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Floating in to February: February Weight Loss and Accountability



  • LynnJ9LynnJ9 Posts: 368Member, Premium Member Posts: 368Member, Premium Member
    dblbbl88 wrote: »
    Age: 40
    Height: 5'6"
    Highest weight: 305 in 2008
    Current weight: 153
    Ultimate goal: 145
    February Goal: 150

    That is amazing! Way to stick with it!
  • MaVieEntiereMaVieEntiere Posts: 135Member Member Posts: 135Member Member
    5'0 tall, 30 years old.
    HW: 175+ (2012)

    January 16th: 147lb
    January 23rd: 145.2
    January 30th: 144.8
    Feb 6th: 143.66
    Feb 13th:

    Ultimate GW: 125 to 128lb
    January 31st GW: 143lb
    February 28th GW: 141.5lb
  • lbridelbride Posts: 250Member Member Posts: 250Member Member
    Age: 36
    Height: 5'1"
    Current weight: 128
    Ultimate goal: Around 110-115 lbs
    February goal: 124 lbs

    I have 10 more pounds of baby weight to lose (he's 6 months) and I can't stop eating cookies!
    Also, my bigger pants are getting too big, and I still can't fit into my normal jeans without major muffin top. MMMMM muffins.....

    Eh - just buy smaller pants with higher waist stretchier waist bands ( for me, my body shape permanently changed and I never wore my pre-baby pants again--without any muffin!)
  • EmilyCowlard2016EmilyCowlard2016 Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
    Height: 5'4" Age: 41
    Current Weight: 161
    Ultimate Goal: 135-140
    GW for Feb: 155-156
    Feb 8:

    Just started AGAIN on here for the third time. I can stick to my calorie goals during the week, but loose it on the weekend. Just started doing a few double workouts during the week to counteract bad habits on the weekend. Also started morning workouts at 6am. Hoping it works!
  • AstrueAstrue Posts: 139Member, Premium Member Posts: 139Member, Premium Member
    I am 36 and mom to two young kids. My goal is to get back down 130-135, which is what I weighed at my fittest and strongest about four years ago before I was hit with back troubles and the depression that goes along with it. This is my second month in this group, and I'm going to try to be more engaged. For February, I'd like to drop 4 or 5 pounds. I'm also hoping to add more vegetables into my diet and scale back on fruit (I replaced desserts with fruit). I have a personal goal of earning my blue belt in jiu-jitsu this month, which I think could happen. I'm going to compete in my first (in-house) tournament in two weeks.

    HW roughly, 161
    Feb SW 150.6
    GW February 146
    UGW 130-135

    31st Jan: 150.6
    6th Feb: 149.8
    13th Feb:
    20th Feb:
    27th Feb:
  • jillmkernjillmkern Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    Height: 5'7"
    Age: 52
    2/6- 156.6lbs
    2/14 -

    February goal: 150lbs
    February body fat goal: 22% (currently 23.3%)
    Ultimate goal: Around 145lbs

    Hi! I'm new here - getting under 150 is so difficult for me. I think I look pretty good when I get around/below 153, want to lose more after that for attitude :wink: I live in Florida, so it's almost bikini season again

    I do IF, 500 calories on Monday/Wednesday, and try to stick around 1300-1500 the other 5 days, so my weigh-ins will be Thursday, because that's my favorite day to weigh myself. I usually wake up after a fast day with lots of energy and low appetite, so I go for a morning run, then weigh myself after. I eat and drink a lot - so the IF helps keep me with water, broth, tea, and La Croix instead of wine or beer, and serious portion control resetting a few days a week.

    I'm doing the 30 day push-up, plank, lunge challenge (it's just a calendar; 10 of each first day, and add 1 per day to that for 30 days) so I'm hoping to firm things up this month as well.

    Good luck to all of you! Nice to meet y'all
  • annepan001annepan001 Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    Is there a way to edit a previous post you write? I thought I'd be able to just update the original post, but can't see how to do it :#;) Anyway, here's an update.

    Had a health scare on Saturday - T.I.A. (transient blood clot affecting my sight) which had me in A&E. Maybe related to the headaches/migraines I had last month, plus some palpitations the last couple of weeks, all of which I assumed were due to the physiological changes going on because of the intermittent fasting. Maybe there's more to it than that. Still under investigation, but have been given the go ahead to carry on with usual exercise, though I've just been doing a daily walk plus an hour or so of yoga since then. Hope to get out for a jog perhaps tomorrow if the ice clears from our track, and assuming all is well, next step will be strength workouts in the gym. Weight / waist both heading in the right direction, which surely has to be good for my health!!

