Confessions of a Scale Junkie!

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Hello everyone. I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to my scales. I get on the scales first thing in the morning and again before bed. I actually stress out if I'm out of town and can't access my scales. I've traveled with them, stole the batteries out of the remote when the scale batteries died, and worst of all I don't like anyone else to use my scales or move them. This week I've decided I needed to kick the scale habit. I feel like my constant obsessing over my weight is keeping me from losing a 5 pound regain. If I'm down two pounds I eat something I don't need and then I'm back up 2 pounds. I haven't gotten on the scales since Saturday. I think not knowing where I am on the scale will keep me in check. I'm going to try and limit my weighing to once weekly until the end of the year. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.


  • melissaglover5823
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    I completely understand!
  • Trailtramper74
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    Good for you!
  • JamesAztec
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    @loveshoe I completely understand where you're coming from. I never weighed quite as often as you describe but there were many times where it was near daily. I've asked many of my "regular" sized co-workers how often they weigh and most couldn't even tell me the last time. I think us as bariatric patients but so much emphasis on that scale number that it can lead to unhealthy habits.

    I'll be 3 years post op in March and I've been at a healthy size for quite a while now. That's why I vowed not to weigh for the duration of holidays. My goal is to go from Nov 1 to Jan 1. I'm even thinking of not weighing for the entirety of 2018! (That's probably not realistic but we'll see). Our ancestors didn't know how much they weighed and I personally don't think it's a very good measurement of health anyway.

  • Lizakabibbis
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    I completely understand! I weigh just like you - morning and night! My fiance ended up hiding my scales for a month and the withdrawal was REAL. Honestly, not having the scale for the month kept me in check and I ended up losing 7lbs that month. I was like you - I would justify my eating by what the scale was saying. It was CRAZY!
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    Me too, I have decided to not step on the scale until the holidays are over. Although I did slip this morning just out of curiosity and found I maintained for the past week. I was also getting stressed out over the numbers and made the decision to focus on myself more than the number on the scale. It works and I do feel better
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    I've become obsessive about the scale and I don't know how to stop. I weigh myself every single morning.
  • thechadtx
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    I go through spurts. I'll check it twice a day for a week, then I might go a week or 10 days without checking it at all. Of course, I had to go check it once I read this. :D
  • Mandy_1982
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    My weight fluctuates quite a bit, so I only weigh myself in the morning, every couple of days or so.

  • JamesAztec
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    Bariatric Runner Podcast, Ep 3

    I was looking for a topic to post this in and thought this fit. This is Episode 3 of the podcast my girlfriend and I have been working on. Still very raw but trying to deliver some good content for bariatric patients and/or runners. Please give it a listen. Thanks!
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    I weigh in the kitchen. I think everyone should use a scale in there at least once to see what an actual serving looks like, then after awhile, you can measure just by looking. It’s crazy tho, to see what a serving of potato chips really look like...damn.
    My scale is in my closet, I weigh backwards at the doctor, I judge myself on my clothes mostly. Sometimes, pictures, but hell it might just be a bad angle :D
  • fit_chickx
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    four years out and the scale is still my friend. I weigh every morning. I admit I weigh again at the gym. It helps keep me on track and manage any weight gain. It's part of how I maintain my weight.

    If the scale fluctuations are affecting your mood. Then yes, weigh less often.
  • rll22
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    @loveshoe I get it!! When I was trying so hard to get back to the weight needed to qualify I was weighing everyday!!! And now that I’ve been on the pre-op liquid I find myself still weighing everyday, wanting to see how much I loose everyday!! The past two days I’ve lost nothing, which scares me since I’m only drinking three protein shakes, water, sf crystal light!!! I was feeling a bit run down and really tired so I had a boiled egg yesterday (which I’m allowed to have in my pre-op) so idk why no more weight loss? I was hoping to loose about 10 more before surgery but I know it’s fine either way!!! I just need to get out of the daily weigh ins!!! I also only want to weigh in once a week, good luck! 🍀
  • xomichellela24
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    @rll22 I’m freaking totally the SAME ugh 🤷🏼‍♀️ I literally weigh myself more than anyone else of here I think. Or at least more than anyone else admitted? 🤦🏼‍♀️ I weigh myself the second I wake up right after I use the restroom, then after relatively every meal. And again before bed. Sometimes I think about it and I ever so slightly think I might have encountered an addiction? Or maybe a bad habit, but it REALLY helps me to stay accountable! 💁🏼‍♀️ I’m still PreOp and I’m on this exact morning, 16Lbs away from goal weight. I’ve lost 8.5Lbs of my PreOp goal weight. And I’ve competed all steps in my insurance programs requirements for VSG or Gastric Bypass except making goal weight. I was never able to stick to diets before. But I started this Keto lifestyle (don’t want to call it a diet) and I’ve seen more results than I ever have in my adult life. And my theory is, if at the end of the week your loosing 4Lbs, that means your loosing roughly a half a pound a day. SO I LIKE TO SEE THOSE CHANGES! It keeps me away from my Carb cravings. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • loveshoe
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    I'm so still addicted to my scales or any scales. I'm at my mom's and didn't have room in my bag to take my scales with me. The first thing I did when I got to my moms was to get on her scales so I have a point of reference for my vacation. I know her scales are about 3 pounds off from mine and I'm okay with that. It's the not knowing that makes me anxious.
  • Samquentin
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    I've been weighing once a week... but the month of July, with all the trips on the weekends, I have been weighing myself a little more, since I am determined to not gain. It's hard!! Yesterday I weighed at 146, this morning 145... I'm sure part of the gain is from fluid retention, but dang it! I hear "you could gain a few pounds.. you are only up 3 pounds" seriously?? three pounds this week, that I dont put a stop to, and then three pounds next week... 12 pounds a month and in a year i've gained it all back!! NO NO NO....

    so scale junkies unite!
  • littlegibbs62
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    I look at it this way...hey, at least I'm not smoking crack...

    Crack is whack, mkay?
  • loveshoe
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    I look at it this way...hey, at least I'm not smoking crack...

    Crack is whack, mkay?

    Haha, this is going to be my new reply when I get the side eye look when people find out I weight daily.