How did you choose your "target weight"?



  • sx45
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    I used to be 165 lb and then lost it down to low 120s like 123-125, but recently gained back a lot of weight to around 135-138 lb. I'm 5 ft 5. My goal right now is that 125 area cause it put me in the middle of my healthy BMI range.
  • katsheare
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    I'm currently aiming for 57kg, again pulled out of the 'middle of the BMI-range' hat, but I'll also be talking to my doctor about what I should be aiming for. It'll ideally be a 3-kg range either side of that (no lower than 54, no higher than 60), I'm mesomorphic as well so just one weight is as likely me winning the lottery (I don't buy lottery tickets, you see...) 5'4", nearly 42-year-old who prefers the no-equipment sorts of exercise entirely because of convenience.
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    Well I always been a big boned girl. (For all of you who say "no such thing!! That's a nice way of saying fat" bullcrap I'm living prove.) I'm six foot two, with a large frame skeletal frame. . . .

    You are absolutely correct. There are small, medium and large bone frames.
    An easy (approximate) way to tell - take your middle finger and thumb and encircle the largest
    part of the opposite wrist.
    If your finger & thumb overlap - small boned (frame)
    If your finger & thumb just touch - medium boned (frame)
    If your finger & thumb do not touch - large boned (frame)

    Or a person can measure.

  • canadjineh
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    My pinky and thumb just touch. Also you can measure the distance between the two trochanters at the end of your elbow when bent at 90 degrees. That measurement doesn't change no matter how fat or slim you are.
  • ang82much
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    I've got an ongoing graph plot with a target range blocked out of 50-53kg. I'm slightly above the box right now (thanks, Christmas), so want to get back to the middle (I'm 5'3").
    Historically i've yoyo'd between normally 62-54, then 3 years ago i gradually crept up to 71 and had a massive diet effort to get down to 50 in 2018. So being under 54kg is a new novelty at age 51 and i love it!! So now 53 is now the most i want to be. I actually got to 48 for a short time in 2018, but started to be too skraggy then, so 50 is my minimum (doubt i'll ever get there, and don't want to) and 51.5 is the dream really, allowing for wiggle room. But yeah, composition is important and i do weights regularly, but plan to ramp it up a bit this year once this next kg is gone.
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    sardelsa wrote: »
    I don't have a goal weight, more goal body composition within a weight range.

    Same here. I got to my goal weight but didn't have the body composition I wanted so now I'm going for 19-20% body fat. First goal is to get under 25% body fat. I've never been that low.
  • jacksmom517
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    142 = I LOVE ME (1 letter word, 4 letter word, 2 letter word. I stole this concept from Mr Rodgers). My happy range where I like how I look, feel great working out/running is 140-144. Started using waist circumference to measure progress and I took note of the weight I am at a waist circumference I feel good at and lets me eat pizza (140-144). I have been overweight, and underweight. I am 5'7". I gave up focusing on the outside- depending on which exercise class I am in, I can be self conscious about being too big/muscular or too little/thin. I am strong and my muscles, scars, and not-always-flat mommy tummy tell a story of a life living the road less traveled, that the scale never will reflect.
  • AquaMeow
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    I chose it from what is healthy for my height and small body structure. 120 is just a cool number and a healthy weight for me...but my body loves being 150-160. Its annoying
  • ShredWeek1
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    125 to 130. I got to that number by eating lots of veggies/some fruits, moderate amounts of whole grains and adequate protein. I find that the healthier I eat the more naturally the scale drops and the better I feel. So, while that's the number it is really the feeling I get when I do the right things to get to that number!

    BTW, please friend me! My food diary shows me in my calorie range but not healthy eating!
  • kardsharp
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    When I was in my 20's I weighed 115/120 pounds. I am 60 now and I weigh 145 pounds (well 141.2 today). I am fortunate that I carry it well so, most people don't believe I weigh that much. I am 5'4" and I am choosing 130ish as my goal weight. I will tweak that as I get a little closer. Too thin and my wrinkles would be too obvious. For me this is more about staying active & enjoying life than being thin.
  • SummerSkier
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    Everyone is different. It's not just weight but overall health and athletic ability (running and riding) for me. And guess what, it can change over time also. I rarely weigh myself now after maintaining for over 2 years but when I was losing back in 2017 I hit my goal and while I was increasing cals slowly I kept losing. Then I ended up with the Flu in early 2018 and for the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE I was below 100 pounds. Well I am sure when I was a child I was but I don't recall weighing back then. LOL. And it was very freeing to wake up and realize I wasn't trying to lose weight anymore. I do not have anorexic or body dismorphic tendencies so I could see that this was the very low end for me. Anyway, it was interesting that in order to find the "weight" that felt best for me I had to go below it for a little bit not intentionally to find where I had to be ... Not recommending this to anyone but just relating my story.
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    @Cocoabean01, I'm a lolipop or an apple too 🍎 @kardsharp, I'm 65, I don't want my wrinkles to show too much either.👵🏽 I'm 54.5 kg/120 lb now. My GW is 50 kg/110 lb which is in normal range for my 5'1'' height with medium frame.
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    @ShredWeek1 , I sent you a friend request.