Shape Shifters Team Chat - APRIL 2022



  • Smlisley
    Smlisley Posts: 510 Member
    Username: Smlisley
    Weigh In Day: Monday April 4
    PW (Previous Weight): 228
    CW (Current Weight): 232 (I call this weigh-in 2 birthdays and a funeral)

    I've been really off my game the last couple of weeks. Last week's weigh-in was a fluke and I was so excited to be out of the 230's ugh! I'm hoping to get myself back on track this week.

    Daily Step Goal: 6,000
    3/30 - 6238
    3/31- 6559
    4/1 - 4856
    4/2 - 6715
    4/3 - 6032
    4/4 - 5961
  • Chalmation
    Chalmation Posts: 2,356 Member
    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    4/3: 13,364
    4/4: 12,218
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 3,627 Member
    @Pupowl My fault...failed to put it on my (written) you down...thanks for letting me know.

    @LaurieWrobo Your babies are lovely...I'm glad you won't be alone...that purr is so precious. May they help to comfort you as you grieve...I know how hard that is.

  • ewilhelm2487
    ewilhelm2487 Posts: 166 Member
    PW: 230.4
    CW: 230.1
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 3,627 Member
    PW: 230.4
    CW: 230.1
    On Apr 2nd, you reported in as 230.1, so good job maintaining this week...

  • bearchested
    bearchested Posts: 129 Member
    I'm putting down my cat this morning he's been with us for 14 yrs 10mos he had problems walking the past few weeks in addition to his eye infection now he can hardly walk & his pupil is enlarged - signs of stroke I don't know when it happened but full blood panel was done yesterday & everything is normal he was stuck 5x with needle to try to get the blood drawn and not a peep. He is such a good kitty - I don't know what I'll do without him our hearts are💔💔💔 my older son and his wife came to say goodbye last night - my younger son is already in GA
    I love you Felix😥😥😥
    I realize some people say it's just a cat but he is family❤❤❤

    Sorry to hear about Felix. Our cat, Jake, is 16, so we'll be facing that challenge sometime soon. I'm sure you gave him a great life.
  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 492 Member
    edited April 6
    Daily Habits March 5
    Steps: 12.418
    Calories: good
    +3L water/tea: 3750 ml
    +8 hours sleep: 8h 24m ~ sleepscore 86
    Exercise: gym ~ 2 / 4
  • wtbarunner
    wtbarunner Posts: 162 Member
    PW 236
    CW 236
    April 3 8975
    April 4 6678
    April 5 8048

  • LaurieWrobo
    LaurieWrobo Posts: 811 Member
    Current Maintenance Weigh In
    4/6 154.4
  • LaurieWrobo
    LaurieWrobo Posts: 811 Member
    4/3 5,976
    4/4 5,321
    4/5 6,289
  • coblujay
    coblujay Posts: 681 Member
    Oh @lauriewrobo I'm so sorry to hear that. I lost my kitty, Bubba, just a few weeks ago. After a very full life of almost eighteen years, I'm so grateful I could hold him as he passed. Sending love and hugs!!
  • Yukie_OP
    Yukie_OP Posts: 220 Member
    @jessicakrall8 * March steps completion:
    3/23 - 5707
    3/24 - 6605
    3/25 - 10613
    3/26 - 9341
    3/27 -12823
    3/28 - 7317
    3/29 - 5854
    3/30 - 5377
    3/31 - 4519
  • Yukie_OP
    Yukie_OP Posts: 220 Member
    Back from my short vaca/trip to Mexico for a celebration of an aunts 60th. It was a much needed break from work. I Thoroughly enjoyed plenty of great food, but also reached my daily step goal with plenty of walking.

    April is for getting back 2 basics/ Regain focus:
    • Step Challenge for April - goal of 6,800 daily steps (@jessicakrall8)
    • Daily logging of meals + staying under my calorie goal
    • Focus on my studies (going through career advancement/additional licensing)

    Steps to date (goal 6,800):
    4/1 -12,682
    4/2 - 6,944
    4/3 - 11,190
    4/4 - 6,926
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,669 Member
    Previous weight-161.4
    Current weight-163.6

    Hopefully it will be down next week. Im doing well working out again, so im sure I have some water retention going on.
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,669 Member
  • kcpond
    kcpond Posts: 582 Member

    Wednesday weigh-in
    last weight 248.4
    this week 247.7
  • izzyred9400
    izzyred9400 Posts: 647 Member
    @jessicakrall8 please could I be excused from this week's weigh in.Ive had a very stressful few days.My husband & I set off to the airport on Monday for a weeks holiday in Madeira.There have been alot of reports on social media that our local airport was in chaos.Due to severe staff shortages the queues for bag drop & security have been extremely long.People have missed flights.
    Anyway we arrived about 3hrs 45 before our departure.We were nearly at the end of the line for security when I got a text saying our flight was cancelled ! 😫
    As we had booked a holiday we couldn't change it & had to go back home feeling so disappointed.
    So the next day we booked another holiday & we arrived in Cyprus this afternoon.Shame we have lost 2 days but its nice to be near the sea & its warm & sunny.
    I will still log my steps but there aren't any scales in our hotel room.Could you please keep me at 12,000 steps for April.
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 3,627 Member
    edited April 6

    My silly cat (Hazel Joy) rarely meows, but when she does, she REALLY has something to say. She regularly stands up beside my bed a few times each night and wakes me up, just to be loved on. Because I'm on vacation this week, I looked forward at least a few days, to sleeping a little later (8 or 9ish) and this morning was one of those days. What does Hazel do, but climb up on the bed right next to me and when that didn't get me up, she decides to meow, as if she were carrying on a dissertation 7-8 times in succession. Finally, I'm like, "OK Hazel, I'll get up--GEEZO!!!" SMH...If she weren't so cute, I'd bop her on the head! Forgot to add that within ten minutes of me getting up and starting to walk, SHE is on the bed, spread out and napping...she didn't want me up, she wanted the bed! UGH!

    SOooo, I got up early again today and walked twice, for a total of a little over 2.5 miles.

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