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Is there a link or thread somewhere that lists things to order when eating out. I'm particularly interested in best choices at Indian, Mexican and Chinese restaurants.


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    man if you have pinterest ..look at this ......
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    Thank you!
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    Be sure to check the Launch Pad in the stickies section. There are a few threads in there dedicated to eating out.
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    Thank you. I haven't read the entire section yet. I"ll make time to do it.
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    Is there a link or thread somewhere that lists things to order when eating out. I'm particularly interested in best choices at Indian, Mexican and Chinese restaurants.

    Short answers, too - @sun_cat

    get fajitas without tortillas, rice, beans.
    taco salad without shell, rice, beans.
    tacos and dump the fixings out and eat like taco salad.
    skip the chips and eat guac with a force, or salsa/queso (a little won't hurt, likely) with a spoon, etc.

    extra cheese, salsa (most restaurants don't add sugar), sour cream, and guac will be your friends. And most meats are good, as long as they aren't oversauced. beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, etc. Ala cart can be a good choice some places, or eating "around" things elsewhere.

    ask for steamed dishes, skip rice, and most sweet sauces. Most sauces have some cornstarch or flour for thickening, but if you don't eat a ton and aren't gluten sensitive, you're probably okay.

    I usually get a buffet and eat shrimp (chilled), terayaki sticks (sometimes), and stick with the savory sauced foods, especially the seafood (which does have some carbs, but not as much as I'd eat with a huge plate of rice, etc.)

    I think there are paneer dishes that get recommended. I honestly don't know, as I don't eat it...but there are many dishes that folks recommend.

    I didn't follow the link, but you've probably got a ton more ideas there.
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    Vindaloo is pretty good - a tangy vinegary tomato based sauce on your choice of shrimp/prawns, or choice of meat. Probably more low carb than keto - chicken breast for instance is around 15-20 g carb/dinner then add a raita of yogourt with cucumber on the side for a bit more, and some eggplant bartha - may likely be a full count for your daily carbs ~50 or so.
    (totally worth it ;) )
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    Unfortunately, unless a restaurant provides nutritional information it's hard to know what's best. When it comes to Indian food, I tend to go for Tandoori meats. Traditionally, tandoori meats are marinated in yogurt and spices. So there are some carbs in the yogurt but it's not like eating a 1/2 cup. I just went to a Indian buffet with a friend yesterday and chose various meats, some Tandoori and meats from other dishes. I used serving spoons to drain off most of the sauce and veggies before I put the meats on my plate.

    An earlier poster mentioned paneer dishes, which I love. The paneer itself is relatively low carb and I chose palek paneer. Palek paneer is paneer with spinach. Fortunately, it is my favorite because spinach is low carb and high fiber. I just don't eat as much of it as I used to because I don't know how many carbs are lurking in the sauce. The hardest thing to keep off my plate is the naan, but I did!