This is a very sad week for me

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I am sure others have lost someone dear to them around this time of year. Last year I lost my brother in law. He and I were cut from a similar cloth and I loved him dearly.

But it is good that I am so sad. It means he has lived a life worth being sad over and he did. He has made an indelible mark on my life. He was far from perfect but he was great. I miss him. Selfishly I feel robbed because I am so much more capable of doing things with him than I was this time last year.


  • What is remembered, lives. I wish you comfort and peace in your grief.
  • merph518
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    That's rough, hang in there ND.
  • bmeadows380
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    I'm sorry; the grieving process is tough. But I'm glad that you have good memories to fall back on, and can remember the good times.
  • Jackie9003
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    I know you don't do them but *hugs*
  • maureenkhilde
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    The sweet and good and what I refer to the funny memories we have of those who have passed away. Are so often what can make life tolerable for us. Sometimes sharing good memories with others that knew that person, can make you feel renewed. I am sorry for your loss of someone that meant so much to you.
  • maiomaio71
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    Hope that you've gotten through this week ok. Enjoy the memories of good times together 😁