Shape Shifters Team Chat - DECEMBER 2021



  • jessicakrall8
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    @bearchested Way to maintain, which is NOT easy to do!!! Great job!

    @Pupowl I can relate...very stressful day, so I hope tomorrow is better for you!!

    @frankwbrown Your journey has been amazing so far!!! Thank you for sharing your gave me hope! Nice loss this week!

    @Chalmation WOOHOO awesome loss! WTG!

    @justanotherloser007 I'm going through something similar...spending as much of my free time as possible walking, even with my right heel in pain some days...all of my clothes are feeling different over the past six months...not really seeing much in pound loss, but I'm losing inches like crazy. Wearing clothes I'd bought and stuck in the back of the closet last year because they wouldn't fit over my hips and now they do WITH extra the scale will catch up with us, if we just keep moving forward. Great job this week!

    Weekend here we come!!
  • hipari
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    edited December 2021
    I’m joining the clothing problem brigade… I gained way more weight during pregnancy than necessary, and now I’m losing it pretty fast while my middle is still recovering. Pretty much none of my old clothes fit and my body changes so fast I should probably check my storage weekly for stuff that might fit right now. The one thing I’m most looking forward to is fitting into my old underwear comfortably again. I really don’t want to go buy new regular underwear in a larger size for what is hopefully only a few more weeks, so I’m still in maternity. I have one pair of stretchy jeans that’s one size bigger than my normal pre-pregnancy size, they’re too big but my regular size didn’t zip up last time I tried, and my maternity jeans are falling off me already. I’m not really surprised as I’m still 15-20lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy, but this is still annoying. I’m also really looking forward to my engagement and wedding rings fitting again.

    I did take an intentional step towards recovery and starting exercise again: I signed up for a weekly pilates class that starts in January! It’s a class designed specifically for new moms and you go there together with the baby. That’s more about increasing my fitness level and helping recovery than actual weight loss, though. I calculated I’m already burning about 800 extra calories per day because I produce so much milk, so adding exercise to burn calories isn’t really necessary, especially on top of all the walking to simply go to places.
  • frankwbrown
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    Friday, December week 2
    PW: 227.8
    CW: 226.7 (1.1 lbs; 0.48%)
    LTD: 2.5 lbs (103.3 lbs since 7/10/2020)

    I've been at this since July of last year, starting at 330 lbs. I finally dropped under 230 on November 18th. Now I'm wondering where my maintenance zone should be. I want to continue losing (at 0.5 lbs per week) until I find that magic weight where I have no more than 20% body fat.

    I noticed I was a bit mixed up in my above post this morning. This is what it should have been:
    Friday, December week 1
    PW: 227.8
    CW: 226.7 (1.1 lbs; 0.48%)
    LTD: 1.1 lbs (103.3 lbs since 7/10/2020)

    I'll get it right next time.
  • Pupowl
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    Friday, December 10

    Exercise: no
    Net calories: 588
    Protein: 43
    Steps: 12.926 / 11.000

    Ramblings of the day
    Good morning team. Sadly had to skip another gym session, but I will be back at it next week. Still not the best day for me, though I felt a little better. Thanks for the pings everyone. Happy Saturday <3
  • Pupowl
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    Saturday weigh in
    PW: 196.0
    CW: 194.7
  • Pupowl
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    Those places look lovely to walk in. Congrats on your recent 100 lbs loss, that's amazing!
  • Chalmation
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    12/9: 8,261
    12/10: 11,441
  • jessicakrall8
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    Good morning guys!! I woke up feeling strong this morning...walked for a little over an hour and walked a little over two miles. Can't imagine doing that a while back...feels amazing!

    @Marni3369 Nice loss this week! Wow!

    @KHill875 Great job this week! WTG!

    @Pupowl Another loss today...we're on a roll!!

    @Izzyred9400 Awesome drop for the week! WOOHOO!

    @CasandraW Terrific effort this proud of you!

    @FrankWBrown Got you added to the step challenge...Dec is running from Dec 5th to Jan 1st since we always start the week on a you recorded starting with 12/5. Welcome to the insanity! LOL

    @hipari I know what you mean about the whole clothing thing...I don't want to buy anything new because I'm hoping to see another size drop in pants soon. I'm a little jealous of your jeans comment though...I haven't been able to wear jeans since college MANY moons ago...I've been in stretchy pants for ages. Can't wait to one day be able to buy jeans again. I'm pear shaped so it will likely be a long while before I can do so, but I look forward to that day! Congrats on starting your little one's fitness journey by working out with mom before even talking! Your class sounds like it will be fun and more bonding time with your little angel...

    Hope everyone is enjoying a great Saturday. I'm headed out to run errands. Have fun!
    Jessica :smile:
  • jazzadesigns
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    PW: 214.6
    CW: 215.0 (+0.4)
  • Yukie_OP
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    Saturday weigh-in
    PW: 133.0
    CW: 133.0

    Quick check-in, I have a crazy workload and I've been fighting off a cold so my activity was minimal this past week (steps and exercise). I ordered pre-made health meals for the next 2 weeks in preparation for a busy month.

    Step update:
    12/7 - 6068
    12/8 - 4326
    12/9 - 2919
    12/10 - 6025
  • jessicakrall8
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    @jazzadesigns Teensy little gains are just've got this...I'm sure it will drop next week! Keep on keepin on!!

    @Yukie_OP I had your PW as 133.8 so that was a .8 drop! Good job this week! Hope you feel better soon! Smart decision on the health meals...very smart...what service do you use for that? Is it something online or in your community?

    It is absolutely gorgeous here today, but a little windy...76 degrees...I was out with no coat and had my windows down on the car...wish it would stay like today until April and then jump up to the 80s! Not that I'm picky or anything LOL! :wink:

    OK, gotta go work on some laundry...take care all! Walkers, please check the chart and report in...I like to stay up on keeping the spreadsheet updated.

    Also, missing 9 weigh ins for the week (incl today), so report in before tomorrow...stats start bright and early.
  • jessicakrall8
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    Arc130 wrote: »
    Saturday 11/20/2021 weigh-in
    PW: 205.4
    CW: 203.5

    @Arc130 Nice loss this week!! Yayyyyy! I know you're happy! How are things going? Haven't heard from you in a bit...catch me up on your adventures!!
  • hipari
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    @jessicakrall8 if it makes you feel any better, my jeans are super stretchy and I’m currently between XXL and XL in their sizing ;) maybe one day I’ll buy ”real” jeans, these are kind of stretching the definition of denim… I need to find time to clear my wardrobe, try things on and figure out what is actually fitting me now and what isn’t. Right now I literally have a walk-in wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. My husband starts a 2-week winter vacation after next week so maybe I’ll have some time to deal with my clothing situation then.
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