    5'2" tall, 58 years old.
    HW: 160 (June 2016)
    Ultimate GW: 119 to 120lb (I think ... will see when I get there?!)

    January 1st: 131 lb
    January 30th: 127.2 (January weight loss 4 ish lbs)
    Feb 6th: 125.4
    Feb 13th:
    Feb 20th:
    Feb 27th:
    February 28th GW: 123lb
  • dblbbl88dblbbl88 Posts: 800Member, Premium Member Posts: 800Member, Premium Member
    Age: 40
    Height: 5'6"
    Highest weight: 305 in 2008
    Current weight: 153
    Ultimate goal: 145
    February Goal: 150

    As of Today: 150.4 :)
  • AnniebotnenAnniebotnen Posts: 332Member Member Posts: 332Member Member
    Height 5’6”
    Original SW 172# (1/2014)
    Original GW 145# (reached 10/2014)
    Post holiday weight 1/2019 148.75#
    February goal. 145# - moving avg 145#

    2/1/19. 145.5# - moving avg 147.7#
    2/8/19. 144.5# - moving avg 145.9#

    Caught a bad cold and don’t feel like eating much of anything other than fruits. Not the best way to lose weight....
  • Niki_FitzNiki_Fitz Posts: 932Member, Premium Member Posts: 932Member, Premium Member
    Late but here!

    2/1 133
    2/8. 131.9

    I’m still in beat-myself-up mode BUT trying my a** off to quit it.

    On the good side my cals and workouts were more on point this week. I’m keeping junk food in my life, but it has to be completely worth it, and fit my cal goals. Have to keep trucking here and keep making the little wins again.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend lined up. <3
    edited February 2019
  • shubby30shubby30 Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
    shubby30 wrote: »
    Height 5ft 7in
    Weight Jan 1st : 149 lbs
    Weight Jan 31st: 140 lbs
    Goal weight : 128 lbs
    Body fat: 28.5
    Body fat goal: 20
    Body fat goal for February: 24

    Goal weight for February: 132 lbs

    Diet on point. Getting regular with strength training workouts 5-6 days a week

    Feb 1st: 140
    Feb 8th:
    Feb 15th:
    Feb 22:
    Feb 29:

    Feb 1st: 140
    Feb 8th: 137.3
    Feb 15th:
    Feb 22:
    Feb 29:
  • EmilyCowlard2016EmilyCowlard2016 Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
    Height: 5'4" Age: 41
    Current Weight as of Feb 6: 161
    Ultimate Goal: 135-140
    GW for Feb: 155-156
    Feb 8: 161
    Feb 15:
  • brittlb07brittlb07 Posts: 249Member Member Posts: 249Member Member
    2019 SW: 146 lbs
    UWG: 118-120 lbs
    lbs to go: 15 lbs

    Jan 31st: 138 lbs

    Feb 1st: 137.8 lbs
    Feb 4th: 137.6 lbs
    Feb 10th: 135.6 lbs
    Feb 18th:
    Feb 25th:

    February Goal: 134 lbs (-3.8lbs)
  • rianneonamissionrianneonamission Posts: 815Member Member Posts: 815Member Member
    A very late reporting of my Wednesday weigh-in. I was up slightly, but I was very bloated. I have since had a few good days food wise (even if one of them was down to a migraine – I get very nauseous) and have whooshed over the weekend so am feeling positive about this coming Wednesday’s weigh in. I’m feeling good!

    We have just booked a last minute holiday, leaving on the 26th of Feb, meaning that that will also be my last weigh in for the month. We’re going all-inclusive so I have to lose some weight beforehand. The gym at the resort looks good so I’ll be packing my gym kit to get a few workouts in! Especially because we come back on the 5th of March, I am working the 6th and 7th and am then off for a long weekend to Ljubljana in Slovenia with my best friend.

    Height: 5'10"
    HW: 183lbs (Fri 24th March 2017)
    SW February: 163.8lbs (30th January weigh in)
    Ultimate goal: Around 150lbs
    February goal: 160-161lbs
    February body fat goal: sub 26%

    30th Jan: 163.8lbs – Body fat 26.4% (Moving Average 164.9)
    6th Feb: 164.4lbs – Body fat 26.5% (Moving Average 165.1)
    13th Feb:
    20th Feb:
    26th Feb:

    @Anniebotnen Nice drop in your moving average. Hope you feel better soon!

    @Astrue Good luck earning your blue belt. Am rooting for you! Nice progress on your loss so far too.

    @JRIV60 Well done on hitting your lowest weight yet. The toning from strength training is a good focus. It really does change our bodies for the better!

