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  • gewel321
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    @NovusDies I think we all should have had a plan. I did the same thing! Today is a new day and it will be better!!! One slip day does not devalue all the hard work that has been put into all the good day!
  • It’s definitely not about perfection.
  • papayahed
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    It has been one of those days! Busy and stressful at work. All day long I was whining about working out, but I went. On the way home I stopped at the drugstore to get batteries for my food scale, I passed the chip aisle, the candy aisle, and finally the pop aisle. I thought about it for a minute but left with only batteries. It was around 7 pm by this time soooo.... fast food seemed an easy choice BUT! I went home. I got home and the smoke detector was doing its final death beeps. Of course the batteries I just bought did not fit. Back out in the cold to the drugstore. I passed the candy aisle, passed the chip aisle, and passed the pop aisle. This time I stopped and though about it. Driving home I passed the same two fast food places but I made home with only batteries.

    The fates tested me today my friends!

    Probably because Mercury is in retrograde.
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    You did good! should be pleased!
  • merph518
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    Sneak out at lunch and get a new pair? ;)
  • papayahed
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    Lol. Good problem and bad problem. Can you just take off the jacket? OR and my personal choice...act like you did it on purpose and walk around like the Queen/King of fashion. (Sorry, as I wrote this I realized I'm not sure your gender- not that it matters)
  • so this 20W suit pants are swimming on me, I have to hike them up under my bra. I dug around this morning and found an 18W suit pant and it fits (little large in the butt/leg but I can get them over my belly. Great. I put on my suit jacket and off I went. Then I get to work and see that the pants are navy.....not black like I thought (suit jacket is black, blouse is black and white, boots are is

    sigh.....I have 7 meetings today so I cannot just stay hidden in my office! I would laugh if it was someone else so I have to share to let others get a giggle in at me.

    Great NSV’s.

    What’s wrong with black and blue. I’m sure it could be worse. I wouldn’t give it a second thought. We worry way to much about what others think. You rock it!
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    I made it through! I don't have a lot of shopping options near work, much less to find suits in Womens sizes (I am female). Plus I don't spend money on clothes unless I'm in dire need. I can afford to and I'm grateful for that, I always hated it even when smaller and wished I was someone that did care about fashion/clothing but I don't have that gene). Even taking the jacket off wouldn't help. I will have to go through the closet and pull things out into a better lit room and rearrange it all. It was funny, glad to share silly stuff instead the heavy stuff I have been. :-)
  • merph518
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    Keep it up @gewel321, you're doing great.
  • Huge NSV’s @gewel321

  • Jackie9003
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    I feel like I've got my mojo back, at last!
    This week has been good for deficits, and although I haven't seen the low on the scale that I had in August I'm down 2lbs since the 1st of the month so with a steady loss another 1.5lb will pass that low number as part of the process rather than it being a fluctuation.
    I haven't been hungry or had any cravings on an evening this week too and looking back I think the struggles over the past 2 months have all been stress related. I'm still a bit frazzled but it's calmed down considerably now.
  • maybe1pe
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    Today (or the last few weeks of "todays") have been... alright...
    Last week I took my deload week (I do one every 8 weeks) and took the full week off lifting/exercise. Sometimes I will continue to workout but do less weight, less sets, less reps, but last week I just wasn't feeling it so I didn't.

    From 10/25-11/1 I purposefully overate my TDEE (part of my deload/biet break strategy) I was eating roughly 3500-4000 calories daily. It was honestly fun at first, and then it just got tedious and tiring. So I'm glad I'm back to my normal amounts of food.
    I haven't weighed since then, my scale batteries decided to die and I haven't been to the store to get more, but everything is fitting the same, if not looser. I feel like I had a giant water weight drop from the decreased exercise and increased food and less overall stress.
    I'm not worried either way.

    Workouts were great this week. More energy, less DOMS after the fact.

    Non-fitness: I LOVE to travel. But also really have so much anxiety around travelling. It's mostly things like worrying I'll miss my flight or not be able to find my gate or forget something I needed or something ridiculous which has never happened to me and yet I somehow still always worry about.
    I leave in 2 weeks and will be gone for a full month. The amount of worry I have about forgetting things or forgetting to bring my mom things she will need for my fur babies, it's just ludicrous. I always give my mom one of my credit cards when they stay with her in case something happens and they need the vet or need food or need whatever so I know realistically even if I forget something they'll be fine. And the same goes for me. If I forget something there's really nothing stopping me from going to get it... it's just... idk. dumb. I know it's dumb lol.

    I've written out lists... so many lists. Lists for packing my stuff, my dogs stuff, lists of things I'm having shipped to my friends house for while I stay with her, lists of things I need to get together around the house before leaving, lists for the people watching my house while I'm gone, lists for my co-worker who will be covering my job while I'm gone, lists for my boss who will also be covering parts of my job while I'm gone... ugh... so many lists.

    I just need to keep picturing palm trees and beaches.
  • hansep0012
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    My favorite beach - Laguna Beach, California.
  • maybe1pe
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    hansep0012 wrote: »

    My favorite beach - Laguna Beach, California.

    I have yet to go there! It looks lovely. I went to California for the first time last year, mostly Napa Valley and San Francisco and did love it, but no beaches.
  • papayahed
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    oh my gosh, y'all. I have a bar of chocolate in the house. It's been here for for almost 6 hours and hasn't been touched. It's not my favorite but it's my first step in bringing sweets in the house and having them in moderation.
  • maiomaio71
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    @papayahed well done! Smart move to not have your favourite in the house first time. 😁😁