30 day shred level 3



  • Kat0310
    Kat0310 Posts: 341
    Hi mialegg :) Good to see you on here!

    I got my D9 in this morning and then my usual 30 mins on the elliptical. I don't want my elliptical feeling neglected....lol.

    Tomorrow is my last day of the shred then I plan on starting Ripped in 30 on Saturday :happy:
  • ohjoy908
    ohjoy908 Posts: 53 Member
    ah i feel so behind!! i was sick for the past couple days but started back on L3D2!
  • azure7
    azure7 Posts: 136 Member
    Finally back to the grind...D4 done :happy:
  • Kat0310
    Kat0310 Posts: 341

    Got my D10 in this morning. I am going to move on to Ripped in 30 tomorrow...........
  • nakitadawn1212
    nakitadawn1212 Posts: 135 Member
    So proud of you all!! I'm starting Level 3 tomorrow. I've had to take days off due to my son and being totally exhausted from being a new momma!

    I really want to power throw level 3 though...I'm ready to finish this!

    I got the total gym for my birthday so I'm pretty amped to start that =) I love working out on equipment.
  • folkoono
    folkoono Posts: 19
    I just did L3D2. I'm a musician and cannot do Rock Star jumps. I feel so inferior ;)
  • lollaler
    lollaler Posts: 69 Member
    loving the hard work on level 3... must admit this level i do need to take 3-5 second breaks... and i swear alot haha. love it though. only 8 more days left of the shred. anyone finished with result pictures - i have noticed a difference my arms but not size or weight. cant wait to see properly in 8 days.
  • saracatherine89
    saracatherine89 Posts: 291 Member
    I *HATE* level 3...not because it is super hard...but because I just don't like the moves like the side pushups or the plank pushups! I think level 2 is the best!