MyFitnessPal is Looking for a Keto Success Story

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Hello! Our marketing team is interested in highlighting a keto success story. They are specifically looking for a woman between the ages of 18-45 in the United States that has lost a significant amount of weight on a keto diet and would be interested in sharing their experience and corresponding before and after photos.

Feel free to respond to this post or private message me if you would like to be considered.

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  • Betty
    Betty Posts: 8,813 MFP Staff
    Well, not in your key demographic. I'm 58. But since August 26th, I've lost 38 pounds. I've also brought down my A1c. I'm a T2D, and my A1c was 7.2 on October 6th. Today, January 6th, it's 5.3! So that to me, is more exciting than the weight loss!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! Lowering your A1c is an impressive accomplishment.

  • dbhDeb
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    Amazing! way to go
  • NYPhotographer2021
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    @duraesstephanie7994 Wow! What a gorgeous place to live! Good luck in your quest! I have not really exercised since starting back in August. A walk here and there, dancing around my bedroom for about 10-15 minutes here and there. I attempted a yoga session from YouTube but decided I better not lest I end up injuring myself again. I do daily stretches to keep my hips and glutes limber. But that's about it. I've lost all my pounds basically from diet. The last thing I need is to injure myself again. Then be laid up and there goes all my hard work. Because dieting and trying to follow a meal plan is hard work.

    Good luck! You can do it! Can I come live with you?!?
  • tamaraclc
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    Can MyFitnessPal pal track Keto. I’m starting this and I’m very confused
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    tamaraclc wrote: »
    Can MyFitnessPal pal track Keto. I’m starting this and I’m very confused

    You can change your diary to fit keto .... go to the diary setting and change your fat, protein and carbs to what you want ... just make sure it equals 100 ... for example 5% carbs ...70% fat and 25% protein
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