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    Now to try to mentally change gears and get myself to slow down to maintenance. THAT'S going to be fun to try to get my brain to agree to.....

    I want to hopefully by the end of October be sitting around 215 to give me that 5 lb buffer for water weight fluctuations during November and December, but honestly, I'm not going to push for it. I'll be whatever I'll be at the end of the month, and that's where I'll attempt to maintain at until the new year.

    I am going to go ahead and change my long term goal today, though - new goal: 180 lbs.

    It's just completely mind blowing, flabbergasting, unbelievable, and incredible that I am actually setting that goal - 180 lbs was that big pipe dream, like daydreaming about winning the lottery (even though I don't play the lottery lol) or somehow finding out that Lewis's different worlds really DID exist and finding my own wardrobe to disappear into lol- nice to think about once in a while but never truly ever considered it to be within the realm of possibility. I mean, I never really thought I'd ever see 220 lbs, either, let alone Onederland. And to do it without surgery? I never thought it would happen, really, even when I started into losing weight.

    Just like I never seriously considered I'd get into a size 18, either. I figured I'd be doing well to get to a 22, and yet I've blown right past 22's now, am fully into the 18's and actually flirting with 16's. In another 40 lbs, I might even see 14's!

    Now, though, it makes me wonder - why if I have the willpower to lose a massive amount of weight, why can't I get that willpower to work in other areas of my life that desperately need changed?

    Same reason I applied the tools to other areas of my life but did not apply them to weight loss until recently I suppose.

    Some of it is my "living in a toilet bowl theory." Sometimes you don't realize how much it stinks until you get out of the toilet bowl for an objective view/smell.

    or I've been in that toilet bowl for so long I have no idea how to get out of it lol

    You might be interested to know I did actually send in a contact request form to the company's life resources program. Now I just have to dig up the courage to actually discuss the whole career issue/depression problems with them......
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    Congratulations @bmeadows380 !!
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    Bmeadows I knew you would do it!....I have come to the conclusion you can do anything you set your mind to!...congratulations my friend!...I am so excited for you and so proud of you!....

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    Congratulation @bmeadows380 ! I'm so stinking happy for you!!

    And yes, girl, you have gained so much self confidence and self knowledge from this weight loss journey there's no reason you can't use those tools to help you in every area of your life that brings you down. You have learned just how strong and determined you are. Go out and use that power to make your world a better place!!

    I'm so proud of you!!
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    Congra[email protected]! What an amazing achievement!