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Shrinking Assets - June 2021 Team Chat



  • dew11252
    dew11252 Posts: 82 Member
    Git 'er done in '21 !!!
    Had my first PT visit pre-knee replacements. I knew my knees weren't good but was a bit surprised that my flexion/extension numbers were not better. However, I am back on track! I am going to commit to PT daily (appts 3x a week for 4 weeks), increase my strength so I can recover well from surgery and LOSE some POUNDS! Therapist said using a cane would assist my gait and reduce backpain - - that is NOT the me I want to be. I will do whatever is needed to make these 4-6 very successful. I am 67 so also have Silver Sneakers - I can go exercise at the same place where I have therapy. No excuses - I'm all out of 'em.

    New day (almost), new attitude. It's a decision only I can make and a task only I can complete.
    Git 'er done in '21 !!!
  • dew11252
    dew11252 Posts: 82 Member
    edited June 25
    My knee saga. In the past 10 months I have been caregiver to 2 people who had knee replacements. I spent a month, post surgery, with each. I went to pre-surgery appts with both. I organized exercise checklists for both. I even started doing the recommended exercises. I have all the tools - the pedaler, the roll pillow, etc. I have the knowledge and the background to do what is needed - - just lacking the 'motivation' until today.

    I want to complete both knees this year because 1) it was my new year's goal, 2) my joints are bone on bone, 3) I have bone spurs in both knees as well as behind my knee cap. My x-rays are UGLY (I'm a retired xray tech :).
    My work career was filled with heavy lifting and pushing heavy portable xray machines (not like today's technology).
    Time, life, and weight took a toll on my knees.

    I have been encouraging others in the journey and now I'm at the starting gate! Anyone in the same boat - join me!

    No pain, no gain.
    No time like the present.
    In a month, I can have a month of progress or a month of excuses!
    Git 'er done in '21.

    Keep me accountable!
  • Anniesquats100
    Anniesquats100 Posts: 900 Member
    Pw 165.7
    Cw 167.2

    I guess I need to cut back a little more. Sorry, team.
  • dew11252
    dew11252 Posts: 82 Member
    Pw 165.7
    Cw 167.2

    I guess I need to cut back a little more. Sorry, team.

    You're going the right direction! Claim it!
  • bigblues11
    bigblues11 Posts: 217 Member
    PW 155.2
    CW 156 (+.8 pnds)
    TLD -68 pnds
  • dew11252
    dew11252 Posts: 82 Member
    bigblues11 wrote: »
    PW 155.2
    CW 156 (+.8 pnds)
    TLD -68 pnds

    Tomorrow is another day. You can do this.... do it for YOU!
  • Marni3369
    Marni3369 Posts: 30 Member
    I apologize if this ends up being a duplicate post. I can't find what I thought I posted this morning so...here goes another try.

    PW: 262.4
    CW: 260
  • cre804
    cre804 Posts: 211 Member
    PW 190.0
    CW 190.0
    LTD 47.5

    Could have been worse. On Monday I was up 2.5 due to the Father’s Day weekend sodium fest. It’s been a tough training week and I’m hoping I’m holding a bit of fluid due to that too. Gotta buckle down and do some serious meal prep this week!
  • angelic843
    angelic843 Posts: 299 Member
    UserName: Angelic843
    Weight in week: June Week 4
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW (Previous Weight): 380.6
    CW (Current Weight): 376.8
    This week’s loss: 3.8
    LTD (Loss to Date): 45.4
  • machchic
    machchic Posts: 224 Member
    PW 137.6 2 weeks ago, skipped last week
    CW 138.0

    I am good with that, I hit 142 last weekend, this week refocused. Again I am really trying to maintain between 135 and 140. But closer to 133-138 would be ideal.
  • Nature003Life
    Nature003Life Posts: 37 Member
    good morning/afternoon

    PW: 281
    CW: 281.9

    Im okay with that small gain. This week was a productive week for me. This week I drank a gallon of water or a little more each day. (Other than that being one of my goals, it has been hot.) Did not track and Im okay with that. This week for lunch I made progress. Instead of fries, I got steamed veggies. (When I ordered lunch yesterday that is.) I brought my lunch and snack to work almost every day this week.

    One thing I did notice is I am an afternoon snacker. Snack around 3 pm. One day I brought strawberry greek yogurt to have instead of having some kind of junk food. Don't think my body liked that. Instead of eating junk after the yogurt, I drank water.

    Exercise: Went to the gym. All the machines were being used so I was stuck with cardio. It wasn't working out. Looking for my Shaun T T25 videos. That program is fun and challenging! I love his book and podcast too.

    Have a good day everyone!!!!
  • leni1us
    leni1us Posts: 707 Member
    edited June 26

    Sorry I'm a little late.
  • Be_theBest_Me
    Be_theBest_Me Posts: 709 Member
    Out selling this weekend haven't been on the scale!! Gonna have to skip this week!!
  • SisuMom2019
    SisuMom2019 Posts: 155 Member
    UserName: SisuMom2019
    Weight in week: June Week 4
    Weigh In Day: Friday
    CW (Current Weight): 205.4
    PW (Previous Weight): 207.0
    This week’s loss: 1.6
    LTD (Loss to Date): 52.9
  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 2,901 Member
    The July team chat is open!

    Please continue to weigh in and report this week's steps here. Go to the new chat for introductions, your goals and commitments for the next month, and anything else you'd enjoy discussing. Thanks!

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