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  • I started Belviq today and am curious about results from others. I tried contrive but couldn't handle the side effects.
  • I started today. Took my first pill this morning! Not sure what I expected but I was hungry like normal today. I also had some lightheadedness for about half the day. Enough where I was just laying down. After eating and a lot of water I felt better and now I'm feeling fine. Hoping tomorrow I have no issues. Glad I started…
  • We have used Blue Apron and loved it. It was too high in calories though for us. I did switch out items (ex. cauliflower rice for regular rice) and not use the olive oil they want you to cook in. We tried Chef'd which has a weight watchers option. While the food was good, it was overpriced for what you get. Because it is…
  • Terra's kitchen is really great too. We did blue apron and chef'd and like Terra's Kitchen the best. We end up spending less money per week than we do on groceries and eat out way less.