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azneee Member


  • I find that this helps when anxiety gets in the way: I identify it (instead of letting it endlessly cycle unnamed in my thoughts), then I give myself permission to let it go for the immediate moment by saying "not right now, I'll address it later". And then when I have a few minutes, I sit down with pen and paper to write…
  • Dedicating some kitchen time on the weekend to making a Big Batch of Something (a giant salad to last through the week, or a couple roast chickens for easy burritos, etc) helps me. And prioritizing differently than i used to makes cleaning lower on the list.
    in Keeping up Comment by azneee May 2015
  • Yes! 1000%, it's possible. You just have to get honest about calories in, calories burned. Keep accurate track of that, be patient and persistent. That's the secret! And friends really help. Friend me! :-)
  • Count me in! Newly 40, love to encourage and be encouraged! Friend me :-)
  • Beautiful Pacific Northwest (Bellingham, Wash.)
  • Exactly! The accumulation of bad habits, piling up on each other. Clean the slate and get back to basics! There's still time :-)
  • I see it as 3-fold: 1-A good nights sleep and... 2-eating high protein breakfast so I have the gusto for... 3-a good workout. In my 20s and 30s, I didn't need the first 2 things but now they're critical to my exercise and I believe exercise is critical for healthy metabolism.
    in Metabolism Comment by azneee April 2015
  • I made the discover a few weeks back of just how many calories I can go over when I'm not consciously watching my eating. I had never logged one of "those" days before and guess what, I was over 3,500 calories. INSANE. It was a really valuable lesson though because I now KNOW how much I can blow it, grazing through a…
  • Anything in arms reach between 10-11 p.m. I hit the sack to avoid this witching hour of snack craziness.
  • Hey @jlewisrn74‌ I made one today and brought it to work. Definitely had to dump it into a large bowl for optimal tossing. Will just keep the bowl at work. I love these salads!
  • Fantastic!! Way to go with your awesome 40-year old self! I'm totally inspired to shoot for 10 now. Thanks for sharing!
  • Afte reading about the "hunger hormone" ghrelin awhile ago, I started eating a high protein breakfast (about 30-35 grams). I found that my evening cravings dissapeared with this change! I no longer had to fight for self-control over late in the day snacking. Too over simplify it, ghrelin is released throughout the day to…
  • Ditch the words "hate myself" completely from your vocabulary.
  • "They" say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, good or bad. Try going to the gym 3x per week for three weeks and before you go, think of exactly what you will be comfortable doing there. Maybe it's the elliptical in the corner for 15 minutes. Maybe it's just stretching! Commit to doing just that and everyday you'll feel more…
  • i feel like we have some good bumper stickers here...
  • I weigh in any day I work out. But I don't get too hung up on the number, knowing it fluctuates higher and lower than my actual trending weight. I concentrate on the trend and record only those that seem to reflect the trend.
  • Fennel, hands down best veggie! Flavor is so refreshing in a salad (paired with a dill and vinegar dressing) and I love the crunch. Also a great stir-fried. I beg you, give it a shot!
  • What a boost! You all have me thinking about the power of mind-set and positivity, and using the landmark moment as a springboard for pursuing a better version of me. Thanks everyone, for taking the time to share your words of "fabulousity"!
  • Such good inspiration! Self-hate never results in positive and lasting change. Putting these ideas into practice results in a more meaningful life, not just reduced love-handles :-)
  • I don't practice yoga but I love the quote "stay on your own mat", meaning focus on doing your own best and don't judge others. That's fitting advice for that yahoo who made you cry (I'm so sorry, I'm sure those words hit a sensitive spot. Like when my nephew asked me "are you growing a beard?" Yeah. I'm a 40-year-old…
  • Well put, Christi132! A functional body that carries me through what I hope is a long, active life--that is a gift! I'm turning 40 this year and it's been a blessing to shift my thinking from how my body looks to how grateful I am that it carries me up the trail. I may have to work harder but the rewards are so much…