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    mulecanter wrote: »
    PW 221
    CW 223.5


    Don't let it get to you!! You will see 4 down the next time you get on the scale!! Drink that 💦💦
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    Morning team,hope you are all doing great ?
    I've been on a sugar binge since the weekend 😩 You know when you gain & think what the hell I may aswell eat what I like !! Well I haven't stopped snacking,there is still stuff in the house I don’t normally buy,left over from Xmas.Normally I can show self control & just eat I piece of chocolate or 1 biscuit.No I ate nearly half a tin of Quality Street & pringles last night as I was alone in the house all evening,I don’t even like crisps ??
    So this morning I got my husband to put them on top of my kitchen cupboard.I can't reach them even with my step stool.
    So maybe the sugar devil 😈 will leave me alone.
    @Pupowl your sunset photos look pretty spectacular to me.The colours are amazing.
    There is a line of pebbles in my local park that people have put there.Its mainly positive messages on them,eg Be kind.Such a good idea,& something creative to do with your Mum.
    @angmarie28 I hope your neck gets easier to move.I used a tens machine in labour,it certainly helped.Omicron numbers are so high here in the UK. I continue to be careful who I mix with & masks are compulsory in shops & public transport but not everyone complies.

    Just burn the sugar!! Build a fire and burn it all!! I swear we are in the same boots!! I feel like burning a whole pan of jalapeno brownies in the fire pit!! Bwhahaha you got this!! Stay strong sister!!!
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    1/9: 10,444
    1/10: 8,278
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    @Pupowl if that sunset doesn’t even count as a spectacular one, I want to move to wherever you live.

    @izzyred9400 I have a tens machine as well and tried it during labour, but hated it. Eventually just yanked it out and made do without. Also, for the leftover Christmas treats: would it help if you put them somewhere out of sight and difficult? In the past I’ve had this same problem and put them in the top shelf of my kitchen cabinet so I couldn’t reach them without climbing on a chair. The thought of climbing on furniture to fulfil a mindless craving felt so stupid it actually helped prevent the munchies.
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    Ya'll are missing some KILLER recipes in this week's group challenge...I just posted my famous Tater Tot Casserole too...hop over and check it out.
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    @Be_theBest_Me thanks for your comments! You’re the best cheerleader!
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    Current Maintenance Weigh In:

    Holding on to maintaining-my husband completed his first round of chemo & was completely wiped out; I have been taking care of household + trying to maintain some sort of normalcy & keep up with bills, etc.- I still have my Christmas decor up upstairs, but I took down my downstairs decor- although both Christmas trees are still up - he can't help me - hopefully, my older son will stop by this weekend to take the one down that's in my rec room
    We see the cancer dr on Friday & my husband starts again on Monday with his next chemo round; hopefully, he can suggest some things for his low energy

    Keep the Christmas stuff up!! The lights and sparkle just may keep ya in a better mood!! Maybe get some hearts for Valentine's and some shamrocks for saint Patrick's day!! If I lived closer I'd be helping ya daily!! Branging food and laughter!!! Since I can't do that I'm gonna send ya strength and a reminder do what you feel up to the rest can wait!!! Love and laughter brings healing!! Watch funny movies do crafts be lazy!!! It's all gonna be a rollercoaster 🎢 so make it a fun and happy one!!
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