Shape Shifters Team Chat - SEPTEMBER 2023



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    Monday steps 2854
  • Bumbinella
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    Sunday weigh ins

    PW: ?
    CW: 171.5
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    This week's group challenge is on emotional eating. Head over to the page if you'd like to participate. Here are a few affirmations to help with mindful eating.

    Today I eat to nourish my body.
    I am grateful for this meal.
    I enjoy and appreciate the taste and texture in each bite.
  • Cyncia85
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    Cyncia85 Steps Sun 9/17 = 5,709
  • Sbus12
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    @Cyncia85 thank you so much for your thoughtful response! You are right, I need to set boundaries. I actually had a seminar today on difficult conversations and they talked about advocating for yourself. Draining myself doesn’t win any awards—I need to speak up and discuss what is reasonable for my new schedule.
    I love all the mantras! Each one can used depending on the day. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!

    “My boundaries are an act of self-care.
    My well-being is my top priority.
    I give myself grace as I embark on a new journey. “

  • Sbus12
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    @Becoming_A_Butterfly I’m glad you took a me-day! Anniversaries are hard but getting back in the swing and taking care of yourself and replicating your mom’s example of living a fit life is definitely a way to honor her ❤️
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    @magnusMLQ and @JenHul nice weight loss this week! Way to start us off!!

  • Sbus12
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    Weigh day…
    Since I haven’t been any better than maintaining—I don’t like posting. I’m in this group to be focused and lose weight and as @Cyncia85 said—I’ve been procrastinating 😉

    I’m really hoping this is my last maintenance weight I throw out here. Looking at the silver lining… At least I am maintaining and not gaining.

    PW 179.9
    CW 179.6
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    edited September 19
    My friend posted this today and it’s a good reminder if there are any procrastinators out there like me…
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    My steps
    9/17 3,856
    9/18 20,144
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    @pupowl - What a fun story to read about your hedgehog neighbors! I’m sorry you had such a difficult night and annoying morning but I’m glad your computer didn’t crash and everything else worked out in the end.

    @Sbus12 - I like the reminder to make time for wellness. I’ve been interested in the exchange between you and @Cyncia85 about mantras. Thank you both for taking on the motivator role and suggesting ways for all of us to shift our mindsets so we can be nicer to ourselves and gain confidence!

    There are a lot of tips on the MFP to help build our knowledge on topics of health, nutrition, and fitness. These are helpful in building our competence/skills; but this type of community — with structured support from our co-captains (@jessicakrall8 and @Pupowl) and motivators (@Sbus12 and @Cyncia85) and other F2F leaders — really helps shape our beliefs about what’s possible. Together, we learn, grow, and change overtime by testing out what works and improving our behaviors. The tracking can help us turn those positive changes into daily habits and healthy routines. Thank you all for contributing to the Shape Shifter network of support. All the active members help me tremendously. 🙏🏼😊🙏🏼
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    9/18 6,496
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily step goal: 10,000
    Sun 9/17: 12,105
    Mon 9/18: 12,040
  • frankwbrown
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    Sunday steps 1913.

    Ik my steps are low today but we just needed to chill

    Chilling occasionally is important, to allow our bodies time to recover. We all need a little down time from time to time. 👍
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    @Pupowl -- I think I speak for all of us when I say we need a photograph of Hedgehog house. I guess in my head it's kinda a smurf hut with hedgehogs in it... :-P Sorry you had the rough night.

    Last couple of days I haven't eaten as well as I could have - good food but too many calories and too many snacks sneaking in. I was at 180 midweek but bounced back to previous weight.

    The tendon in my right foot is tight and doesn't want to lengthen/release properly and it feels like that cranky joint has some nerves compressed (ouch). I'm walking slowly with a cane and it has made exercise very difficult. I can't stand on my foot for very long or walk far. So I've had a pretty big setback in my exercise goals. Usually I walk every evening and work outside but I haven't been able to do that, although I can ride my stationary bike okay.

    Yesterday on the way home we were stopped in the road by elk, and a big bull beside the car bugled. It was really cool to see up close. There are a lot of elk this year.



    PW: 182.5
    CW: 182.5
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