this Sunday. All in all, cautiously optimistic.
  • Urbancowbarn
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    H: 5’ 6”
    SW 161 (5/17)
    SBF% 25.28
    CW — fluctuating between 144-147
    CBF% 21.70
    April goal: 142
    Ultimate goal: 134-137(fluctuating)
    BF% Goal 20%

    April 6: 145 BF% 22.24
    April 13: 146 BF% 21.70
    April 20: 147 TOM

    I’m so discouraged. I had been feeling pretty good about the way I looked and was working on recomp until Thursday when I went dress shopping. I needed a dress that fit well for an upcoming event. So I was happy because I needed a smaller size than what I have in my closet...then I get into a dressing room with a three way mirror. The HORROR! I definitely need to lose 10lbs before recomp. They should outlaw three way mirrors inside the dressing room. I’m only half joking. I ended up buying a cute dress from a store that had a three way mirror outside the dressing room where you could view yourself after the dress was on your body. Back to deficit for me. :-/
  • gutsnglory6
    gutsnglory6 Posts: 76 Member
    Height: 5'9"
    SW (this time around): 148.7 (Feb 27)
    GW: 135
    April GW: 139 (don’t think this is going to happen, revising to 141).

    March 1: 147 (24.4 BF)
    April 1: 142 (21.8 BF)
    April 7: 142.4
    April 14: 142.4
    April 21: 144.6

    Not the direction I wanted to see the scale going. It was a rough week on the motivation front. I was travelling Saturday & Sunday and again Monday through Wednesday. I didn’t log. I ate cookies at work. I ate salty foods and drank beer. Trying to reset today and get back into being good about food and logging.

    As a positive, I’ve been sticking with my workout routine. Currently at a 110 day streak of yoga every day (since Jan 1) and did the first day of Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred yesterday.
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    Height: 5’1”
    SW April: 113 lbs
    April goal: 109

    4/7: 111.4
    4/14: 112.0
    4/21: 113.0

    Yep, I’m going in the wrong direction :disappointed:

  • LlamaLlime
    LlamaLlime Posts: 10 Member
    Height 5'9 3/4"

    April 1: 143
    April 7:142
    April 14:139.2
    April 28:138.2

    I am getting better about staying under my calorie goal each day. (Although there were some bad decisions made regarding baklava last night.) I am aiming to work out 4 times this week and cut more sugar. The sugar is the hardest part - I love pastries and cookies. I like seeing the numbers on the scale drop because it is tangible proof of my hard work, but I also realize that the numbers are going to either stall or go up as I gain muscle mass. I objectively know that I am still making progress even if my weight doesn't go down - but it's always mildly disappointing to not see the numbers get lower.
  • Cora0477
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    Height 5'4"
    April 1: 136
    April 8: 133.4
    April 15: 131.8
    April 22: 129.8
    April 29:
    April Goal: 132
    Ultimate GW: 125

    I have friend flying in from out of town to spend this week with me. I’m a little terrified of what that means for my calories. I am going to try to pre-log as much as I can and then just pray the hit doesn’t set me back too far. Wish me luck!
  • hsabelsowers
    hsabelsowers Posts: 4 Member
    Height 5'5

    SW: 158
    GW: 142

    April 1st: 150.4
    April 8th: 149
    April 15th: 147.8
    April 21: 147

    I was a little scared of how the scale would look because I have had a bad cold during which I had a small love affair with bread and butter comfort food, haha. But it didn't seem to cause major problems. Maybe the fact that I didn't have wine in the evenings balanced things out.
  • leah_not_leia
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    Height: 5' 9"
    HW: 165.0 lbs

    March Final Weight: 158.2 lbs (34.8% bf)
    April Goal: 156 lbs ( - 2.2 lbs)
    Ultimate goal: 145 lbs and be able to do 5 pulls-ups :D

    April 1: 160 lbs (yay water weight :/ starting off rough due to BIG Easter dinner and giving in to some Moe's this weekend)
    April 8: 160.9 lbs (wasn't very good about tracking food last week or picking healthy options, refocusing and meal prepping for this week to get back on track)
    April 15: 160.2 lbs (getting back on track, slowly!)
    April 22: 159.2 lbs (I don't think I will make my April goal, so I am aiming to try to just stay under the 160s! I will be traveling for work a bit for the next 3 weeks, so my goal is try to still eat healthy while on the road and still work out at the hotels.)
    April 29:

  • DomesticKat
    DomesticKat Posts: 565 Member
    The weather is finally starting to warm up here around the Great Lakes. We were able to enjoy it this weekend and get lots of walking in. Two weeks until we leave for Costa Rica! I'm excited to see how much progress I can make by then.

    Height: 5'1"
    HW: 195 April 2017
    SW April: 141
    Ultimate goal: ?
    April goal: 135-36.

    April 1st: 141
    April 6th: 140.2
    April 10th: 139.6
    April 17th: 138.2
    April 23rd: 137.4
  • Tryingtogetfitdeb
    Tryingtogetfitdeb Posts: 294 Member
    April 2 64kg (FFS)
    April 9 63.4kg
    April 16 63.9kg
    April 23 64.4kg

    My target this month was going to be 62kg, I think now that this is impossible!! I’ve f***ed up big style this month, I don’t know what’s going on with me, I’ve seriously lost my mojo.