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    Thank you for the kind words. I feel so welcomed.

    @trooworld yes that is a great WHY. That is enough motivation.

    @Katmary71 I've had 3 lumbar herniation and the possible 4th will be a lumbar fusion. Yes, I would love some get some low impact exercises. Thank you

    @laurelfit57 I'm excited and a little afraid, but I know the end will be rewarding.

    Everyone have a good evening
  • trooworld
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    @Katmary71 Thank you! I didn't taste the pineapple yet but last week's pineapple was sweet and very good. I recommend! Oh that's an excellent book, I'm glad you liked it. Naked gardened eh? LOL, That's awesome! :D I'm glad the baths are helping. I hope you had a great workout.

    @laurelfit57 It was a great month, I hope we keep it up! Yes, that meal prep will surely save me. Yeah, I had that stomach bug for about 24-26 hours, too. I'm sorry you got it as well. I'm glad you are feeling better. Way to go with the meal prep, I'm glad I could re-inspire you!

    @leonadixon Good luck with Noom, I hope you like it.

    Hi all. I am so tired, I went to bed on time but didn't sleep well. It's going to be one of those days that I will be sitting at my desk fighting off sleep. I hate those days. I tracked yesterday and got a WW blue dot. I am putting in the work. I hope I am rewarded for it at Saturday's scale visit.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    Weekly weigh in
    Username. FushiaKat
    Weigh in day. Tuesday
    PW. 159.8
    CW. 158.8

    I really did not expect to lose weight. I ate more popcorn and a bit more fruit than I planned for. I love Parmesan cheese sprinkled on my popcorn. I love Jolly Time Naturals, Crispy White Popcorn 20 calories a cup. I bought a box of 48 Act II Butter Flavor packs at Sam's Club 25 calories a cup. It's good, but weird tasting butter, because I stopped eating butter. I find it to be greasy feeling. I don't think I can return it since it's been opened but maybe I can find somebody to give it too.

    I've been reading everybody's posts at night but right now is a difficult time for me, so I have not been posting. Hopefully things will calm down soon. Lol, my body size is 39 - 36 - 41 I need to clean out my closet again so many of my clothes are too big for me now. I have a dentist appointment in the morning for a checkup and cleaning. I like my Dentist, but I don't like going to the Dentist.

    Keep making those healthy choices and staying true to yourselves. You're doing awesome!
  • laurelfit57
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    Welcome @leonadixon!

    @trooworld that stomach bug was not fun, but we are better and doing great🥰! You have a whole streak of those three dots going on, good for you! Sorry about the lack of sleep, I deal with that on a regular basis, you’re right it’s not fun.

    @Fushiakat look at you go!! Another pound down congrats! That’s awesome that you were cleaning out your closet once again, seems to me you had to do that just a short time ago. That is the best feeling :-). I have two big green garbage bags down at my front door ready to go to the donation center, I did that over the last week.

    When I got that stomach bug, I also got the aches really bad for about 12 hours and my upper traps are still pretty tender from that. Weight class was definitely a challenge this morning, lifting anything about above shoulder height was not good, so for much of the class I made up my own exercises🤣. I finished cleaning out the last couple of drawers and shelves today, now the whole clothing project is done, ton of clothes to donate! I washed all the clothes that I am keeping, all my drawers are cleaned out shelves are dusted. Now I just have to fold, iron or steam everything and I am looking forward to a nice newly organized closet, drawers and shelves! It is kind of weird to think that I will never have to do that again (at least not on such a grand scale).
  • Katmary71
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    @laurelfit57 Last year when I joined gardening Facebook groups on May 1st they were posting pictures with strategically placed plants, it's was pretty funny. I think no one but me did it this year! Glad you're feeing better and you were able to go to spin class, you bounced back fast! You're doing great meal planning. Congratulations on getting your cleaning project done, it's always hard to part with stuff but feels awesome once it's gone and things are more organized.

    @leonadixon Oh wow, knee replacement is right around the corner. Let us know what you think of Noom.

    @kitchendh66 Wow you've been through it with your back, how frustrating. Here's my playlist of seated exercises, I have one with arms only but think they're mostly in this group too.

    @trooworld Oh no, hope you sleep better tonight my friend! I almost made a post on here just to you to tell you I remembered to get the butternut squash but forgot tofu and broccoli, I hate when I do stupid stuff like that! At least it will keep until I get them!

    @FushiaKat I love parmesan on popcorn too, it's so good! Good luck with your cleaning tomorrow, hope you got all those popcorn kernels out of your teeth! I actually lost a molar on popcorn which is why I can make jokes, don't try to eat seeds, trust me.

