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  • Thank you for this. Sleep is something that has been very, very difficult since it happened. That has been the hardest part. Our cat has been so good to me. She was never a lap cat but now she is and she sleeps with me every night. She misses him too and is trying to take good care of me.
  • I am 50 and new to posting on message boards here. Late last year sometime, I decided that it was time to get into shape and began using a Vivosmart and logging all of my meals here. It was a nice routine to get into and I started to really feel motivated. Just a few short months ago, my husband died very suddenly.…
  • Feel free to add me.
  • I turned 50 nearly 2 weeks ago and need to get in shape. I'm about 30 pounds overweight and very lazy. I've been logging in and using MFP for about 20 days now and have lost 3 pounds. I need to get on the treadmill more though. If anyone wants to add me for motivation, feel free!
  • Thanks for all the replies, folks. This dieting, tracking, activity monitor, calorie counting stuff is all brand new to me.
  • I enabled the negative calorie adjustments but truthfully, I don't understand what that means. I read the explanation next to the checkbox but still have no clue what any of it means. When you say "post a status update" do you mean, every time I want my steps to appear I have to manually add it? Does not doing that (seems…
  • Thanks everyone. I was always going over on the protein, it was the calories that I needed. I have never been accountable with what I am eating so this is all very new. I did better today. I was under the impression that you should eat as little fat as possible so I stayed away from things like peanut butter, but I see…
  • I will google calorie dense foods. I am a very, very picky eater so that makes things a bit challenging. Is it okay for the other things on the list to be over the limit by a bit in order to get the calories up. I just can't seem to find a balance.
  • The goal set for me is 1200 but I"m always around 850-900 or so and feel fine. I've never been a big eater. This is the number without exercise.