Step It Up September 2021 Challenge



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    Well, I blew it. We went on an 11 mile hike and then ended up in town and while I was probably ok on cals I was WAY over on carbs (hi, chocolate lava cake!). I need to be prepared with snacks when I hike. It’s not like I don’t know I’ll get hungry.

    Today will be better.
  • tcunbeliever
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    Another day of poverty calories, all the workouts, and no drinking, huzzah!!!
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    swimmom_1 wrote: »
    8/1/21- 212.0 lbs.
    9/1/21-200 lbs.
    Wanted under 200 lbs by 9/1 but can't complain about a 12 lb loss in a month! Have a NSV of being able to go upstairs alternating steps in the last 3 days. I haven't done that in 5 years, since I broke my leg in 10/15. My goal for this September is to keep myself on track, as I have been and lose 5 lbs. I know the weight loss will soon slow down.

    9/5/21-200.4 lbs
    Stayed on track but had a procedure Monday with a clear liquid prep and it showed on the scale with my last loss and the slight uptick today. Keeping my goal of 195 lbs for Oct 1 and 190 lbs for November 1.

    I did 97 minutes/8 miles on my Elliptical this AM. Got my heart rate up to 140-150.
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    About 10 yrs ago, i was 220 lbs. Researched LC WOE and gave it a go... in 5-6 months i was down to 150. I stayed LC for the most part (with the bad months here and there) until last year i just stopped altogether and sure enough.. the pounds came back.
    On August 6th i stepped on the scale and saw 197... and felt that little click go off in my brain.. you know the one? Where your motivation, dedication and will power go into super power mode!

    I went straight back to IF - one good sized, healthy, high protein LC/LSl meal in the afternoons.. and i continued.. every single day. And still at it..

    Aug 6th - 197 lbs
    Chest: 44
    Waist: 39
    Hips: 49

    Aug. 21st - 186 lbs

    Sept. 4th - 179lbs
    Chest: 41
    Waist: 34
    Hips: 44

    Goal for September: 170 lbs.
  • taylok23
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    Well the Labor Day boredom set in which led to drinks, late night snacks and an overage on calories. Hoping today I can get it together but we still have ice cream in the house. I did have a great day of movement so that balances a bit. Can’t use that as my justification though. I know the scales will show the results of this weekend so I’ll need to re-lose whatever was gained in the last two weeks.
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    baconslave wrote: »
    I just want to gripe that my low-carb wraps are now four-fiddy at the store, so I ain't payin' that! Ridiculous. I guess I won't eat them for a bit. :rage: Deli-meat/cheese rollups are fine but sometimes a girl wants a wrap! :joy:

    I feel ya! Especially since they work well as a pizza crust.

    Hiked the gorge trails at Watkins Glen State Park this weekend and packed less food so happy to report I'm on track with my weekly avg. today will be lovely outside so planning a bike ride after work.

    Considering moving all my workout gear back upstairs. Downstairs is hubby's man cave and I don't like not being able to set things up how I want. I have some space in my sewing room so I'll need work on that this week.
  • taylok23
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    As expected, the long weekend and long work hours gave me a small gain for the last week and a half. I guess my consistency needed some help! I’ll be back at it today so I’m hoping I can get back to a deficit. I’ve been pretty sore from some strength training over the weekend so I’ll take a break after tomorrow and just get some cardio in for the remainder of the week. Football season may trip me up so I need to plan accordingly.
  • baconslave
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    Ok. I may be stuck in the EndGame but ain't got no more time for wallowing and medicating my consternation with food like my beloved Thor. Day 3 of no more booze. Day 1 of getting things under control.

    Gotta relearn how to make good decisions EVERY TIME and to say "No thank you" to Le Grand Saboteur.

  • ccrdragon
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    Ok... I have been on the fence about joining, but i keep ending up back here looking at this thread... so, here I am.

    Sept goals - 350 miles on the bike, 100+ grams of protein a day, 150 or less grams of carbs (net) per day, 10 lbs of weight lost for the month.

