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    dew11252 wrote: »
    So sorry - please make me inactive or whatever works so you aren't expecting a weekly report from me.

    Life is just too complicated right now. I am trying to eat better but the scales is not my friend right now. I know I need to attend to my needs but right now my focus needs to be as caregiver to my aunt and getting her back to a place where she can live independently or it's time for the next step. Just too much happening and I can't add tracking, weighing, and my stuff to that list. Right now, life is not about me.

    Sorry for dropping out - hope to be back.

    Take the time you need to get your head back in the game.

    I have asked the MODS to move you to support. This will allow you to come back to the discussion any time you would like. You can rejoin at the start of any month. Just let us know!!’
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    I was just checking out the spreadsheet and saw that there were lots of awesome losses this week! Well done, team!
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    There seems to be a lot of us struggling or moving to support squad for various personal reasons. Just wanted to say it out loud: it’s OK, life is not something that gets paused while we work on weight loss. Life is here, every day, every moment, and takes different turns.

    With that, my weekend plans: intensive napping and watching sports. Some old members might remember my excitement over the annual orienteering race Jukola relay, it’s happening again this weekend after being postponed twice, so it’s the first event since 2019. This year it’s in Lapland and I would have loved to be there in person, but there’s no way I could sit in the car for 12 hours there and 12 hours back, sleep in a tent and take the covid risk with this baby bump. The weather is also, well, interesting - the race was planned for a week before summer solstice, the time it’s traditionally held, and in Lapland the sun shines through the night that time of year. The race was postponed to this weekend, and now it’s already dark for most of the night, so it’s a very different sport. It’s also cold and rainy. I have plenty of friends and family up there and I’ve been napping all day so I can stay up to watch the start at 11PM, the relay is going to take all night.

    In other news, I have only 4 more weeks of work left, and next week marks my 8th month of pregnancy!
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    I was horseback riding Thursday and my legs still have sore spots. So I need to do some yoga this weekend. Other than that, it's a quiet time in my quiet life. I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife. An excellent book! It reads more like romance than sci-fi.
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    partaz wrote: »
    Username: Partaz
    Weigh in day: Saturday
    PW: 222.4

    Well I totally flip flopped this week without my wonderful walks. Now I am higher than when I joined this group. Ugh! This past week even early morning was too hot. I can’t wait till the fall weather kicks in :)

    Me and you both - I have not walked since May or thereabouts and I really missed it. Too hot, so I have been using my elliptical, but it's not the same as walking and enjoying nature

    I find walking very therapeutic and just relaxes my mind, body and soul
    I usually talk out my problems to myself, go over recipes and make up new ones, admire the birds/squirrels and just plan out things in my head. It's my wonder drug
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    I won’t have access to a scale for the next 2 Fridays as I am on holidays from work. I will still check in at some point -but won’t be able to enter a weight.
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    Your WEEK FOUR CHALLENGE is up and ready for you!

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    Here is the link to our September registration page .....Please encourage friends to join our wonderful group :)
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    Hi Shrinking Assets... You have a new member heading your way ....Please welcome @Bhavnasinghal :)
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    You have another new member heading your way ... Please welcome @nycirl2018 :)
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    Welcome to the team @nycirl2018 and @Bhavnasinghal. I’m glad you’re here and look forward to learning more about you and your goals. Wishing you success!
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    PW: 152.0
    CW: 152.8

    So sorry I'm 2 days late. Things got a bit hectic.
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    Hello to the new members!
    Good luck on your weight loss journeys and welcome to the team!
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