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    JEB03253 wrote: »
    OK, I found out what I was doing wrong and I'm now able to post here.

    Tuesday Weigh-in:

    PW: 241.4
    CW: 241.8

    My main goal is to get my A1C into normal range. I tend to go way overboard on carbs and my PCP is threatening to send me to a specialist if I don't get it in control. I have nothing against specialists, but I really like interacting my PCP. I have come to realize that a big part of my problem is basic denial. I'm on meds and I have been fooling myself into thinking that I can just eat anything. WRONG. I work in health care and really know better.

    I've been logging my meals and trying to increase my exercise. I'm taking it one day at a time and giving my self pep talks along the way.
    Welcome!! Now you can come here and get pep talks that you don't have to make yourself :smiley: Gradually you'll get to know everyone, where they are, what their struggles and successes are, and hopefully find the kind of support you need to get things going in the right direction. We would all love to eat anything. Here we are working hard on not eating all the things, but keeping things reasonable and doable while we're at it.

    If you want to, please tell us some more about yourself! Where you are, maybe your first name, what you enjoy, anything at all is interesting and helps us get a kind of picture of each other. We try to start every month with a re-introduction, and then the new people can get some idea of what you're getting into! Go ahead back and read the first pages of the month, and you'll "meet" many of the team members, old and new.
    Kali225 wrote: »
    Got my hill walk done. Foot is doing well. I jumped back into Yoga with Adriene's monthly schedule with the June calendar today. I'm not going to tell myself that I have to do every single video (I put yoga 3x/wk in the Habit Tracker after all) but today's video was great. Still plenty of reminders that I am not in the shape I was last year, but hey. This is how I rebuild. I'm going to do one of my all-time favorite FitOn workouts today called Core Barre.

    The big challenge this week comes tonight - I'm doing takeout and pushing myself to separate everything in half when I pick it up and store it in the fridge for lunches Thurs/Fri before I sit down to eat the rest. I've logged it, it won't be killer, but it will be tasty -- this is that "balance" thing people are always talking about!

    Go Kay! That's the kind of planning and thinking that will get the weight going in the good direction again. I'm so glad your foot is feeling better - keep taking good care of it, and hopefully you'll be able to continue to increase your pace and distance gradually. And we'll pester each other on the habit tracker, OK? If you see me missing things, put on a comment! I'll do the same :smiley:
    AshenMoon wrote: »
    It's been a rough week 😢

    I'm so sorry Hannah! Come hang out if you have a bit of time - I hope things ease up soon. Take good care of yourself - we're sending you hugs.
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    @jugar yes! please be on my back about the habits. as you can see in last month's sheet, the "log everything" line got suspiciously quiet...
    dinner tonight was a total victory. I did exactly as I said I would, and this is honestly the first time in a long time that I got takeout for dinner and didn't feel overstuffed by the end of the night. Hunger cues, I am trying to embrace you again!
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    @kali225 OK, you're on. We're each other's habit tracking pests and naggers. I almost always sag after the first week or 2, so this will help a lot! And well, well done on the takeout dinner. A triumph, for sure :smiley:

    @JEB03253 Thanks for the intro! There are a few other New Englanders - 2 in Boston area, 1 in Vermont (my sister!) and I'm not too far above the border in Québec. You'll definitely be in good company watching the little animals and birds - as long as I can send my devilish groundhogs down your way, OK?

    @lauren_989 I'm so sorry to hear about your poison ivy. That stuff is seriously nasty! If you have a bad weigh-in this week, don't worry - once you're off the prednisone and stepping away from the cupcakes it will all improve fast. Get your sister to help you stay on track. Sugar makes you itch more, did you know? :wink:

    @CarolAnnM2 great job on the steps and workout!
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    Tonight's reminders! The moment you all love :wink:


    Still due today:

    Due Thursday:

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    @PlaneMonkey I feel for you for sure. We have changed as a result of the last few years and it's hard to convince a workforce to return to office when it's such a drag on work/life balance, especially when you are clearly speaking as someone who can do her job effectively from home.

    Employee retention in this transition is a huge issue - I think if companies can't be flexible their people are definitely going to be evaluating their options (like you might be). Hope it works out.

    If my management cancels the hybrid model, I'm sure I'll have staff leave.
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    PW 151.4
    CW 150.8

    It is moving so slowly. I feel like I am putting in a lot of work for those few ounces. Oh we. I know I am doing all the things. Yesterday was a planned a rest day. I cleaned the house and went to the store. I had my steps, but decided to take the dog for a walk last night because it was a cool evening. Mabel decided to go with me. It was a very slow, but nice mile walk. I was surprised she did it.

    @conleywoods that is so stressful. Last year, we lost half of our staff because of the Principal. This year, the Principal resigned. She is taking a break from education. The SEIL, who was not great, is also leaving. I really hope we get a good one because we have crazy high caseloads next year. I love when the SLP and OT push in. The SLP I have worked with for several years, who happens to be my dear friend, is leaving to be a SEIL at the Preschool. I hate change.

    @Ashleycarole86 Nice work staying in maintenance for 2 weeks AND after a vacation!!!

    @planemonkey Sorry about the work stress. I hope they figure out a fair way to handle it. Great job getting into the 180s!!!!
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    Thanks @KellyBgetsfit .. just held on but proud I did!
    Bummer your weight loss feels like a slow grind for all the work being put in, but great loss this week.

    @Gidgitgoescrazy Reset time for sure! Keep checking in ... you'll get it!

    @PlaneMonkey Hope the first day back goes well. Congrats on hitting the 180's! You are in the zone.

    @eggfreak Nice to hear from you Sylvia, sorry to hear the stress of life is overwhelming right now.. we'll be here for you whenever you can check in with us

    @conleywoods Happy birthday to your eldest - teenage years!! How exciting. Sounds like you had a good night.
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    6/1 exercise: 12583 steps
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    Happy Thursday!

    Congratulations @ashleycarole86 for hitting that 2 week maintenance streak! I'm glad you're now down there in that part of the spreadsheet... It was looking kind of empty :grimace: I promise I'll be back there soon! I have been back under my top weight, and today was right on it, so I need to finish this month under before I'll get back down there. In any case, rock that tiara!!!

    @Gidgitgoescrazy and others who are struggling - a day is not a failure! I just read an excellent blog post with a good suggestion for vocabulary/mindset adjustment. Don't call them goals, call them experiments. Scientists expect failures - you try things, they don't work. Sometimes you have to replicate that (more than once!), but seeing the trip to a result as a series of experiments is positive. Sticking with the stuff that we discover works is hard, but this at least takes some of the sting out of the setbacks. Hugs help too :heart:

    I'm trying to get going and do things. Sitting here is not helping, so
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    @PlaneMonkey congrats on the next decade!!!

    For @KellyBgetsfit and @ashleycarole86 a loss is a loss, and maintenance is maintenance!

    I somewhat forgot that I made plans weeks ago with a friend who will be in town to get brunch this Saturday. I feel like I am getting in a good groove here and don't want a big meal out to mess it up. definitely feeling anxiety about it, so I'm frantically searching through menus for things along the lines of a breakfast salad (is that a thing??) or a hash of some kind. I know I have to plan ahead and be prepared. It's also very short on time to even find a reservation. Eeek!

    Otherwise, feeling deliciously sore in my obliques from yesterday's core workout. :)
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