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  • Chinkiri
    Chinkiri Posts: 1,121 Member
    23rd August
    Yes x 3
  • jules7890
    jules7890 Posts: 145 Member
    I exercised for an hour walking 2 miles. I tracked everything and was under calorie content today🌠
  • Hulya_79
    Hulya_79 Posts: 451 Member
    August 23

    Exercise: Yes, 1 hour and 20 mins hiking
    Calories: Yes, but I ate some of my exercise calories
    Tracked: Yes
  • idmalone
    idmalone Posts: 66 Member
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?

    Yes to all three but I was huuuuuuuungry today so I let myself eat right to the limit.
  • Jana_2020
    Jana_2020 Posts: 1,046 Member
    I was still hungry after all 3 meals today and ended up caving to a bedtime snack. Although relatively healthy (but excessive) it did put me over - so Pass Day #3.
    We have 8 days left for this challenge - hoping to still be in that Winner's Circle. Let's do this everyone!
  • SuziQ113
    SuziQ113 Posts: 1,520 Member
    Taking a pass day. Snacked after I closed my diary and I know I went over, but did not track those snacks. All were healthy - just too much. :smile:
  • juliemouse83
    juliemouse83 Posts: 6,663 Member
    Pass day 1 for me. I exercised, and came under but was way too lazy to log.
  • juliemouse83
    juliemouse83 Posts: 6,663 Member
    (As a disclaimer, I only ate one meal and there is now way it was more than 1700 calories, lol)
  • alaskamutts278
    alaskamutts278 Posts: 485 Member
    Aug 22 - pass
    Aug 23 - pass
    I took the weekend off from everything (except social distancing). I've officially exceeded my pass days. I'll log in with training days from here on out, it's good to keep in practice.
  • readyornot1234
    readyornot1234 Posts: 1,027 Member
    Sunday, 8/23

    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: Yes, walk-golf 2+ hours

    Pass days to date - 4
  • MadisonMolly2017
    MadisonMolly2017 Posts: 10,804 Member
    Aug 23
    Under by 118 (which is amazing given no real exercise calories compared to normal!)
    Tracked all
    Unhealthy air 24 hrs limited my walk 💨
    However I did walk around indoors for 30 minutes!! 🚶‍♀️

    Staying positive.
  • RangerRickL
    RangerRickL Posts: 8,469 Member
    @MadisonMolly2017 I'm circling back to see you!!
    BTW: there has been a really big drop off in posting in the last few days. I guess that is about normal.
    I'm glad you are here!!
  • MadisonMolly2017
    MadisonMolly2017 Posts: 10,804 Member
    @MadisonMolly2017 I'm circling back to see you!!
    BTW: there has been a really big drop off in posting in the last few days. I guess that is about normal.
    I'm glad you are here!!

    Thank you @RangerRickL
    I noticed that when I was posting for the last few days. (Too busy checking out CalFire’s updates & checking the air quality!)

    I noticed the drop off - quite sudden. I’m never leaving Rick.

    I would have sworn in a court of law I’d posted the last few days. I guess I was more stressed than I realized. Now, the fires seem more under control - they were able to use helicopters to drop water& planes with retardant!.
    Was scary the past 48 hours as the weather report was indicating good possibility of more dry lightning (which caused most of these fires in the first place). Everyone was worried about new fires. Luckily, none of it materialized!!!

    Thank you for circling back! I’m working hard to hit Aug 30 with just my current 2 Pass Days. That will be my 1000th Day MFP Streak! Aug 31 will be 2 years of Maintenance for me (avg monthly weights between 159.5 & BMI < 23.9!!!!!

    Thank you Thank you!!

    As I always say MFP (and thus you) are my Lifeline. Forever Grateful

    🌸💞😃 Maddie
  • cjane917
    cjane917 Posts: 688 Member
    Yes x3
    Still super busy with longgg days in teacher prep so didn't close my diary til after midnight. But was under and exercised.
  • amandaross887
    amandaross887 Posts: 229 Member
    Pass day!
  • heffalump2014
    heffalump2014 Posts: 89 Member
    Pass day ! First family get together after 5 months on the farm for my grand niece”s 21st birthday. No exercise or calorie counting at all 😁
  • BMcC9
    BMcC9 Posts: 4,364 Member
    Aug 23 / 24 catch-up report on Aug 24 thread
  • dsgoingtodoit
    dsgoingtodoit Posts: 803 Member
    24th - over on calories, tracked all as best I could...but eating food prepped by telling ...; did manage to exercise
    25th - had to evacuate. from the path of incoming storms/hurricane..LONG drive...but did track everything, will be exercising, under calorie.... (it's this could change...but so far, so good) Will be able to get back to normal tomorrow.
  • victorious55
    victorious55 Posts: 3,075 Member
    August 23

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes
    Exercise: Yes

    Kitchen Closed: Yes