    @shubby30 Be careful you don’t overestimate your body fat goal for a month. 4.5% is a huge drop, even with the 8lb weight loss goal. I think your focus on fat loss is great, but wouldn’t want you to be disheartened. I do weight training and in January I lost just shy of 5lbs, which only equates to approx. 1% body fat. Especially when you are eating in a deficit you will, unfortunately, burn muscle too. The weight training helps preserve as much muscle as possible, but doesn’t prevent muscle loss. Nice drop in the first week though!

    @hmkiesel Happy birthday for last week! Hope you had a fab day!

    @brittlb07 Excellent progress!

    @LynnJ9 Any loss is a loss. Don’t ever tell yourself off for bingeing. As long as you are in control (e.g.: You have a binge, then get back on plan) then there is nothing wrong with an occasional binge. You weren’t ‘off course’, you simply had a little blip. If you had been ‘off course’ getting back in to good habits would have been much harder!

    @lbride I’m sure it’s mostly water weight. A few healthy and sensible days should take care of that quite nicely!

    @caitjsull It’s so easy to fall in bad habits in the situation you describe, but think of it this way: Is a job you hate (or one that is stressful) worth not looking after yourself? Screw the job, prioritise yourself! I feel you on the laziness front, I am the exact same. However, I have found that a little bit of meal prep actually makes my life easier, allowing for some acceptable laziness in return!

    @HoneyBadger155 Getting back to strength training alongside your cardio is probably the biggest thing. You’ll get there again!

    @PhoebeLou333 @susanpiper57 @cyclefaster @EmilyCowlard2016 @jillmkern Welcome!

    @Crafty_camper123 You’ll be fine with the 8 mins I’m sure but yes, runger may rear its head!

    @MaVieEntiere Nice drop!

    @annepan001 You can only edit within one hour of posting. After that you can’t. Sorry to hear about your health scare. Definitely dropping your body fat, especially around the waist, will be good for your arteries. That, and general cardio for blood flow. It must have been very scary, especially if it affected your sight. Hopefully your healthier regime will sort you right out.

    @dblbbl88 Nice progress so early on!

    @wellnesschaser Don’t beat yourself up, you’re doing very well!

    edited February 2019
  • caitjsullcaitjsull Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I think i has a good amount of superficial weight last week from the weekend, but still feels good!

    Age: 30
    Height: 5'5"
    HW: 154 lbs
    SW: February: 154 lbs
    Ideal/Overall Goal: 123 lbs
    February Goal: 147 lbs

    Feb 4th: 154 lbs
    Feb 11th: 148.4
    Feb 18th:
    Feb 25th:
    Feb 28th:

    caitjsull wrote: »
    Hi - back on MFP for like the 12th time! Job I hate, a move, general laziness and a social life of dining/drinking out has lead to my highest weight, probably ever. There may have been a time in college that was worse but I avoided the scale like the plague. Here's to recommitting!

    Age: 30
    Height: 5'5"
    HW: 154 lbs (NOW)
    SW: February: 154 lbs
    Ideal/Overall Goal: 123 lbs
    February Goal: 147 lbs

    Feb 4th: 154 lbs
    Feb 11th:
    Feb 18th:
    Feb 25th:
    Feb 28th:
  • lbridelbride Posts: 250Member Member Posts: 250Member Member

    SW: 135
    Short term GW - 130 by Feb 1
    GW: 125 - by March 31

    01/01 - 135
    01/02 - 134
    01/06 - 133.5
    01/13 - 132
    01/20 - 130.5
    01/28 - 130
    01/31 - 130

    02/04 - 132
    2/11 = 132.5

    Yikes, scale is going the wrong way--but most mornings I was around 128, so not concerned; but I need to get ahold of my weekends, but I simply refuse to watch what I eat. If I could even "stick" to my plan (or not ignore it entirely) for 2 out of the 4 weekends I'd be good to go. No problems during the week.

  • rianneonamissionrianneonamission Posts: 815Member Member Posts: 815Member Member
    Bloated today, just over a 1lb up. Fingers crossed it shifts overnight!
  • buckscomombuckscomom Posts: 6Member, Premium Member Posts: 6Member, Premium Member
    Now I see that there is a different thread every month! Good idea, keeping it fresh. So here are my stats - my desire is to meet my goal by my birthday late March (the big one), and to ramp up my fitness. Have also been meditating, as mind and body go hand in hand :)

    Age: 59
    Height: 5'9"
    HW (in 2015 when I first started MFP): 168
    LW: 152.3 (in 2016)
    CW: 156.1 (recent low, have not weighed in today!)
    GW: 153
    Feb GW: 155
    Workouts: Yoga 2-3x week (intense); Stationary bike 30 minute HIIT sessions 2x week
    Plan to add some arm weight work, specifically for my triceps

    edited February 2019
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