Week 2 Weigh In - May 13

cxwhit3 Posts: 293 Member
Challenge Start Weight:
Challenge Goal:

Week 1:
Week 2:

A positive thought for the week:
Healthy snack or meal:
Best workout this week:


  • cxwhit3
    cxwhit3 Posts: 293 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 178.2
    Challenge Goal: 165

    Week 1: 180.3
    Week 2: 178.9

    A positive thought for the week: Made it through the week! Keep going!
    Healthy snack or meal: Hardboiled eggs, string cheese, and fruit for lunch (my new standard lunch)
    Best workout this week: Clearing out our storage units (Yay! That's done)
  • leonadixon
    leonadixon Posts: 475 Member
    Start Weight:200.8 (January 2018)
    Challenge Start Weight:192.2
    Challenge Goal Weight:180

    Week 1: 192.4
    Week 2: 191.4

    A positive thought for the week: Happy Mother's day!
    Healthy snack or meal: trying to get those veggies in
    Best workout: trying to walk more
  • meganpettigrew86
    meganpettigrew86 Posts: 349 Member
    Challenge Start Weight:78.1kg
    Challenge Goal:66kg

    Week 1:78.3kg
    Week 2: 77kg

    A positive thought for the week: baby blues have passed.
    Healthy snack or meal: omletes
    Best workout this week: back into muay Thai my obsession
    The loss looks better than it is due to water retention but hey ill take it.
  • poeciliareticulata
    poeciliareticulata Posts: 110 Member
    Original start weight: 158
    Challenge Start Weight: 134
    Challenge Goal: 130 and sub-35 min 5k

    Week 1: 133 and 36:28
    Week 2: 133

    Comments: No running this week. Started an archery course on Saturday and went for an 11km walk on Sunday (my usual running days) then got hit by a sickness bug and have been completely wiped out all week. So probably no running this week either. I find it really, really hard to maintain any kind of deficit when I am not active (and I have definitely not felt up to even walking this week), even when on the post-sickness Beige Food Diet. So I have been eating at maintenance or thereabouts.
  • gesundundmunter
    gesundundmunter Posts: 198 Member
    Start Weight: 260.0 (Jan.. 2014)
    Challenge Start Weight: 242.0
    Challenge Goal: 235.0
    Week 2: 245.8

    A positive thought: A new opportunity each day.
    A healthy snack/meal: Oatmeal raisin cookies.
    My most effective workout this week was: Hauling my luggage on even ground and on stairs.

    Comment: I traveled the last 4 days out of 5, on the road 10-12 hours per day. Took my cool box and whatever eat-in on the road.