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  • New to MFP again. I was doing WW from Sept/2019 until March 1/2020. I’ve lost 20 lbs. the last week has been hell. Up 1 lb. I know it’s not much but I’m afraid of the scale heading back up after all my hard work. I gave up WW mostly because of the cost. Couldn’t justify it when I had reached my goal. Now I’m second…
  • New to the group. Where is everyone from? I'm from Cobourg Ontario
  • Hello! I'm 5' tall and 134 pounds. I remember the good old days of weighing 105 and not having to worry about it. I'm currently doing the intermittent fasting routine (?). Not sure if that's what you call it. I eat about 1200 calories between 10am and 6pm then nothing until the next morning at 10am. I drink coffee in the…
  • I have had a fitbit for a few years now. I purchased a Charge 2 about 4 months ago. I LOVE it! I haven't had any issues so far (fingers crossed) but customer service is great so never a worry.
  • New "again" to this group. Have been away from MFP for a few months. Now it's time to buckle down and get working. I'll start up with everyone next month if you do this monthly. A little late to join in now. Currently I weigh 128 and my goal weight is 120. Not sure if I can do that in a month so I'll try to lose some…
  • I didn't do the shakeology either but did the 21 day fix extreme. I lost 8 pounds and 9 inches. The exercise is hard but for only 30 minutes a day it's very effective.
  • My main goal is just to lose my remaining 5 pounds and tone everything up. I turn 50 next year and want to be in my best shape to kick it off.
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  • @jpkrueger You can do it! You'll know when you're ready and when you are just go for it!
  • @lauracharder If you're active you should have no problem. The only difference with the diet that I can see is it is pretty clean. No treats. It's well worth it. I haven't stopped yet either but I'm not going to do a full round.
  • Ontario Canada
  • @gidget1988 I just finished one round of 21 day fix extreme. I followed the meal plan and exercise program and lost 8 pounds and 9 inches! I recommend it to anyone! I think of people are going to do the plan then they should follow meals and all. I've read on here where people are doing one or the other. Do it all and feel…
  • @satiarenee Last day of 21 day fix extreme. I'm down 8 pounds and 9 inches! I took before and after pics. I can see the difference more seeing them. I recommend the extreme to all those people who think they can't do it... Because you can!
  • I'm doing the 21 day Fix Extreme and in 17 days I'm down 7 pounds and 8 inches! I started at 125 and I'm down to 118. Would like to drop that extra 3 pounds for an even 10.
  • @nickimz0425 Make sure you're eating enough. Do your calculations for calorie intake etc. Enter your info in MFP and it should come up with a number for you. Should be pretty accurate. I'm doing the 21 day Fix Extreme right now (almost done first round of it) and I didn't realize when I started how much food I needed to…
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  • I weigh every morning but only record my weight on sundays.
  • I switch it up between morning exercise and night exercise. Right now I'm doing it after work around 5:30-6, then I make dinner (all prepped in the fridge) and get lunch together for work the next day. By the time I get to sit down and relax it's almost 8.. I'm pooped come 10pm so I head off the bed.. Very boring life at…
  • I can notice changes in some areas but not in others. I'm older and I've had 3 kids. There's not much that can be done about loose skin other than surgery. I just have to learn to live with it.. Harder than it sounds. Maybe I'll take some pictures and see if I can see more of a difference that way.
  • Yep that's it! I haven't seen the regular one so I don't know what foods have been removed for the new one. At this point I don't feel I'm missing anything. I finish my first round on Sunday. Can't wait to take my measurements and do my final weigh in!
  • I'm doing the extreme and you can have coffee and tea but no cream or sugar or artificial sweeteners or anything like that. I figure I can hold out for 3 weeks and see how I feel after. For the food, I went through the food and decided on things that were affordable and that I liked. I'm the type that can eat pretty much…
  • I weigh daily. First thing in the morning (after a pee of course:) ) I like to know the fluctuations everyday.
  • We did the same at my work but we did it by percentage of weight lost. Just for the reason that each of us had different amounts to lose.
  • 5'1" SW- 125 CW- 118 GW- 115. Doing the 21 day fix extreme, on day 14. One more week to go.
  • Me too
  • @satiarenee I went to the website you listed and I was almost right about the calorie burn. It will come in handy when the warmer weather comes and I head outside for exercise.
  • You could survive the extreme. I just keep telling myself it will be tough for 3 weeks but I can do it. It's only 3 weeks..
  • I can't find the app at the Google store :(
  • Usually 5 & 8 but sometimes I use 10's for squats
  • I'm not sure what the workouts are like in the original but the extreme is tough. Tonight was lower body and I barely made it up the stairs after!
  • I don't know what foods are in the first program. For the extreme it's only healthy foods. Pretty straight forward veggies, no iceberg lettuce. Proteins, plain yogurts 1% or 2%,extra lean meats etc. Carbs 1 slice of whole grain sprouted bread, 1 tortilla, quinoa, brown rice etc. Healthy fats avocado, raw nuts (only about a…