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  • 3500 is an average day for me. I work from home on a computer and sometimes go days without leaving the house. (Tracking with an Apple Watch). I’m on this board today because I’m looking for motivation to start an exercise routine. I have a small home gym but my feet hurt whenever I use the cardio equipment. (Ball of foot…
  • Is that why I’m all of a sudden getting hot flashes?!
  • I’ve been on it since September 2017. I’ve lost 31 pounds and I feel awesome. I’m about half way to my goal. The thing with Phentremine is you MUST do the work. The drug is not making you lose weight, the calorie deficit is. It is still very hard, the drug is not a magic bullet, but it does make it easier because I don’t…
  • OMG I misread that title as a statement: “I watch users.”
  • I have a 3rd grader Brownie. My garage has a pallet of cases of cookies I have to sell (or pay for). I would gladly sell you cookies... I live in a smaller town and we are saturated with girls selling. There are 4 girls selling on my block alone. And we have booths on the weekends outside of the Walmart and all 3 grocery…
  • We use YNAB (You Need A Budget). Best thing that ever happened to our finances.
  • I am on a bra rampage right now. Afraid to do my finances later this month and see the damage... It is amazing what a difference a well fitting bra does though, for both comfort and style.
  • Works for me. If I eat foods that give bad breath (garlic, onion, etc.) I crave chocolate. Finally realized after years of sneaking candy bars after lunch that I wanted chocolate to mask/neutralize the pungent bad breath. Started keeping disposable flossers and a cheap toothbrush at my desk in my office and problem solved!…
  • I think my midwife estimated 400 calories per day for breastfeeding exclusively. For me I did not intentionally increase my caloric intake (because I was overweight), I just didn’t drop below 1500. Completely individual though...when is your next doctor visit? Your provider or baby’s provider can help calculate it. Your…
  • Awesome! I just posted this question and here is the answer! (I’ll go delete my post...)
  • Oh another thought - I knew someone who would order straight whiskey and a separate glass of water. She could nurse the glass of whiskey for hours and keep refilling the water. I don't like whiskey unless it's mixed with ginger ale which completely defeats the purpose...
  • Vodka with soda water. I have it with a slice of lime. I find these are much better with a high quality vodka like Kettle One or Grey Goose than with the rail. This is my substitute for gin and tonic (tonic has calories, soda water does not.) There are many fruit vodkas (like Stoli Razz or Absolut makes several kinds). I…
  • What textures do you like? My kids hated green beans until I learned to steam them to "tender crisp". I hated raw spinach until I learned to chop it into ribbons and toss it with a homemade dressing (olive oil, feta cheese, plain yogurt, nutmeg). Sometimes you just need to experiment until you find what pleases you.…
  • I log a different food that I guess is similar in calories, fat, etc. It's not accurate but better than leaving it off!
  • Are we close? I am 5'1" 186. Goal weight 140 (charts say 120 but I'll be happy at 140). I'm 32, married, 2 kids. Not exercising yet but dieting.
  • Oh I lied - my son is 4 and he rides without training wheels now ;)
  • Balance (pedal-less) bike. My kids (now 4 and 6) could ride one at 2 and could ride a regular bike with no training wheels at 5. They can zip around pretty fast! Just wear closed toed shoes (they drag their feet to stop)