    I know that 150 grams of carbs seems high, but I am riding my bike for an hour + most days and I cannot sustain that effort w/o the carbs - I went low on carbs yesterday to make up for the weekend and 2 hours after my ride this morning my blood sugar was 67, so I won't do that again.

    Monthly progress:
    Protein has been good except for one day
    Carbs have been good except for one day (Saturday was an indulgent day)
    Bike - 88.11 miles so far.
    Weight - down 2 lbs in 7 days
  • Ringbearer2
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    Carbs. 33
    Cals. 1512
    Steps. 11384
    Exercise. None, really

    Back on track after the weekend. At least I managed to stay out of the ice cream.

    I have to put on a wetsuit next month..focus!
  • rfsatar
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    HbA1c (mmol/mol): Highest 111 (2017) 118 (2019) Lowest 45 (2017) CURRENT: 48 (2020)
    Carb Goals <100g 🟢 <125g 🟠 >150g 🔴
    Water Goals: MIN: 27oz 💧 MAX: 81oz 💧💧💧

    Tue 8/9
    1) Libre Sensor - Break
    2) Carb Goal <100g 🟢 (79g)
    3) Calories Goal < 🟢
    4) Exercise: Golf Lesson
    5) Water - 27oz 💧

  • tishsmith101
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    Goal 210 mins of activity per week-Week 1 261 mins completed
    Some inflammation showing up on the scale, but otherwise feeling good
  • ccrdragon
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    Protein - 169 grams (grilled chicken is GOOD!)
    Carbs - 140 grams net
    Exercise - rode 16 miles yesterday morning, added 60 slow push-ups (15x4 sets) thru the day

    No ride this morning - work call at 8 so would not have been able to finish in time... have a date with the spin bike later today (also have rain this morning so no outdoor ride).
  • tcunbeliever
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    September Week 1

    food - 6 days poverty and 1 days maintenance - WIN

    exercise - all done, every one, including abs and stretching - WIN

    alcohol - reduce, but not gone, did have some wine over the weekend, and a few "medicinal" shots of whiskey over lucifer's waterfall last week, but man, alcohol is a great muscle relaxer when needed and sleep is more important to me than eliminating alcohol...I did track everything and log everything, so my alcohol intake did not interfere with my nutrition or calorie goals, so that's a step in the right direction for sure...need to step away from the summer vacation mindset and get back to a more focused on fitness brain
  • baconslave
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    Getting on here a little late today. Whole schedule was thrown off as I had to go take a kid to get Covid tested as a friend of one of them tested positive, and my kid is sick. We don't want to have to quarantine from Dad more than necessary. He gets weird when he's alone too long.

    Still doing a-okie dokie. But it isn't the weekend yet and that's always my problem. Preparing mentally for that impending struggle.

    About to lift some weights and then get some sunshine.

  • taylok23
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    Still not being consistent. Yesterday was fine but I under ate throughout the day and decided that I should finish the ice cream to get it out of the house. Ugh, that did not make me feel great. Today was much better but I likely should have hydrated a bit more. I was under on calories so I did what I could. Here’s to better days ahead.
  • ccrdragon
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    Protein -> 92 grams (bit low)
    Carbs -> 161 grams net (bit high)
    Exercise -> no bike (had to be presentable for a video conference @ 8 and then it rained), did manage to get in 100 push-ups thru the day (4 sets of 25).

    Carbs were up because my youngest made cinnamon rolls and I just had to have one... still managed to stay in a deficit for the day which was good.
  • taylok23
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    Decent day in the whole scheme of things even if a bit higher in carbs than normal. I did eat way more than I needed at dinner but was under calorie goals for the day. I had a strong craving for sweets after dinner but didn’t act on it because of being full. A win in my book.
  • ccrdragon
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    Exercise: Rode 16.7 miles yesterday morning and 16.1 miles this morning. Did 180 push-ups thru the day (9 sets of 20) and 3 x 1 minute planks.
    Protein: 149 grams
    Carbs: 139 grams net
    Calories -> right where they should be at 1650.

    All in all, a good day.