Best alcoholic drink while trying to lose weight

ktuofa Posts: 220 Member
i do great with my food intake but when I go and have drinks with friends, it kills me seeing how many calories there are. Anyone suggest good drinks with a minimal amount of calories?


  • alyhuggan
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    Vodka and diet mixer is my choice. I just lower my carbs on the day, plus sometimes the day before and the day after in order to fit drinks in. Although I usually choose to not drink as it killed my results last time I was cutting.
  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    I second the vodka, I'm having one right now with a sugar free lemonade.
  • roge0195
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    Vodka with soda water. I have it with a slice of lime. I find these are much better with a high quality vodka like Kettle One or Grey Goose than with the rail. This is my substitute for gin and tonic (tonic has calories, soda water does not.)

    There are many fruit vodkas (like Stoli Razz or Absolut makes several kinds). I don't know if those have added calories or not...

    If you make a vodka soda yourself try measuring the vodka to 1 oz. and use a large glass. It's very refreshing and I can have more drinks than if it's a 2.5 oz bartender pour in a lowball ;) I bought a Soda Stream and make plain soda that way (no need to add anything)

    I love craft beer but 12 oz. is often well over 200 calories.
  • yasminbower1991
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    Vodka and diet lemonade is my drink of choice x
  • roge0195
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    Oh another thought - I knew someone who would order straight whiskey and a separate glass of water. She could nurse the glass of whiskey for hours and keep refilling the water.

    I don't like whiskey unless it's mixed with ginger ale which completely defeats the purpose...
  • FitForL1fe
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    +1 to vodka with diet suggestions

    also vodka with soda water

    or rum/whiskey with diet
  • kamber13
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    Vodka and diet lemonade is my drink of choice x

    I drink this, too... yellow or pink SF lemonade... it's 83 calories per serving.

    Diet coke and rum is easy to order out... though a little more calories.
  • Phoenix_Down
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    So much rum and diet coke ♡♡♡. Kraken
  • Countdown23
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    Well of course this group caught my attention. :) I wasn't sure whether to save up my drink and have in one session or to just include 1 or 2 in my diary for the week? To me either way there would be calories added. Also 1 way would be binge drinking and the other way is habit forming.
    What has worked for others? Barbara
  • tziol
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    check out this site - 10 Skinny Cocktails , you will find a lot of recipes by simply google similar words
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    I prefer vodka - I like Bloody Mary's and vodka martini's the best. Not so sure what the caloric #s would be; but, I can drink a spicy Virgin Mary and feel like I can do this when out with friends; so the alcohol isn't in it and the only thing I have to worry about is how much the mixer or tomato juice would be. I don't drink that much; but, I would think that 'anything' mixed with colas would be 'high' in calories.
  • LBeet
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    Something different since everyone else is saying spirits and diet soda: Ricard (anise aperitif) has about 80 calories. You're meant to mix it with cold water. It's so refreshing in the summer and despite being 45% alcohol it doesn't taste like alcohol. A lot of people aren't into the anise taste though and it might look weird to order it at a night club.
  • ktuofa
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    Thank you guys for your suggestions! I will definitely try some of these!
  • IILikeToMoveItMoveIt
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    Tequila, water, cal sweetener and lime juice makes a great and quick 60 calorie margarita...
  • Asher_Ethan
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    I can't stomach vodka... but I LOVE tequila, soda water, and a splash of lime juice.