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    6/11 - 257
    6/12 - 980
    6/13 - 1149
    6/14 - 1720
    6/15 - 2451
    6/16 - 2594
    6/17 - 2484
    6/18 - 2225
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    Previous Weight 250.6
    Current Weight 253.3
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    June 19
  • izzyred9400
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    Hi everyone,
    Greetings from Paros,Greece.I managed to get here with all the extra forms,& also tests we have to do due to covid.It was so worth it.The weather is hot 29c yesterday.I am enjoying all the lovely Greek food & wine.I love swimming in the sea & there is a pool at our apartment.Every morning I think I will go for a walk early but we often out till the small hours so not managed it yet!
  • izzyred9400
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    My steps,more walking less lying on the beach for me 😏
    6/15 11,366
    6/16 6,986
    6/17 5,112
    6/18 6,285
  • izzyred9400
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    My this & that
    Diet soda
    Water & Juice
    Hot & Cold
    Going out
    I've not been out with my husband since we were here in Greece last September so it's so good to be out every night.No doubt I will pay for it when I return.
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    PW: 216.2
    CW: 215.4
    Not the greatest but better than last week
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    It is time to recruit again :)
    Please encourage your friends to join our amazing group
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    PW 166.9
    CW 165.3
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    For those wanting to respond to each week's This or That posted on Saturdays, go back to the original Saturday posts and use your Snippet tool to grab the chart and then cut/paste it and use the highlight or pen circle feature to mark yours in order to post. Don't use an already marked one for posting. This week's original posting in on page 14 of this chat thread. And FYI...there should be no "BOTH"'s THIS or THAT...not BOTH :wink:

    Here's my answers for this week's This or That:


    I am definitely a carnivore...and depending on the pie, if it's fruity, it could give cheesecake a run for it's money...
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    6/19: 11,167
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    .... And FYI...there should be no "BOTH"'s THIS or THAT...not BOTH :wink:

    Oh, I see! Didn't take note of the title of these. :smile:

    Will do that next time!
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    edited June 2021
    We just got home last night. I hope you all had an amazing week. I am so not ready to come off vacation mode but time to hop on the scale and try not to cringe. lol. It's nice to be back and I will be catching up on all the posts I missed as soon as I am able to. A week gone and its so much insanity.
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    Steps and woah I have alot to catch up on. Please dont kill me.

    7th - 3240
    8th - 2938
    9th - 2410
    10th - 2109
    11th - 2099
    12th - 3906
    13th - 3599
    14th - 3489
    15th - 7241
    16th - 6952
    17th - 6627
    18th - 6442
    19th - 2986
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    Jen_967 wrote: »
    Wednesday weigh-in
    PW: 227
    CW: 227

    Sorry about the late Weigh in. I was on vacation for a few days. Had a wonderful time. But got caught up in a riptide. Ended up with a sprained knee and torn tendon in my leg.


    6/13- 5,274
    6/14- 6,335
    6/15- 8,105
    6/16- 12,262
    6/17- 13,898
    6/18- 4,298
    6/19- 3,270

    Oh man!! I wish a speedy recovery. My boyfriend and I went on a treasure hunt and within the first 20 minutes my foot fell in a hole and I really messed up my knee. Being the trooper I am decided to push through it for the next 10 miles😳. I ended up needing to see an orthopedic surgeon because my right knee was so swollen it looked like I had no knee, it was one big, swollen lump. The fall was so bad though that the swelling actually pushed my meniscus off to the side. Every time I took a step I had a pinched nerve feeling up and down my whole leg. It was rough and took months to feel better. I actually still have quite a bit of swelling but nothing like it was.
    The one thing that I think really helped was Biofreeze. I highly recommend this to everyone. Smells bad but feels amazing! Lol
  • CharmingPassion
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    I love biofreeze. Its one of the few items that has ever worked for me as well. I swear by it. I have it in gel, roll on, and spray. I don't recommend the patches for it though. The thing to be careful of is that it does work really well so be mindful that yes you are still injured and don't over do it just because it feels a bit better. I made that mistake too.
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    June 20 - 7,588
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