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  • This may not fit, but I am really tired of hearing people I work with say "Look at you eating all healthy."
  • I had bought these awesome pajama pants (tie dye with kitties on them) but I had grabbed a large instead of extra large. I tried them on tonight and they weren't as snug in the thighs and butt!
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  • My current workout: 10- 15 minutea of strength training, then 45 minutes of cardio on my stationary bike. I also try to walk my dog about a mile if it's not too hot. I never exercised before, but for the last 3 weeks I have been exercising 5 days out of the week for an hr or more. I realized working out at home works…
  • I usually order an americano hot or iced with skim milk, a tiny splash of half and half, and splenda.
  • Don't be ashamed! What's important is you're making steps to change. I had the same revelation. I can't even believe how I used to eat. My problem was portioning as well, even if the food itself wasn't terrible. I have been logging for a little over 2 weeks now and I have already seen a change in how I feel and even what I…
  • I looove cheese. I eat less now, but still incorporate a little bit on salads and whatnot almost everyday. In my town we also have a cheese and charcuterie shop that has small batch cheeses from all over the country which is just dangerous lol.
  • Name: Marissa Age: 24 Height: 5'3" Current Weight: 240 Challenge Goal Weight: 199 Ultimate Goal Weight: 150 Goals: To be healthier and more active. I would love to run a 5k without stopping to walk this fall as well. My Motivation: To be at a weight I'm comfortable with and to feel better. I know this may sound silly, but…
  • I met my boyfriend while I was overweight. I did online dating because I worked so much, and I always made sure guys knew I was overweight before meeting, just because I was paranoid they would see me and not be interested. I don't think you should limit yourself because you're overweight, especially if someone is…