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  • You’re right I didn’t mean it that way, I could have worded it better/differently and probably should have. I’ve always been very ambitious, my sister has always been lackadaisical, we learn something from each other all the time. She’s my best friend and probably my favorite person, and we couldn’t be more opposite. She…
  • It’s so funny you highlighted that because I thought about that after I posted and was too lazy to edit it. You’re 💯 correct!
  • Thank you so much!! This is perfect.
  • What you are doing is exactly projections. You have an opinion on the right way of dieting and self confirmed, based on bias, that there were no additional benefits of ketosis. I didn’t say that. You are welcome to quote me where I did so I can correct myself. If you want to argue points I wasn’t opposed to be my guest.
  • ... “ To me, when I do that, it means I don’t care. So I won’t stop there because I do care. I typically try to do my best. Even if that means my cake looks like *kitten*, I tried lol” And... “ I agree, we all need to decide what is best for us individually. Only we know what is too much, and what is not enough. It’s…
  • 🙄 No one is projecting or saying there’s 1 way.
  • It was a genuine question, not trying to debate. Ketosis is often referred to as the best method for weight loss. I know that calories and tracking are what make people successful, but I was curious what people who swear by keto read to make them feel that way. I can look on a keto site and see what they are referring to.
  • I had some time this evening and I was genuinely curious, so I googled to discover what the magic of ketosis is. I scrolled and scrolled but couldn’t find a reputable site for what makes ketosis the best and elite method of weight loss. Can someone please send me a link on why this method is superior?
  • What does addicted to the scale mean? Some people weigh daily, and have an excel doc of their weight outlining any changes. Others have weighed and logged consistently for years. Many of us use a weight trend app. What is your idea of addicted mean? Maybe you’re just unsure how to feel about weight variations and the…
  • What I liked about Atkins when I did it for that 10 years was I felt like I didn't have to starve myself to lose weight. That's what hooked me for so long. Well, that and the fear of carbs at the time. But when I stopped losing the weight, I felt trapped, like- I have to eat this way forever and I can't even lose weight on…
  • Oh sorry- wasn’t intending to make you feel that way! Lol I apologize. Was just trying to brainstorm, and it sounds like it might be the culprit. Give it a shot, see if it helps?
  • I just said I don’t believe in perfection, so what makes you think I strive for it 🤔 I just don’t settle for, meh it’s good enough. Which means something different for different people. To me, when I do that, it means I don’t care. So I won’t stop there because I do care. I typically try to do my best. Even if that means…
  • I agree, we all need to decide what is best for us individually. Only we know what is too much, and what is not enough. It’s highly personal.
  • I didn’t say you need to eat like me. Here’s a direct quote- “Don’t you think eating in a way that is authentic to your lifestyle will increase your chance of success?” And “ Each person has a method they prefer, and it should be tailored to your lifestyle.” If eating low carb works to satiate you, great. I support using…
  • I’m getting numbers closer to the 1400’s in calories. You’re feeding her at maintenance I’m guessing. Which is great because we’ve likely solved the riddle. Your Dad is safe to come out now 😉
  • That's good for you, it really is... And for anyone that is hovering around maintenance, absolutely eat whatever makes you happy within the realm of CICO. Anyone (medically cleared) at any point can eat whatever they want in a deficit, not just people hovering around maintenance. If Keto satiates you, cool. The important…
  • My diet is exactly the same whether I am losing, maintaining, or gaining. The only difference is whether I am in a 250 calorie deficit, eating maintenance calories, or whether I am in a 250 calorie surplus. It is so subtle I can barely tell the difference between each phase. Don’t you think eating in a way that is…
  • How do you know how many calories she needs and how many you are feeding her? You may be feeding her maintenance calories unknowingly.
  • Awe 💕 You’re amazing. Sounds like you give yourself enough tough love and just need an army of support. We got you!!!
  • I cringe at the word perfection. It lacks flexibility, creativity, and it’s also aged out. If we considered new technology in the 80’s/90’s to be perfect we would never innovate. We need to be progressive on our ever evolving approach to the new world unfolding before us. If you think you’re perfect or know what perfect…
  • Hi there! I would first like to tell you welcome. I think it’s awesome you are on MFP, and I personally have found this forum incredibly informative and hope you do too! Secondly, I’m Buddhist and have fasted for over 2 decades, so I can support you if you have any questions or would like to share your story. Now for a…
  • Absolutely amazing!!!
  • I’m having a hard time understanding your message and tone but I’m trying my best. Weighing regularly provides data so you are more informed of the trend, and also how your body responds to hormones, different foods and macros, etc. It is just data. How you choose to absorb that knowledge is entirely individual. If you…
  • My husband tells me I eat like a snake. Some weeks I have zero appetite, then I’ll have a week where I eat more than him at every meal. It’s like my body has feast and fast phases. Just track your calories and think of the big picture in terms of nutrition. As long as my calories even out and I’m getting all the vitamins…
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  • Why do you recommend she weigh herself less? That gives her less data to understand her weight trend and normal fluctuations. And what’s the point of setting her goal to maintain and then eating less than that? Why not set the goal to match the goal she has? Just trying to understand your logic here.
  • Hi there! You can do it, you just have to remember to be incredibly patient, consistent, and as accurate as possible to get there. No, you don’t have to eat less, but you do have to lower your expectation for how long it will take to get there. Currently, and this is no joke, I am losing at a rate of .28 and I have had to…
  • Have you also tested it with a (5lb) weight?
  • Same thoughts as Anne. Try some full fat options and see if that helps.
  • You remind me of myself when I was trying to figure everything out: a little panicked, a little excited, a little unsure what to believe. I’ll tell you something that will alleviate so many of your concerns- data. Stick to something and completely commit to it for 3 months, then decide where you need to make adjustments.…