Meal Prep Ideas

Hi all, I am excited to be a part of this awesome discussion. I am looking for ideas and inspiration for meal prep, white meat would be nice. Any ideas, would love you to put it up here :smiley:


  • randypandy5001
    randypandy5001 Posts: 14 Member
    I make chicken fajitas this week! I smoked about 4lbs of chicken (about 21 servings). I steamed the onion and bell peppers. Then I seasoned with:
    2 tsp, Salt
    2 tbsp, Flour
    4 tbsp, Spices, chili powder
    2 tsp, Spices, paprika
    2 tsp, Garlic powder
    2 tbsp, Spices, onion powder
    1 tbsp (6 g), Cumin
    0.50 tsp (2g), Cayenne Pepper (Ground)
    1 c water.

    This goes great with corn tortillas or brown rice plus you get some veggies. It came out to be just around 300k cal for me.

    I also recently made Lentil Dal which is amazing.