December 30

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Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?


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    We're coming down to the wire, and New Year's Eve is tomorrow! Wow, where has this year gone?! 🥳
    Please let us know if you're going to be in the Winner's Circle or on the Champion's list for December. We want to celebrate YOU!! :)

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    Well, I’m not in the Winner’s Circle but unless I forget to check in tomorrow, I will be in the Champions circle.

    I’ve been out on my bike – about 45 minutes
    I’ve had breakfast and lunch at home – tracked/logged – OK calorie-wise.

    BUT I’m going away this afternoon to stay in a hotel for a few days over the NY (with friends) so I don’t know how easy it will be to track or stay within my calorie allowance today or the following few days.

    Enjoy your time away @lesdarts180 with friends! Wishing you a very happy new year celebration 🎉
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    @BMcC9 Hopefully you continue to feel good. My husband, Mom and myself all got our boosters yesterday and we are all feeling good. Fingers crossed for you but great strategy to get your exercise done while you still have the energy!
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    No winners circle for me ... probably will end up with a pass day tomorrow since we're going to a friends house for NYE. I'll be fine today since meals are already planned.
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    tahm42 wrote: »
    @mshawski I agree that she seemed clueless. You didn't fit the textbook she was graded on in school. I find many in the medical field have stopped researching and want to give one size fits all answers. You may need to find a nutritionist that specializes vegan diets. They are out there. Being vegan takes you out of the norm... I hate that the medical field has gone to everyone is the same.

    My lipoma was so rare that the pathologist had to comment in his report.

    Just goes to show we aren't the same and should have individual care.

    Thanks @tahm42 - you’ve made me feel less crazy. Lol. ❤️ I actually eat eggs and dairy so I’m just a standard vegetarian not a completely plant based vegan - but the fact that she thinks eggs are part of a plant based diet made me LOL. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
  • LazyBlondeChef
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    @mshawski that doesn't sound right to me at all so I would wonder what her credentials are. Maybe try another one who has an actual degree and perhaps one who specializes in vegetarian or vegan (I thought you were vegetarian not vegan but now I'm not sure). They may be more in tune with your nutritional needs.

    As far as I understand eggs & dairy can be part of a vegetarian diet but presumably "plant based" is the equivalent of vegan but to be honest it's not something I've ever looked into as I am a meat/fish eater and always will be. But my instinct is she is wrong in her statement. She is probably right that cravings don't equate deficiencies even though we humans like to think they do.

    She is wrong about eating back exercise calories ... though I would say only the active ones and also insure that whatever you use to determine those calories accurate because MFP is not.
  • bookieNJ
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    Exercise yes
    Tracking and calories no

    Yes to champion list
    No to winners circle
  • jamcnewman
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    Maryann - I am sorry for your experience today. Personally, I don’t think your reaction is off. Feedback is from my experience with the one dietician that I have ever seen, and who I have been meeting with monthly since August when I started on this wellness journey, MFP, and UAC.

    My immediate reaction is to ask whether she is certified, and by which board or college? Every country is different in this regard, and in Canada, the title “dietitian” is protected by law. “Nutritionist” is a protected title in only three of our provinces and in the rest of Canada, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist (or a nutrition coach, or any other title). Not sure what the situation is in the US?

    I can’t imagine any registered professional being confused about what constitutes a plant-based diet. 😳 My dietician will recalibrate my daily calorie target based on weight change. We haven’t had to change so far (40 pounds lost) as I am still losing an appropriate amount each month. The 1400 a day may need to change when I stall. My protein/carbs/fats are set right now as a standing percentage of the daily calorie total (which does not include exercise calories):
    Protein - 25%
    Carbohydrates - 45%
    Fats - 30%

    I have been encouraged to eat some of my exercise calories IF I am hungry (and preferably as protein to be certain this macro is maxed out, as I personally struggle with doing so). Not doing so (IF I am extra hungry) could lead to a sense of deprivation and a greater risk of a binge. A sense of deprivation, at any time, is not a sustainable approach to wellness — either in the short term and especially in the long term. I like her advice and it is working for me.

    The red flags were going up and my “spidey sense” invoked as I read your post. Others like @ideas2 have been to dieticians recently — it would be great to get their sense as well.


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    ✅ Exercise 1499 mins:- long walk + other exercise
    ✅ Calories:- Under
    ✅ Tracked

    1️⃣ Pass Day left so I will be in Winners’ Circle

    @mshawski - you aren’t at all crazy.
    That doesn’t sound helpful at all. You don’t fit the norm plus some of her info is just plain wrong. Egg/chicken are NOT plant based. The ignorance is staggering for a so called professional.
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    @BMcC9 and @ashleycarole86 — hope you and your loved ones all continue to feel well today and in the coming days as your systems process the booster. We’ve been “boosted” (me back in mid-September due to my immune suppression therapy and my RA); husband a month ago. Our daughter (age 28) got her booster today. 🤞🏻for everyone to be well protected. 🥰
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    No winner's circle.
    Not sure what the champions thing is....

    yes x's 3 for today

    used 5 passes this month
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    Yes x 3 today

    9 pass days
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    @mshawski , I agree with others, she was a waste of time and I'm not surprised you were fed up. I'm under 5'1" and 71 and maintain on 1500 Cal's plus some exercise calories, you could lose weight on more than 1400 easily.
    Not knowing chicken = meat is just ignorant, how can she have any qualifications?
    Move on, get proper advice