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  • drea2011
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    Made chickpea tuna for the first time this week. It. Was. AMAZING!!!!!! Especially when you let it sit overnight and the onions and celery infuse with flavor. I use vegan mayo and Dijon mustard
    fitphoenix wrote: »
    April 9

    Exercised: 31K steps (including 24 minutes run/walk intervals)
    Calories: Yes
    Tracked: Yes

    @AmyHammons1, what did you use as vegan "tuna"? (I am a curious vegetarian.)

    @victorious55, that sounds like an awesome day yesterday! I feel like I've been getting better about portion sizes and not overeating this year, but I know that celebrations have been a challenge for me in the past. (Sometimes more like that "cheat day where all restraint is thrown to the wind".) I hope that I will be able to follow your example over Easter and enjoy within limits and therefore without regret. :)
    @fitphoenix I use 1 can of northern beans, 1 can of chickpeas ...smash those sucks up with a potato masher or processor. Mix in a little veganaise, onion, celery, and smoked paprika. Serve on a bed of salad or bread. So yummy! =)

  • loopydo2017
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    Yes x3. Still feeling pretty awful today. Managed a 20 minute Leslie Sansone video this morning. Heading to bed nice and early.
  • emilysusana
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    Exercise; yes, 5 mile run
    Calories: yes
    Tracked: yes
  • AbandondedKSCharger
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    Let's look at what a Pass Day is and what it isn't:
    1) it can be a welcome tool to use for family gatherings; special events; anniversaries; birthdays and more
    2) it can be planned ahead of time and used with delight, or
    3) it can be a wild card for a blooper in a day's calorie intake
    4) it can be break from the pressure of tracking
    5) Most important of all, it's a way to help you develop the healthy habits of tracking your intake; consuming less than your chosen limit of calories: and encouraging at least 20 minutes of more of daily exercise

    A Pass day is not:
    1) some sort of mortal sin
    2) something to be ashamed about
    3) it's not a cheat day in which all restraint is thrown to the wind.

    We all need balance in our lives and 3 Pass Days per month, seems to be a helpful way to accomplish that.

    Thank you for that reminder Rick. Much appreciated
  • tinacuso
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    April 9
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes, 40 minutes on elliptical
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
  • hansep0012
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    Exercise -Yes, treadmill 30 minutes
    Tracking - Yes
    Calories / Yes
  • _JeffreyD_
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    Exercise - yes, walked
    Calories - Yes
    Tracked - Yes
  • bridgettesaunders7
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    Ironic that today’s message was about pass days. Taking my first today.
  • HWinCS
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    Under calorie goal. Logged everything. 2hrs excercise today
  • krea4
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    edited April 2019
    Success days vs pass days (4:5)

    Exercise? 4hr 10 mins hike Climbed Skiddaw in the Lake District (280-931M)
    In budget? Yes
    Everything tracked? Yes
  • alexis1616
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    Exercise - Yes - 2 and a half hour Glutes and abs session
    Calories - Yes
    Tracked - Yes
  • 13ecca4
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    Daily post:
    April 9
    Track: Yes
    Under: No
    Exercise: 1 hour stable duties