    Hi everyone, had a long day. I went to Costco with a huge list, that store stresses me out so much I woke up early because it's hard for me to manage but I think it would be worse trying to get around people in the motorized cart, I can walk pretty well but standing is really difficult. My BP must be through the roof by the time I'm in line then I had someone want to cut in front of me with a bottle of wine, go cut in front of someone else, geez! I said yes because I was raised right of course. Five minutes in the car with music and I'm doing better. I'm straightening up and cleaned out my car. Tomorrow's the pain clinic and more straightening up, I invited my neighbor out and want everything clean in case we hang out here afterward. Have a great Wednesday, this week is flying!
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    @FushiaKat Congrats on the loss! I'm sorry you are having a tough time, I hope today is better for you.

    @laurelfit57 That's great you are feeling better. Yes, the streak continues! :D What a project that closet clean-out was, congrats!

    @Katmary71 Thank you, I think I did sleep better last night. LOL I hate when I do that stuff, too. Well, you can either roast it and make butternut squash soup or save it for the recipe! Costco stresses me out too much, I don't have a membership anymore. I hope the pain clinic goes okay.

    Hi all. Another WW blue dot attained (stayed within my healthy eating range). Tonight will be a challenge as dinner is not done and my husband is in charge of making what is planned. Luckily, it is an easy meal (turkey burgers + air fryer roasted ranch potatoes).

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    Hi Team! I’m just jumping on to say that I’m reading your post but seriously have no energy to type. Joe has had some stomach bug for the last three days and it’s not been pretty. :# He is very weak but seems to be improving. I managed to run to the office this morning while he was sleeping. Once back home I put him on the sofa and deep cleaned our screened in porch. Now I need to go cook dinner and crash afterward. Maybe on the clean porch! 😊
  • judiasverdes
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    Hello everyone. I am a bit anti-tech, so I am a bit slow with getting the hang of myfitnesspal and keeping up with everyone's comments. All the weightloss wins/struggles are a great inspiration, so thanks for all of you posting.

    I am dragging a bit this week and not too excited about stepping on the scale tomorrow. I overate one day (on healthy food at least). Then, I was emotionally drained another day and stuffed a handful of marshmallows in my mouth at the end of the night (I should have just went to bed!). But I am hoping that my swim lessons will even out the calorie gain. The torture needs to pay off somehow! :D Why did I wait til my late 30s to learn to swim? My calf muscles have never cramped so bad in my life and it is all I can do to swim one lap.
  • Katmary71
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    @trooworld I have tofu and broccoli on my list, I do want to try the recipe, I have tahini but never use it. Way to go on staying within your range!

    @TeresaW1020 Poor Joe, I'm glad he's starting to improve. Hope you get some good rest tonight.

    @judiasverdes Good luck with the weigh-in, I hope your swimming is paying off, I love that you learned how to do it after all these years!

    Hi gang, looks like a slow night on here. I had my pain clinic appointment and my referral was approved for PT, only problem is it's for the lower back not the upper back. Of course right? I figure they'd address the entire back anyway so I'll just call tomorrow and get it scheduled. My house is straightened up so I'm good if my neighbor comes over after the farmer's market adventure tomorrow, hopefully they'll be something good to eat at the food trucks that isn't super unhealthy. They had really good Jamiacan patties one time that I'd love to eat again! Workout was good this morning but I think I did legs two days in a row, I've woken up two hours early the last two days and am beat. Not much else going on, have a great Thursday everyone! Thrash Thursday, time to bang your head to music or do Throwback Thursday and bust out Duran Duran and Madonna!
  • trooworld
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    @TeresaW1020 I'm so sorry Joe has been sick. I'm glad he's getting better. Enjoy the sparkling clean porch!

    @judiasverdes Swimming is incredible exercise! I admire you for taking on something new in your 30s like swimming.

    @Katmary71 I use tahini a lot, it's great in dressings and to make hummus. Thank you, I appreciate it! That's good your house is all cleaned, I love a clean house. LOL I've never thought of Thursday as Thrash Thursday but I love it!

    Hi all. I did not get a blue dot yesterday but everything I ate was healthy. I'm not going to sweat it. I will get a blue dot today.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    Weigh in day: Friday
    PW: 253
    CW: 252
  • davidji82
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    Hi all

    weigh in day Friday
  • GabiV125
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    edited May 2022
    Username: GabiV125
    Check in day: Thursday
    PW: 135
    CW: 135
    By no means I’m steady through the week, but Thursday morning is the the same place/same time situation 😂. I’ve seen +/-3 while I’m going through a stressful planning; or I’m complicating things in my mind and then try to untangle them in the middle of the night , when my husband sleeps . Oh, well.
    Intro: I’m 50yo, married, 2 kids , a cat and a dog, desk job, leave in No VA, and my exercise is on/off.
  • trooworld
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    @davors19 @davidji82 Congrats on the losses!

