70 # to go

Hi all,

Mitch here from Canada, Introduced myself in the first thread.

Want to keep myself motivated, will post pictures of my meals and weekly weigh in.
Highest weight 254#. currently @ 235# for the start of OMAD. 30 years old this year. 5'9".
Struggled to eat the plates worth on the first day. A little better the next, and today my body knew it was eating time its seemed. (12-4pm window) I even broke my fast and hour into the window today.
I have been IF on and off for the past year to get down from the 254#.
Have struggled with seemingly every other type of plan/diet. over the past 9 years.
Also getting alarming warnings from the Doc.. from all my stress eating and binge eating of fast food when I boomerang back.



  • bikesarelife
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    Meals from the past 3 days. Pretty heavy on the carbs as I go through the leftovers.
    I think the middle one would all fit on a plate.. didn’t want a mess with the Japanese curry and the soup haha.

  • LadyBlanks
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    Welcome Mitch and thanks for starting a thread so we all can share in your journey. You are off to a good start. You can do this and we will be here to cheer you and encourage you along the way.
  • mistymeadows2005
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    Welcome!!! Food looks YUMMY 😍😍 Good start and keep us posted 💛
  • Gramercy1
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    Hope all is going well this week -- the meals look delicious. That's amazing about breaking your fast an hour into the window -- I am usually ready to do violence to break my fast :)
  • bikesarelife
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    Haven’t had a chance to take pictures, but still goin good!
  • bikesarelife
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    Didn’t eat the whole container of yogurt 😂. Just was the little bit at the bottom left
  • jadepearl
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    Hi there and a warm welcome! :) Your food photos looks delicious! Good luck with your WL journey!