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  • jessicakrall8
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    Today has been difficult...gotta make this fast because my power might flicker again. No snow here, only heavy rain and winds are picking up...the worst of it should be gone by 10pm, so roughly six more hours. I got up early so I could get a shower and get some walking done...winds started picking up around noon. Got into searching for workout vids on YouTube and ended up hitting my step goal before 1pm today! Good, because the stress is hitting me. I've been craving pizza something awful today, but chose something more wise and less greasy. Still ate out, but with power going nuts, couldn't really cook.

    In any case, we do the best we can with the hand we are chicken and broccoli was better than pepperoni pizza. Ended up doing my challenge today 5/10/15/ 10 became 20 and my 20 was 25 and done early! No complaints there...created myself a whole workout playlist on YouTube that will be ready now for other days. I really love this one creator on there...his videos are fun, great music and the steps are easy to follow. Some of the vids are SO into choreography that it's hard to follow if you're not an expert dancer with years of training! Don't get me wrong...there are some on there with very little rhythm...I have rhythm...just have issues with difficult choreography. In any case, if you're curious...go to the Group Challenge page and you'll see ones that I post this is up from today...I'll do more throughout the week. Support your old Captain and pop might just find yourself having fun!! :smiley:

    So, I'm headed in to read a book for a bit. Hope you're all having a great day. If any of the rest of you are dealing with Winter Storm Izzy and are getting tons of snow...please stay home and be's only rain and wind where I am. Talk to you guys tomorrow!

  • hipari
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    Daily check-in: had friends over for brunch and it was great. Later another friend and his family came over to say hi and meet the baby for the first time. My fitness action of the day was walking halfway to the subway station with my brunch friends when they left. Home improvement action of the day: so many rounds of dishes that our kitchen is cleaner now than this morning, and we hosted a 6-person brunch. Also, we had borrowed some baby clothes from the friend who stopped by later, and no longer had any clue which of all the baby clothes were from them and which were from my cousin who also borrowed us a lot. So, we took out everything that our daughter has outgrown already, and they took theirs back to borrow to his brother who is having a baby next. It’s a win-win: the stuff is now sorted and it doesn’t take space in our storage, and his brother gets the clothes so he doesn’t have to buy new stuff.

    Plan for tomorrow: it’s time for mom-baby pilates class again! For home improvement, a friend is coming over to rummage through my old maternity clothes and then I can put the boxes away. We were the same size pre-pregnancy and she’s expecting a spring baby, so she’s borrowing my stuff instead of having to buy new. It’s great to have so many friends having babies around the same time, so we can pass the same maternity clothes and baby gear around without everyone having to buy their own.
  • frankwbrown
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    Step goal: 6,000 daily
    Fri 1/14: 8,293
    Sat 1/15: 6,190
  • Chalmation
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    1/15: 6,570
    1/16: 11,400
  • So I will try one of those dances by Ed thank you Jessica. Been a tough week. Haven't worked since Dec 15th. My choice until today because of the kiddos. I got laid off will be called back on the 27th. There just going to bare bones right now. People are not travelling and can't go out anywhere to eat. I am one of the first to get called back which is nice. We just got a really good crew in there hope people still go back. Don't want to be stiff when I go back lol
  • During Christmas I fixed our washing machine and our dishwasher leaked too. I was wanting to learn that. Lots of tutorials. We stumbled across the washing machine one when it was all done. It was a Kenmore and now we have somebody local that can work on them. The tutorial was under Maytag and expert experience or something my hubby stumbled across it after the fact. We put it all together and stacked it before a trial run oopsy big no. We didn't install on of the hoses proper I was the only one able to get both hands under the drum to fix it. We found the small sock in the filter that was causing it to stink. Wow the drain flow is crazy now. I'm happy but not excited to maintain again in a year.
  • Oh and our TV just decided no not working anymore. For One week at Christmas with no TV with a 8 and 9 year old. Fun fun fun. Oh and ice storms and -30.
  • CasandraW
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    Monday Weigh-in
    PW: 301.3
    CW: 300.4

    So close!!! It will be twoterville for you soooo soon
  • jessicakrall8
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    @CasandraW I sincerely hope you're right and that I continue in the right direction!! Wish I could just jump down to the 290s because I know I'm going to be scared of the scale once I drop below that big major goal...gotta just remember to keep my head on straight...

  • mulecanter
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    PW 223.5
    CW 223.5
  • mulecanter
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    Monday Weigh-in
    PW: 301.3
    CW: 300.4

  • angmarie28
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  • hipari
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    Daily report: did my mama-baby pilates class. Thankfully it was online so I could pause it and get back to it an hour later, after feeding the baby and setting her down for a nap. If it were an in-person class, I would have missed most of it. I also walked out to meet my friend halfway when she was coming over. For home improvement, I did a lot: cleaned the filters in our dishwasher, ran the tub cleaning cycle in our laundry machine, and packed away the maternity clothes my friend didn’t borrow. Her baby is due in April, so naturally she doesn’t need the summer clothes I needed when expecting an October baby.

    Tomorrow husband will be unavailable pretty much all day and I have to get up earlier than usual as he can’t take care of the baby in the morning, so I’m setting the bar low for tomorrow. Hoping to try one of the other mama-baby exercise classes online, and cleaning the little shelf we have next to our front door. I already made an extra large dinner so I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  • TheMrWobbly
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    Well this is embarrassing - I don't even have steps recorded some days
    01/01/2021 1521
    02/01/2021 4541
    04/01/2021 4370
    05/01/2021 7135
    06/01/2021 3607
    07/01/2021 2762
    11/01/2021 3432
    12/01/2021 3110
    13/01/2021 5139

    Right, off for a walk!

    Hey Bob @TheMrWobbly ...I didn't have you listed as signing up for the step challenge...what's your daily goal please?

    Hi Jessica, I didn't sign up so please feel free to ignore my stats. I will keep track and see if I can get back to 10k a day again. Have a great Monday!
  • Yukie_OP
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    Steps/goal 6,500:
    1/15 - 7741
    1/16 - 9634

    @jessicakrall8 - Here is the link (below) to the mini-stepper. It's awesome. As mentioned, I get 15-30 minutes of cardio that I otherwise would not have using it throughout my workday. Found on Amazon.

    Here's a pic of it at my office
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