    Hi all. I am doing what I need to do to get those blue dots. I got one yesterday and am hopeful for one today. I have a busy weekend ahead of me so I am not sure how often I will check in. Tomorrow, I have to get groceries and then go to an all-day music festival. Sunday, we are celebrating Mother's Day with my MIL and our family. Have a great day!

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • judiasverdes
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    Weigh in day: Thursday
    PW: 165

    I am a bit surprised to see my weight stayed the same. If I had a digital scale, I am sure there would have been a small weight gain. I didn't control my eating this week as well as I should have, but then again, I didn't eat as poorly as I have in the past. My goal for this week is to restart the 21 Day Fix routine and complete it. I have restarted it so many times... I get 1 or 2 weeks in and then something happens, and I miss a day, or two, or three :(

    @trooworld What are the blue dots you talk about? Is there a prize when you collect a certain number? Reminds me of my son's reward chart, and I am wondering if a reward chart would help me stay on track... I doubt it. I just need more self-control. :D
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    Greetings All!

    Hope your day is going wonderfully! Happy Friday! Cloudy day today but it's alright. Let's get out there and make it count. Be present today in all that you do. I've been to the gym this morning and am about to do some cleaning downstairs. Let's go get it! B) Are you ready? <3
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    @trooworld I just made up Thrash Thursday and Funky Friday to make my workouts more exciting at the end of the week, haven't figured out the other days yet! I bought the tahini for hummus, I don't know much about it but definitely like it! Sounds like you still did good on eating even if you didn't get the dot. Have a great weekend!

    @GabiV125 I think sometimes we make things too complicated, there were times I'd wake up in the middle of the night upset I forgot to log something, better sleep is more important than being super regimented! Hope you figure things out and your planning falls into place.

    @judiasverdes I'm glad your weight stayed the same when you thought there would be a gain, that's wonderful!

    @askewcr Sounds like you're hussling away today, gym and cleaning is great exercise!

    Hi everyone, happy Friday! So I'd asked my neighbor out and she really didn't seem thrilled so I was getting really nervous she just said yes to be polite, I kind of suspected after losing her husband and COVID she may have been having a hard time being social and turned out that's what it was, she thanked me right away for getting her out of the house then said later she didn't know how to talk to people anymore and used to be so social and asked if I minded if she drank more because she was nervous being out. I posted this on my feed but I was bedridden for 20 years and rarely had to interact with strangers, I was having panic attacks just talking to cashiers and other students at school when I started so I forced myself out each day to get over it so I could relate to that quite a bit. We ate out then hung out at her house, she's a huge bookworm too and sent me home with a bunch of books to read. I'm really happy I did it even though it caused me anxiety, totally worth it which is usually is. Did my workout and got my nephew a gift card for books for his birthday. All my ducks are in a row, have a bunch of healthy food and did my workout, heading into the yard soon.
  • TeresaW1020
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    @Katmary71 I hope everything gets straightened out at the pain clinic for your back. What a wonderful thing you did for your neighbor. If anyone knows what it’s like to be isolated and out of the world it’s you. And you need to never return to that woman so taking a risk as you did is great for you too! :)

    @trooworld Good job on still trying to get your blue dots. I hope you have a great time at the music festival. That sounds like a lot of fun! :)

    @judiasverdes Are you doing the 21 Day Fix eating program or the workout program? I’ve done the workout program a few times. I’m a huge fan of Autumn and her style. :)

    Hi Team! It’s quiet around here. I’ve been busy and cranky. Joe is a bit better but still feeling awful and can’t do much for himself. I somehow managed to screw up my back. Probably from cleaning the porch and moving the heavy planters by myself. My eating hasn’t been that great and I’m definitely in a slump. I bought a bottle of wine, which I plan to consume tonight, and then tomorrow I’m going to regroup and get back to weight loss. I did do a workout this morning and that felt good. :)
  • laurelfit57
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    @TeresaW1020 I’m sorry that Joe has a stomach bug, glad he is a bit better. You need to look after yourself❤️ . As you are enjoying that bottle of wine, I say cheers to you 🥂 !

    @Katmary71 after being bedridden for 20 years, how very brave and compassionate of you to reach out to your neighbour and follow through. Your strength is inspirational!!

    @trooworld i have to say that your “go get it” attitude is admirable!! Enjoy your Mother’s Day celebration

    Just a quick check in today. I had a great Thursday and Friday morning woke up with a wicked cold. As my son said to me “ Mom you need to go find your immune system!” You need to go find your immune system“, which is so true! I just had that stomach bug and then two days later got hit with this cold. I am definitely feeling better today than yesterday, but this is ridiculous.
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    Weigh in day: SATURDAY
    PW: 163.2
    CW: 164.8
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